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  • RPM Auto Salon
    High-performance engines. Cutting-edge computers. Cars call upon lots of sophisticated components every time the key meets the ignition, but all of the technology in the world won't do them any good without a solid set of wheels. The techs at RPM Automotive understand that the cars humblest part is one of its most important. At their full-service auto center, they keep things rolling with 3-D wheel alignments and tire adjustments designed to prevent unnecessary wear and uneven handling. They can also tackle jobs elsewhere within auto bodies, replacing brakes to increase stopping power or running computer diagnostics to determine the origins of enigmatic warning lights. When they're not busy repairing road-weary cars, they're making sure that vehicles stay in shape for the long haul with oil changes and other preventive maintenance.
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    435 Bowes Rd #2
    Toronto, ON CA
  • North Side Auto Sports
    After prosperous beginnings in 2002, Northside Autosports quickly became too popular for one location, expanding to more than 15 one-stop shops for all auto specialty needs. Skilled car techs execute services such as meticulous detailing, installs, repairs, and refinishing tires and wheels. Additionally, the team can boost auto's sagging self-esteem by performing exhaust maintenance, keeping the car hygienically attractive to eligible convertibles. By offering stereo system and performance installations, the shop keeps audiophiles surrounded by a wall of sound and road huggers souped up with a selection of top-of-the-line products.
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    8575 Keele St
    Concord, ON CA
  • Auto Glass Vaughan
    Staffed by a team of glass experts, Auto Glass Ottawa specializes in everything from stone-chip repair and glass replacement to window tinting. The glass shop's certified techs fill and buff chipped windshields with diamond-clear resin, thwarting small nicks before they spider into larger cracks or blossom into beautiful butterflies. For panes too damaged to repair, the techs replace entire windshields and windows with first-rate glass from brands such as Pilkington, Ford, and PPG Industries and back their handiwork with a warranty. Auto Glass Ottawa caters to busy customers with free mobile service and a complimentary shuttle, which travels in between customer homes and the shop via an underground river system.
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    5655 Hwy 7
    Woodbridge, ON CA
  • University Auto Spa
    The trained technicians at University Auto Spa work to restore cars to their showroom heydays during the summer months, returning to university in the fall to resume their double lives as students. Drawing on five years of carriage-cleaning experience, the techs deploy to each vehicle's location to perform one of their three detailing packages, ranging from a basic Undergrad hand wash to a premium Masters package with a clay-bar treatment. Thorough floor-mat shampoos and applications of carnauba wax leave cars with the dazzling glow of a radioactive disco ball.
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    344 Edgeley Blvd.
    Concord, ON CA
  • AutoLux Detailing
    AutoLux Detailing thoroughly cleanses vehicular interiors and exteriors, eradicating grime and restoring cars to sparkling, sanitary glory. During the one-hour deluxe package treatment, expert technicians hand-wash outer car bodies; vacuum dust- or crumb-coated interiors; sluice dashboards, consoles, and windows; and dress tires with environmentally safe products and tasteful pairs of corduroy slacks. Lasting two to four hours, the luxury interior package grants autos the same bevy of bathing privileges as the deluxe package while also conditioning rubber mats, deodorizing cloth seats, vacuuming trunks, and shampooing mats, floor carpeting, and consoles. Customers can luxuriate in AutoLux Detailing's waiting lounge, which bestows WiFi to clients wanting to check e-mail or meet new sunroofs in chat rooms while their vehicles undergo intensive purification. AutoLux Detailing requires any appointment cancellations to be made up to 48 hours in advance.
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    31 Ritin Lane
    Vaughan, ON CA
  • Fountain Tire Vaughan
    Honoured by the Financial Post in 2008 as one of the 50 best managed companies, Fountain Tire has earned its name as a wheel emporium that gushes an impressive supply of Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly brand tires. These wares outfit machinery ranging from traditional sedans to mining trucks and farm equipment. Each of their passenger and light truck tire sets comes with a hassle-free warranty that includes free installation, regular rotations, and repairs. The shop’s team of licensed mechanics also tends to more than tires, caring for entire vehicles with preventative maintenance and repairs. Plying rides with quality auto parts and motor oils, the mechanics can repair maladies such as broken air conditioners or brakes that stop cars only after the fuel tank is empty.
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    8300 Jane St.
    Vaughan, ON CA

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