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  • Star Brand Production Inc
    In a world saturated with cheap potato chips and stale snacks, Spudniks stands apart. Rather than selling crinkly bags of chips and popcorn designed to last for months—thanks to additives and preservatives—they make each without unnecessary chemicals and serve them up to customers fresh and warm. The flavours are better, too—snacks are only seasoned once they're sold, and the shop's varied seasonings come with gluten-free options in flavours such as bleu cheese and chicken wings, mexi-jalapeno, and spicy thai-chili. The finger food selection ranges far and wide, from potato chips and kettle corn to spoutine and spachos, Spudniks' takes on the traditional comfort foods. The products are also available in sealed packages for retail sale and portable consumption, with each bag actually full of snacks—not the disappointing air pocket or novelty rubber snake that fills other bags. For off-site enjoyment, Spudniks caters events with their warm chips and popcorn.
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    400 Creditstone Rd
    Concord, ON CA
  • Fresh & Wild
    Inspired by the boutique markets of New York and France, Fresh & Wild's King and Spadina and Bloor West locations buzz with activity as customers browse produce, meat, and artisan goods sourced both locally and from across the globe. Within the King and Spadina store, a high-powered media system plays rock and blues as shoppers lasso tapenades and fresh tomatoes into carts. A modern café echoes Italy as it brews fair-trade coffees, leans slightly askew, and dishes out flaky pastries from local bakeries. The Bloor West location celebrates the bounty of nature by displaying vibrant green plants within indoor and outdoor cases. Each morning at 4 a.m., the grocery's buyer arrives at a food terminal to acquire fresh items and potatoes, which he then uses to fuel his car back home. Additionally, Fresh & Wild employs a catering team that stack gourmet sandwiches and shake up organic salads until they plead for mercy.
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    2294 Bloor St W
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Cheese Emporium
    Named one of the best cheese shops in the city by blogTO, Cheese Emporium curates cheeses from at least a dozen different countries, celebrating the unique cheese-making character and tradition found in each locale. French and Italian cheeses dominate the dairy cases in the shop, whose selection Toronto Life describes as ?defiantly European.? Pungent and creamy Delice de Bourgogne fills a cheese plate alongside one of three Roqueforts, and Italian offerings such as Sardinian goat cheese and buffalo mozzarella mingle with swiss gruyere. More local cheeses stroll over from other provinces and the USA, including a 12-year Quebec white cheddar and a smoky Oregon blue. Toronto Life also describes an ?extensive olive bar? from which customers can harvest a wide variety of googly eyes for the sandwiches at their next business lunch.
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    1788 Avenue Rd.
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Whitehouse Meats Ltd
    A visit to Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, a popular haunt for elite chefs and amateur foodies that was named No. 1 on the list of the world’s top 10 markets by National Geographic, typically requires leaving your house. However, online grocer Fooddel launched the gourmet market into cyberspace when it started up two years ago; the site offers free deliveries throughout Toronto, guaranteed fresh by multitemperature refrigeration and a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. The site unites more than 28 marketplace merchants in its easily navigable store, such as Di Liso’s Fine Meats, Carousel Bakery, Harbourfront Organics, and Seafront Fish Market. After composing orders of organic produce, locally made artisanal cheeses, and charcuterie meats, customers can check out at one central register rather than by giving each merchant a scrap of a $20 bill.
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    95 Front Street East
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Low Carb Canada
    Low Carb Canada aims to make Canadians healthier, one delicious meal at a time. The online grocer carries supplements and healthy alternatives to foods for diabetics with brands such as CarbWise multigrain bread, Atkins energy bars, and Zeroodle spaghetti. Their selection of pastas made from tofu, eggs, and black beans can be covered in low-carb, heart-healthy tomato sauce, and sugar-free breakfast bars give shoppers the energy to wrestle down a feral Tofurky. But eating healthy doesn't have to mean cutting out sweets altogether; they also offers gluten-free muffins, carb-free ginger spice cookies, and a wealth of sugar-free candies.
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    780 Birchmount Rd.
    Scarborough, ON CA
  • The Healthy Butcher
    Anyone with questions on butchering meat, cooking meat, or knowing when meat is done can benefit from the classes offered at this multi-faceted butcher, cooking school, and grocer. Classes are often divided by protein—with specific instruction on preparing poultry and fish—but also on technique, such as charcuterie plating and sausage making.
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    298 Eglinton Avenue West
    Toronto, ON CA

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