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In keeping with the rest of the Plum Restaurants family, Plum Burgers food truck has no meat products on board. Its burgers are entirely beef-free, organic, and vegan?but within these restrictions, the cooks have gotten more than a little creative. The Jerk + Yam burger piles yam and Jamaican-spiced grilled tofu with caramelized onions, whereas the 8-ounce Mediterranean burger layers mint-kissed seitan with pickled figs. Other patties incorporate lentils, portobello mushrooms, and panko-crusted tempeh as meat substitutes.

Also on the menu are a variety of sandwiches and sides, including the popular Mac & Yease, which is a vegan version of mac and cheese that can also go gluten-free upon request. Milkshakes made with vanilla coconut ice cream conclude meals with cool, sweet sips. To track the truck's location, customers can refer to its homepage. It even takes pickup orders via phone call, text, or really loud yelling from across town.

1429 12th Ave

While seemingly unorthodox, the melding of authentic Irish fare and Southern-style smoked barbecue creates a mouthwatering mix as tempting as the pub’s black and tans. Sink teeth into authentically appointed slow-cooked corned beef and cabbage served with irish stew, a dinner salad, and house-made horseradish sauce for dipping ($13.95). Freshly caught and covered in a Guinness beer batter, the fish and chips pairs deep-fried Alaskan white fish with steak fries and a house-made tartar sauce ($14.95 for two fillets). The smoked barbecue pulled pork spends more than 10 hours in an apple-wood burning barbecue pit before it’s partnered plateside with barbecue sauce, green salad, baked beans, and cornbread ($14.95 for a platter). Choose from an array of salads and sandwiches, including the ultimate chicken, a grilled chicken breast buried beneath smoked bacon, mushrooms, and swiss cheese ($10.95). O'Doherty's also serves a hearty breakfast Saturday and Sunday, with favorites like corned beef hash and eggs and "smoked pit" ham and eggs benedict on the menu.

525 W Spokane Fls

Completed in 1869 with the final blow upon the golden spike, the first transcontinental railroad made nationwide travel commonplace, introducing passengers to seldom-experienced regions of their country. The Boxcar Grill’s traditional American fare gives diners the chance to taste transcontinental standards without leaving their seats. Using the locomotive as its logo, the restaurant celebrates the tradition of travel by featuring popular local dishes from across the United States. Avocados and wine make their way up from California, and chipotle peppers give dishes a southwestern kick without the need for spurs. Northeastern chowders bring East Coast flair, along with tastes of Philly in the form of the city’s popular cheesesteak.

2501 E D St

Nestled within the Silver Cloud Hotel, Nine O Bar & Grill showcases the talents of chefs who sizzle up hearty American eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Silently peruse or boisterously orate the extensive menu that’s filled with traditional spreads such as the ale house fish ‘n’ chips, which features beer-battered cod and french fries accompanied by house-made coleslaw ($11.90). Culinarians sauté the seafood fettuccine alfredo in garlic parmesan sauce with prawns, bay scallops, and vegetables ($19.90), and flame-kiss their signature rib eye before topping it with mushrooms and autographing it in blue cheese ($26.90). Other, more casual fare includes sandwiches, such as the swiss and avocado burger ($11.90), and a Hawaiian pizza ($11.90) dressed in canadian bacon, pineapple, and a palm-tree print button down.

14632 SE Eastgate Way

Po Dog: A User’s Guide

Internationally Inspired Dogs | Unexpected Toppings | Locally Procured Ingredients | First Hill and Ballard Locations

Sample Selections

  • Hot dog: Po Roll, a panko-crusted deep-fried dog served with wasabi aioli
  • Side: deep-fried pickles
  • Sweets: ginger molasses cookies
  • Beverage: mandarin Jarritos

Inside Tips

  • If you’re of age, you can pair your dog with a Red Stripe or Dos Equis Lager.
  • Vegetarians can swap out the beef for an apple-sage veggie dog.
  • You can satisfy late-night cravings until 2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Vocab Lesson
Chicago-style hot dog: a regional favorite, it’s topped with relish, tomatoes, chopped white onions, sport peppers, a dill pickle spear, and a dash of celery salt.

From the Press

  • “Po Dog's dogs are undeniably sexy.” — Seattle Weekly
  • “I wish I had invented the Wasabi Egg Roll Dog, blanketed in a crisp, nicely fried egg roll wrapper—like a stickless corn dog—and served on a bed of tangy slaw.“ — Seattle Magazine
  • “The place is gorgeous, so eat in, and make sure to try the perfectly delicious fries.” — The Stranger

4736 University Way NE

The Three Faces of Poppy


The Hindi word for “tray,” thali is a meal that features a variety of different dishes served on—that's right—a large, round tray. The dishes are typically small and arrive at tables inside katori, or small bowls. At Poppy, thalis change daily. They usually feature six or so dishes, which don't need to be eaten in any particular order. A main entree anchors every thali: for instance, Copper River sockeye salmon with pinot noir fennel sauce, sea beans, and bacon is accompanied by cauliflower-almond soup, a charred scallion salad, and several other bites to fully dazzle taste buds.

Chef Jerry Traunfeld

Jerry Traunfeld is something of an institution in the Pacific Northwest. The James Beard Award winner built his reputation as a culinary wizard during his 17-year run as executive chef at The Herbfarm. But during a 2007 research trip to India, he came up with the idea for Poppy. With this restaurant, the famed chef uses the thali format to present his own style of Northwest cooking, which favors seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, and spices. Basically, every thali is a Chef Traunfeld tasting menu rolled into one neat presentation.

Herb Garden

Park behind Poppy and you can enter through the restaurant's back door, which opens up to reveal an oasis of thriving herbs and plants. Outfitted with stone pathways, red two-top tables, and metallic heaters for cooler evenings, the garden invites people to dine among its leaves, plus it acts as a buffer between the restaurant and parking lot. But the lush setting has more than just aesthetic appeal—many of the herbs are plucked and used in the restaurant’s thalis, desserts, and cocktails.

622 Broadway E