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  • U Need A Pita
    One look at U Need A Pita & Chop House Premium Burgers' menu, and it's clear that the eatery hopes to make an impression on taste buds by packing a variety of flavours into one dish. Tongues are wowed with 20 different pitas, including the philly cheesesteak and chicken souvlaki options, which overflow with meat, cheese, and a variety of veggies. Beef and chicken burgers, with 15 topping options and numerous sauces, further impress palates, as do loaded poutines crammed with everything from pulled pork to steak. Even vegans can surprise their taste buds with portobello-mushroom burgers, vegan poutine, and more than 10 vegan-friendly sauces.
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    30 Rice Rd.
    Welland, ON CA
  • Howell Family Pumpkin Farm
    Howell's donut experts fry up an assemblage of flavoured dough rings corralled into half-dozen packages. Sink teeth into circular comestibles such as the apple-pie donuts, or spark memories of dancing around the Halloween tree with pumpkin donuts. After picking out treats, customers can guide donuts on a tour of the rest of the Fonthill Farmers Market, take them home to warm up in the oven, or begin a quest to reunite them with their estranged donut holes.
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    20 Pelham Town Square
    Pelham, ON CA
  • The Blue Star
    Since its origins, The Blue Star has served a menu of large portions of homestyle comfort foods?from charbroiled steaks to housemade chicken pot pie?in a friendly atmosphere. Like the United Kingdom, it?s been a family-run business for more than 60 years now, and even in the beginning it crafted its comfort food with locally acquired produce, taking great care to cultivate relationships with local farmers. The eatery has weathered more than half a century of changes and even literal storms?there was a powerful blizzard in 1977, during which the restaurant stayed open to cater to stranded sojourners. There was also a devastating fire in 2001, but the staffers rallied, and they still serve family-friendly meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. Cooks can prepare pastas, burgers, and other hot sandwiches.
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    676 King St.
    Welland, ON CA
  • Sushi Eight
    It can be hard to navigate a menu with pages overflowing with unfamiliar sauces, ingredients, and flavours. But the chefs at Sushi Eight take the risk out of this culinary trial and error with a full Japanese and Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet, which showcases a spread of more than 200 dishes. Filled with everything from tempura-encrusted meats to bowls of steaming ramen, the buffet gives customers a taste of Asia without seasoning their meals with crushed up bricks from the Great Wall. As guests get comfortable using chopsticks to pick up rolls filled with black-peppered tuna, eel, and crab, they can also order entree-sized portions of their favourite dishes from the restaurant’s à la carte and takeout menu.
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    647 Niagara St
    Welland,, Ontario CA
  • Don Cherry's Sports Grill
    Founded in part by the Canadian hockey legend it's named after, Don Cherry's Sports Grill invites guests to nosh on dishes as colourful as the sportscaster's commentary and wardrobe. Meals might begin with chicken wings in an array of sauces before moving on to Canadian classics such as specialty poutines and prime rib cooked to order. Throughout the meal, guests can entertain themselves by catching whatever game's on the TVs or by quizzing one another on the Don Cherry trivia questions sprinkled throughout the menu and tattooed on the most hardcore fans' arms. And much like the restaurant's namesake, Don Cherry's Sports Grill is prolific, boasting franchise locations all across Canada.
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    3 Marina Rd.
    Port Colborne, ON CA
  • Tasty Thai Take Out
    Tasty Thai Take Out's chefs kick up the heat as they spice curries, toss noodle dishes, and fire up the wok for sizzling stir-fries. To accommodate different tastes and diets, they can calibrate the heat on most dishes or swap out meats for vegetarian tofu. Customers usually take their MSG-free meals to go, enjoying Thai feasts back at home with their family, friends, or trained attack ferrets. For those who'd rather eat in, Tasty Thai Take Out welcomes diners to a small, casual seating area equipped with WiFi.
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    1376 Haist Street
    Pelham, ON CA

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