Phone Repair in West Hartford

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iCircle Technologies repairs cracked screens on all mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy Series phones, and more. The savvy technicians offer three ways to get your device fixed: customers can drop them off at the store, mail them in, or request the mobile service for at-home repair. For Apple devices missing their extremities, the shop also sells accessories such as USB charging cables and adapters.

34 Dogwood Lane

For many people, smartphones are their primary communication device, which means it can be difficult to go long without one. Luckily, Phone Stitch & Repair keeps many smartphone and tablet parts in stock, meaning you can wait in store or run a few errands while its technicians fix your device.

They work with products by major brands, including Apple and Samsung, replacing screens shattered from being dropped or tossed to a T-rex a normal arm's reach away. They also sell accessories and prepaid phones, and can buy or sell old devices from clients.

379 Route 25A
Rocky Point,