Elevated Steel-Framed Comfort Pet Bed

Elevated pet bed helps keep animals comfortable by keeping them off the cold hard ground

$69.95 $24.99

Poopbags Pet-Cleanup Bags and Dispenser (735 Bags)

Pet-cleanup bags made of 30% recyclable material and a proprietary biodegradable additive

$51.99 $27.99

Arm & Hammer Kennel Mat

Stylish and plush pet bedding for kennels, homes, or carriers feature built-in antimicrobial protection to inhibit bacteria and odors

$10.99 $6.99

Go Pet Club Cat Trees

Wooden cat trees covered in faux fur designed with scratching posts and multiple platforms for play and sleep

$80.74 $39.99

3-Pack of Bouncy Burrow Buddies

Burrow Buddies unstuffed plush toys are designed with one squeaker and one squeaking rubber ball, adding excitement to playtime with pups

$32.40 $14.99

Corduroy Cave Pet Bed

Corduroy pet bed with a cave and faux sheepskin interior creates a soothing sleep surface for pets with joint issues or arthritis

$39.99 $29.99

Folding Pet Steps

Small breeds and dogs with mobility issues appreciate nonslip wooden steps that fold up for easy storage and travel

$210 $29.99

3-Pc. Dog Food and Treat Canister Set with Matching Scoop

Keep pooch’s food and treats fresh inside these lidded steel canisters, which feature easy-grip handles and decorative script lettering

$69.99 $29.99

Set of 4 Extreme-Neoprene Joint Protective Reflective Pet Sleeves

Neoprene sleeves designed to relieve pressure on dog’s joints, helpful especially for older dogs or dogs recovering from operations

$29.99 $18.99

Armarkat Cat Trees and Pet Steps

Multiple tiers, hanging toys, and private spaces let cats jump, play, and keep themselves entertained for hours

$60 $39.99

AKC Orthopedic Pet Mat

Orthopedic pet mat with thick foam helps cushion dogs both old and young when they lie down to sleep

$69.99 $24.99

High-Density Foam Pet Steps

Help your dog or cat reach new heights with these high-density foam steps

$49.99 $29.99

PetSafe Bark Control Collar

Bark control collar with six adjustable levels of static correction is designed to teach dogs not to bark

$64.99 $39.99

Creative Pet Group Dog Bed

Cozy, plush dog beds stuffed full of eco-first recycled fiber fill give pups a comfortable place to chew on toys and sleep

$33.02 $14.99

100% Natural Everest Dog Chews by Himalayan Dog Chew

100% natural, stink-free dog treats are made with cow and yak milk using an ancient Himalayan recipe; cleans your pup’s teeth

$17.98 $9.97

Animal Planet Folding Wooden Pet Gate

Folding gate safely limits your pet’s access to certain areas of your home

$44.99 $29.99

Animal Planet Plush-Top Memory Foam Pet Bed

These plush pet beds give your pooch a comfy place to snooze and loaf around, and feature supportive memory foam that conforms to their body

$49.97 $28.99

Elevated Cat Tree Condos with Built-In Scratching Posts

Multitiered platforms with mini-houses and scratching posts help preserve furniture and give cats plenty of space to play and rest

$129.95 $69.99

1-Pound Naturally Harvested Antler Variety Pack for Dogs

These hardy dog chews are humanely sourced from elk roaming the American West, and stand up to even aggressive chewing; 1 lb. bag

$49.99 $29.99

Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Waterproof Kennel Pad

Pets sleep easy on this kennel pad thanks to the medical-grade polyurethane foam core and the water-resistant removable exterior

$14.99 $8.99

BioBubble Terra Versatile Habitat

Customizable dome-style habitats can be set up to house hamsters, reptiles, or even small birds

$99.99 $29.99

Petmate Pet Vehicle Booster Seat

Booster seat keeps pets safe during drives and off the driver’s lap while still letting them see out the window

$60 $29.99

Polka Dots Couch Bed for Dogs

Give pooches a comfy alternative to expensive furniture with these plush couch beds with non-skid bottoms and playful polka dot prints

$34.99 $22.99

Woof Cycle Dog Bike Trotter

The dog-loving cyclist’s best friend—this bike attachment lets you safely exercise your dog at a trot while you ride your bike

$39.98 $29.99

Animal Planet Sherpa Pillow Pet Mat

Give your pet a soft, pillowy place to snooze with these pet mats, which are covered in a plush sherpa and fit in most standard crates

$39.99 $12.99

Lifeguard Pet Cot with Shade

Give pooches a comfy place to nap or escape the blinding sun on this durable, water-resistant pet cot with shade for indoors or outdoors

$118.99 $39.99

Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Beds

Pets sleep comfortably with orthopedic beds made from a solid slab of foam & covered in faux fur or terry covers with water-resistant bottom

$49.99 $15.99

PICO Night-Safety LED Dog Collar and Leash

Durable and weather-resistant dog-collar-and-leash set ensures visibility on night walks to keep pooches and owners safe

$59.99 $14.99

Sherpa Original Deluxe Paisley Pet Carriers

Eye-catching paisley pet carriers with convenient shoulder strap and mesh walls

$62.99 $39.99

Collapsible Rolling Pet Cart

This padded pet cart is designed to keep pups safe during airline travel and folds flat when not in use for easy storage

$69.99 $37.99

Clear Expandable Wooden Pet Gate

Keep pets in or out of a specific area in the house with this stylish and easy-to-mount oak pet gate, which stays put with rubber bumpers

$85.85 $29.99

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Bundle

Keeps dogs and cats hydrated with 50 oz. of fresh, filtered water, which gently flows through a free-falling stream

$59.98 $29.99

Compact Folding Dog Ramp

This compact foldaway ramp is perfect for helping aging or injured pets get in and out of cars

$140 $29.99

Gnawsome Spiky Sports Toys

Covered in soft spikes, these dog toys squeak as they gently massage the teeth and gums

$7.99 $4.99

Bully Sticks 6-Piece Variety Pack

All-natural chew treats made from free-range cattle are a low-fat and satisfying way for dogs to fulfill their urge to gnaw

$47.94 $22.99

Turkey Tendons Dog Treats

All-natural turkey tendons help to clean your pup’s teeth and satisfy an urge to chew; made in the USA

$59.99 $34.99

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