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77% Off a Pet's General Wellness Package

Yao Animal Hospital

Upper East Side(4.8 miles)

Dr. John Yao taps into 20+ years of veterinary experience to check dogs & cats for signs of illness & dental disease & rid them of worms

$152.50 $35

Up to 57% Pet Dental Care

The Pet House Clinic

Miami Beach(6.9 miles)

Dental package includes preparatory care, exam, and teeth scaling; special care for geriatric pets

$194 $85

44% Off Pet Fish or Aquatic Plants at Neighborhood Fish Farm

Neighborhood Fish Farm

Miami(12.9 miles)

Furnish home aquariums and ponds with tropical fish and live aquatic plants bred and raised in over 130 open-air concrete tanks

$25 $14

14-Pack of 4-Inch All-Natural Bully Sticks for Dogs

All-natural sticks made from free-range, grass-fed cattle promote oral health, provide a delicious treat, and keep dogs entertained

$45 $19.99

55% Off Veterinary Services

Bustillo Animal Hospital

Kendall(13.0 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$255 $115

Up to 75% Off at EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center

EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center

Pinecrest(11.7 miles)

Veterinarians care for pets during general physical exams and dental cleanings with scaling

$199 $49

Zap Ball Flash 'n Sound Dog Toy

Dogs will love playing with a ball that emits lights and sounds as it bounces around the house or the yard

$10.49 $7.99

59% Off Annual Vaccination for a Cat or Dog

Hometown Animal Hospital

Windmill Ranch Estates(24.5 miles)

Vaccination visits from board-certified vet protect pets from a number of illnesses

$150.75 $62

50% Off Pet Kennel Services

Royalty Pets

Davie(22.4 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$240 $120

Fur Away Pet Massager and Shedding Brush

Wide pet brush with deep stainless steel edge that gently removes loose hair to reduce shedding by 90%

$20.99 $11.99

78% Off Veterinary Services at Sheridan West Animal Clinic

Sheridan West Animal Clinic

The Shops At Cooper City(19.2 miles)

The complete exam includes a rabies vaccine, deworming, nail trim, fecal exam, ear cleaning, and $15 credit for each pet on the next visit

$184 $40

Up to 77% Off Veterinary Services

Beatty Animal Clinic

Olympia Heights(9.2 miles)

Vets perform exams on cats and dogs and make sure they are up to date with their shots; optional teeth cleaning for dogs

$107.85 $25

Up to 78% Off Pet Exams and Vaccines

Kendall Drive Animal Hospital

The Hammocks(15.6 miles)

Veterinarians evaluate the health of cats and dogs and administer any needed vaccines

$93 $20

78% Off Veterinary Care for a Cat or Dog

Tamiami Trail Animal Clinic

Westchester(10.3 miles)

Cats and dogs get examined for overall health; annual checkup includes necessary vaccines

$93 $20

Coleman Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad

Pet pad designed to stay 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature helps to keep pets comfy in beds and carriers

$45.99 $19.99

Carpeted Mahogany Pet Ramp

With their glossy wood construction, these steps fit seamlessly into the decor of most homes, where they give small and elderly dogs a boost

$159.99 $46.99

Go Pet Club Cat Trees

Wooden cat trees covered in faux fur designed with scratching posts and multiple platforms for play and sleep

$99.99 $54.99

50% Off Pet Care

Links Of Love Veterinary Clinic

The Crossings(15.5 miles)

Full physical examination from nose to tail, fecal screen for parasites, heartworm test, nail trim, and basic ear wash.

$131 $66

Up to 52% Off Doggy Bath at Pet Avenue

Pet Avenue

East Little Havana(0.9 miles)

Groomers wash dogs of all sizes with an all-natural shampoo, clean ears, squeeze glands, and trim nails

$23 $11

78% Off Exam or Vaccines at Hialeah Animal Clinic

Hialeah Animal Clinic

Hialeah(8.8 miles)

Veterinarian examines furry friends and staves off common afflictions with vaccines

$93 $20

45% Off Non-anesthetic Pet Dental Cleaning

Smiley Pet Stop

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$285 $157

78% Off Pet Wellness Exam or Checkup

Animal Clinic of Miami Dade

Coral Terrace(7.2 miles)

Cats and dogs visit with a vet to ensure they’re healthy with thorough exams, checkups, or dental cleanings

$93 $20

Cat Floor Scratcher with Catnip

Cardboard scratcher lets cats satisfy their scratching instincts and provides a place to rest; sprinkle the included catnip to entice cats

$19.99 $9.99

82% Off Full Veterinary Exam for a Dog

Pou Veterinary Group

Kendall(13.5 miles)

Two expert veterinarians helm full exams for dogs and cats to make sure they're healthy inside and out

$216.95 $39

Up to 61% Off Veterinary Care

Greenfield Animal Hospital

Ojus(11.8 miles)

Vets examine dogs or cats for wellness with optional vaccinations

$179 $69

Reversible Pet Sofa Cover

Rampaging pets are kept at bay with this sofa cover, which protects furniture from scratches and piles of fur

$42 $19.99

300 Ct. of Puppy Training Pads

Dog potty training pads come in handy year round for the home & on the road–for all dogs & even cats; absorbs up to one full cup of liquid

$89.99 $44.99

78% Off Animal Exam or Checkup

Cutler Bay Animal Clinic

Cutler Bay(16.4 miles)

Veterinarians examine pets from head to paw with physicals, fecal analysis, and other wellness treatments such as vaccines or dental checks

$93 $20

Up to 62% Off Pet Boarding or Vet Exams

Homestead Animal Hospital

Homestead(26.5 miles)

Pets stay overnight in recently renovated private kennels, and vets ensure good health with comprehensive exams

$188.50 $72

Up to 70% Off Dog or Cat Exam

Galloway Animal Hospital

Kendall(12.6 miles)

The veterinarian inspects and administers vaccines to both dogs and cats to ensure they're healthy

$165 $65

Puppy Potty Trainer, The Indoor Restroom for Pets

Three-layer indoor potty-training system with nontoxic, odor-resistant synthetic grass helps pets develop proper bathroom habits

$25 $14.99

Pet Life Collapsible Playpen

Keep pets secure and in view with this window-laden playpen that gives them have their own space without being confined to a leash

$89.99 $54.99

Up to 66% Off Veterinary Services

Weston Lakes Animal Hospital

Weston(20.5 miles)

Vaccinations or dental cleaning for a dog or cat at a fully equipped animal hospital staffed by caring experts

$205 $73

Up to 55% Off Dog-Hotel Services

D.O.G Miami

Wynwood(1.7 miles)

Memberships to luxury dog hotel includes daycare or boarding, bathing, and play time

$295 $145

85% Off Dog or Cat Hygiene Package at Cutler Bay Animal Clinic

Cutler Bay Animal Clinic

Cutler Bay(16.4 miles)

Staff exam cats or pets before flushing out ears, examining inside the ears with a microscopic exam on an ear swap, and trimming the nails

$100 $15

68% Off Pet Care Packages

Country Walk Animal Hospital

Country Walk(17.5 miles)

Vets and pet care specialists keep tail-waggers in good health by performing physicals and vaccinating against rabies

$40 $25

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