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Leaf Catcher

C$29.99 C$24.99

Instant Open-and-Close Magnetic Screen Door

C$49.95 C$19.99

HotelSpa 10" Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower Head

C$124.99 C$69.99

Up to 54% Off Carpet Cleaning

OptionsPlus Carpet Cleaning


C$120 C$55

Up to 47% Off Gutter Cleaning

Friendly Giant Window and Gutter Cleaning


C$200 C$109

54% Off Earthquake Safety and Damage Prevention Consultation

Shear Seismic Inc. - Earthquake Retrofits for Homes


C$300 C$139

Up to 74% Off a Custom Address Plaque

$59.95 $29

NFL Utility Mats (2-Pack)

C$49.99 C$32.99

100 Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles

C$17.94 C$14.99

100 Ct. Duracell AA or AAA Batteries

C$99.87 C$44.99

90% Off Online DIY Home-Improvement Course


$299 $29

Kross Portable Air Conditioners

C$498.88 C$369.99

Bayit Cam BH1818 HD Plug and Play Remote View Home Monitor

C$199.99 C$109.99

Big Boss XHose Pro Incredible Xpanding 75-Foot Hose

C$79.99 C$49.99

Designer Combo 30-Setting Showerhead with Pause Switch

C$86.99 C$44.99

HotelSpa 7" Rainfall/Handheld 3-Way Shower Head

C$86.99 C$49.99

GE FXSVC SmartWater Dual Stage Under Sink Filter Cartridge Set

C$81.71 C$69.99

DreamSpa Color-Changing LED Multi-Functional Luxury Showerheads

C$89.99 C$39.99

DreamSpa Instant-Mount Height/Angle Adjustable 36-Setting Shower...

C$99 C$44.99

HotelSpa Rainfall Combo Spiral Face Hand Shower and Shower Head

C$86.99 C$49.99

Kross Portable 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner

C$1,183.19 C$599.99

Cordless Ceiling and Wall Light with Remote Control

C$27.95 C$18.99

Low-Profile Portable Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

C$577.40 C$499.99

50-Pack of Energizer Max AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries

C$85.67 C$24.99

Duracell Batteries 48-Pack

C$47.94 C$24.99

135-Piece Hand Tool Set

C$69.95 C$64.95

Duracell Coppertop Batteries with Duralock Technology; C,D or...

C$94.70 C$19.99

2-Pack of Weiita LED Lanterns

C$29.98 C$19.99

Emergency Flashlight, Radio, and Siren with 5 Power Supplies

C$42.86 C$29.99

GE Under the Sink Water Filtration System

C$84.71 C$74.99

Whetstone 2-in-1 Tent LED Camping Ceiling Fan

C$34.99 C$24.99

Stalwart 25-Piece 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver Kit

C$27.32 C$14.99

Sony CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries (5-Pack)

C$12.66 C$11.99

16 Sq. Ft. Ultimate Comfort Foam Flooring Set with 4 Tiles

C$95.36 C$29.99

4.8V Cordless Screwdriver

C$74.74 C$29.99

GE Reverse-Osmosis Water Filter (2-Pack)

C$68.31 C$59.99

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