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Atlanta’s Coffee Scene Is Bustling. Here Are Four Shops You Shouldn’t Miss. BY: JEWEL HAZELTON | 7.31.2014

Where can you find the perfect cup of coffee in Atlanta? Well, that all depends on how you define perfect. Octane, for example, is famous for its traditional french-pressed coffees, while Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings makes a mean latte spiked with almond milk. Taking a look at these and other options, it’s clear that Atlanta’s coffee scene is bustling. Each location has something different to offer, but here are four shops you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Atlanta’s Best Bakeries
Every once in a while you might get a craving for something sweet. Maybe you’re craving a handmade croissant or a cupcake topped with mountains of frosting, but no matter what you’re craving the bakeries around Atlanta have got you covered. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this guide to the best bakeries in Atlanta.
Atlanta’s Top 10 Romantic Restaurants
It’s not that Atlanta’s best date-night restaurants are lacking in the food department—the city's chefs make exquisite Italian, French, Persian, and Indian dishes. It’s just that the eateries’ romantic atmospheres do most of the work when it comes to setting the mood. Picturesque gardens inspire stolen kisses at La Grotta. An avant-garde chandelier and black-and-white decor ooze elegance at Aria. And the soft melodies emanating from the Chattahoochee River underscore quiet conversation at Canoe.
Unique Coffeehouses to Suit Every Mood
While it’s not Vienna or Portland, Atlanta certainly has its own unique coffeehouse scene. Beyond the ubiquitous chains, there are a few outstanding spots around town to linger over a strong cup of java. Some feature high-style ambiance and others have open mic nights, so there is something to meet everyone’s needs.
5 Spots for Cheap Eats in Decatur
Just a few miles from downtown Atlanta lies the culinary destination of Decatur, GA that’s gained a name for itself in the shadow of it’s bigger brother. You’ll find restaurants that run the gamut from mom & pop shops to restaurants that have graced the pages of Food & Wine and Bon Appetit.
Small Plates to Share: Atlanta's Best Tapas
Nothing brings people together like sharing food, and tapas restaurants provide common ground for your whole party, as you compare your impressions of several selections from smaller plates. This Spanish tradition is a great way to get to know your friends, and it allows you to try several different flavors in an evening without feeling overly stuffed. It’s also a fun date idea, as you immediately have something to discuss as you are effectively sharing a meal. Thankfully, Atlanta has no shortage of tapas spots that are perfect for snacking away the evenings with someone special.
From High End to Strip Mall Staples: Atlanta's Best Mexican Restaurants
From high style to strip mall dives, Atlanta’s best Mexican restaurants run the gamut of décor. But thankfully, the city doesn’t suffer for it; there are more than a handful of tasty Mexican restaurants to suit every taste bud. It’s mostly thanks to Atlanta’s increasing Mexican population, which brings an authentic flavor to even the most seemingly commonplace establishment. Whether you have a business meeting or just want to catch up with friends over nachos and a beer, you can find the perfect destination somewhere in town.
World Class Mixology at One Flew South
Whether you choose to use the term bartender or the gussied-up title, mixologist, there’s no doubt that Atlanta is having a moment in the spotlight when it comes to crafting the perfect cocktail. One of the city’s bar stars gets a chance to serve patrons that may never even set foot into the city proper as Tokiwa Sears tends bar at the highly acclaimed One Flew South restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
The Booming Brewery Scene in Decatur
Decatur has long been a hotbed of craft beer drinking in the Atlanta area and it’s recently taken it up a notch with the debut of new breweries adding to the mix of top notch beer bars the small city has nurtured in the past several years.
Fill Your Holiday Baskets with Made-in-Atlanta Food
Food has always been central to the Southern experience and that’s certainly the case with the growing number of artisan products being created in the city. You’ll find farmer’s markets and upscale grocery stores teeming with top notch products ready to be shared during the holiday season or throughout the year. These are a few of my favorites.
Girls Night Out
It’s Friday night, so its time to hit the town with your girls to celebrate the weekend. Here are a handful of great girls nights out ideas.
Atlanta The Brewtiful
Unbeknownst to many beer drinkers and Atlanta locals, Atlanta is home to several craft brew houses. The relatively new local industry was actually illegal until twenty years ago in 1993. Since then, several breweries have popped up in Atlanta, but there are a few that stand out with that extra something special. Note: All of these breweries offer tastings and tours free of charge. Guests can also purchase souvenir cups and drink tickets for $10 ($12 at Three Taverns). Regardless of number of drink tickets, all tastings equal to a total of 32oz., the maximum allowed by law.
Where Atlanta Meets Italy: Atlanta Pizzerias
It is rare to find something in this world that is virtually universally loved. A few things come to mind: laughing, love, happiness. But there’s something that can arguably be added to that list: pizza. There’s something just so irresistible about the simple, yet ingenious combination of bread and cheese. Pizza is a food variety that has been mastered in Italy and vehemently attempted in the United States. But some local Atlanta pizza restaurants offer up the real deal.
Markets in Atlanta that Elevate the Corner Store Experience
It’s not uncommon to walk into a supermarket and feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices available fighting for your attention. Any type of  produce desired can be found year round and can be shipped from all over the world. We’re lucky in Atlanta that we have a number of small grocers bucking that trend to offer local goods and a friendly neighborhood environment.
Guide to Atlanta's Farmers Markets
Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your weekly trips to your local outdoor farmer's markets are over. Atlantans can still enjoy several trips to area farmer's markets to shop for local produce until December.
Moonshine Cocktails in Atlanta
Moonshine is hot, as evidenced by its growing presence on package store shelves, reality television and restaurant drink menus. That isn’t to say that the Southern liquor of choice, bourbon, is off the menu, it’s just that it has a bit more company with its former tax evading partner in crime.
5 Local Coffee Shops to Perk You Up
If you’re anything like me, then coffee is a necessary part of your everyday life. In addition to the bold, rich flavor of my favorite beverage, I enjoy frequenting the various coffee shops in my city to do my daily work. When you live in a city like Atlanta—where locally owned coffee shops are aplenty—stopping by the fresh pressed brew houses is a must.
International Takes on Southern Chicken on the Westside
Fried, on a bun, grilled over coals, chopped up in a salad - there are many ways to get your fix of one of our favorite proteins, chicken. There’s no shortage of establishments to get your hands on the glorious bird, and one of my favorite hoods for getting a great meal, the Westside, contains a number of fun choices to satisfy that itch.
Flipping Out Over Atlanta's Milkshakes
The kids may be back at school however the dog days of summer in Atlanta are far from over. Grabbing a cold milkshake from the many purveyors around town is a great way to beat the heat.