Six Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Korean Spa BY: | 4.28.2014

Expect to get naked and eat grilled meats. Not at the same time.

This Trapeze Workout Is a Whole Different Kind of Intense
My first Trapeze School New York class wasn’t just physically exhausting—it was emotionally draining too.
Young Women Are Going Gray on Purpose and They Feel Fine
Bleaching your hair gray isn’t just eye-catching—it’s also a middle finger to the anti-aging industry. Barbara and Barbara owner Kara Wabbell shows us how it’s done.
Best Chicago Beauty Treatments to Give as a Gift
From microdermabrasion to aromatherapy massage, beauty gift ideas can be found at many Chicago spas and salons.
Chicago’s Best Spa Gifts: What They Are and Where to Find Them
We scoured the city and found the best and most relaxing gifts for each person on your list.
Lincoln Park’s AIR Turns Exercise Upside-Down
What it’s like to do crunches while hanging from a silk loop of the kind used by Cirque du Soleil (hint: not easy).
Core Concerns: Yoga Moves for a Stronger Center
Danny Benoit went from leading his first yoga class in a Nepalese airport hangar to teaching at Chicago's CorePower Yoga studios. His core-centric moves don't just firm up your abs—they stabilize the body for better injury prevention.
Adventures in Fitness: Lights-Out Indoor Cycling at Flywheel
When the lights go down and the music kicks up, spinners get ready to pedal through 45 minutes of extreme cardio.
Eat Chicken Like Chips and Other Fitness Tips from a Personal Trainer
Sari Weis has 10 ideas for getting in better shape, whether you’re working out, cooking, or just watching TV.
10-Minute Muscles with Mercury Method Creator Lara Hudson
Fitness guru Lara Hudson gives us some insight into the Mercury Method, her original workout that blends strength training, Pilates, yoga, and endurance. Plus, she reveals her go-to ab, arm, and total-body workouts for when you've only got five minutes to spare.
I Learned a Few Parkour Moves and Now I’m Basically a Superhero
'Divergent' stuntman Kurt Gowan teaches me to scale walls and vault rails until my quads fall off.
An Invisalign Treatment's Monthly Timeline
What to expect on a month-by-month basis.
How to Keep a Year-Round Tan in Chicago
Spray tans at Chicago tanning salons provide a UV ray-free way to maintain a summery glow—even in winter.
The Ins and Outs of LASIK Eye Surgery
Before ditching those glasses for good, learn about how LASIK works, how much it costs, and if it’s right for you.
How to Live Dust-Mite-Free in Chicago
Dust mites have likely made your carpet their own Wicker Park. Here’s how Chicago cleaning services can evict them.
Sitting Through a Chicago Day
What to do when you spend most of your day in a chair or on a couch.
How Does Botox Work?
Find out how the skin treatment works to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.
An Action Plan for Laser Hair Removal
From a day-one consultation to a month-12 treatment, a guide on how to handle laser hair-removal treatments.
The 5 Most Chicago Tattoo Designs
From flags to hot dogs, these are the five most Chicago tattoo designs we could find.
How the Owner of Bang Bang Pie Shop Fills His Home with Vintage Finds
As the owner of Bang Bang Pie Shop, Michael Ciapciak spends plenty of time in the heat of the kitchen. But when he comes home, he gets a different kind of warm feeling. Ask him what he loves most about his Logan Square home, which he shares with his wife, Susan, and their sons, Ned and Will, and he’ll tell you: “My favorite thing would have to be the sense of warmth of it [from] being filled with all of our things we have collected.”
Six Great Chicago Hotels That Aren’t in the Loop
Did you know you can get breakfast in bed in Bucktown? Or sleep beneath a modern-art installation in Logan Square?
Making Room for a Mesob
I fell in love at Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant (7537 N. Clark St.), but not with a date, or even a dish. The object of my affection was a traditional straw-basket table called a mesob. Mesobs consist of two pieces: a tall, inward-sloping base, and a lid you lift when you want to serve food on top or store something inside. They’re also wonderfully decorative, as they often come in colorful patterns.
Kids Make the Best Fashion Commentators
Recently we invited 826CHI students into our office, and asked them to help us out with an unusual project. One that involved The Stars. The Chicago Public Schools students usually attend after-school tutoring at 826CHI, a local nonprofit, but our request was a little different from typical homework. We asked them to comment on celebrity style. If they didn’t, we explained, celebrities would never know what they looked like.
Turn Your Dining Room Into a Summer Music Festival
Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Pitchfork may be far behind us, but the country is still in the thick of music festival season with events like Lollapalooza and Riot Fest looming on the horizon. But for all that’s good about a music fest (sunshine, bands, body paint), there are some things that are equally bad (crowds, expensive tickets, body paint). If it’s a boho-chic soiree you crave, why not skip the massive bathroom lines and selfie-snappers and bring the look and feel of a fest indoors—specifically to your dining-room table?
Four Ways to Wear All-Over Prints
When wearing all-over prints, it’s a fine line between looking glamorous and looking like grandma’s couch. But it’s actually not that complicated. The key? Choose sophisticated prints in modern silhouettes that suit your body type. We’ve found four matching sets, and added some coordinating garments to show how versatile these printed pieces can be as separates.
Pitchfork Music Festival’s Best-Dressed Fans
As much as people couldn’t wait to take in the performances at this past weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival, some were just as eager to show off their style. For every face-melting St. Vincent guitar riff and Kendrick Lamar headbanger, there was an outfit we couldn’t resist asking to photograph, or a hairstyle that made us seriously consider chopping off our own sweat-soaked locks.
Six Outfits Inspired by Classic Summer Movies
Earlier this season, we previewed some of the summer’s most stylish movies. We then (inevitably) started waxing nostalgic about our favorite films from summers past—those VHS’s we watched until the magnetic tape wore thin, and the lines we repeated until they became colloquialisms. (“Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” and “Hold on to your butts.”)
Chanel Makes Headphones Now. Here’s a Playlist to Celebrate.
At Paris Fashion Week in March, Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld continued his campaign for Most Eccentric Fashion Genius by forgoing a traditional runway. Instead, his models shopped a couture grocery store, stocked with Coco Flakes (get it?) and shelves draped with the label’s signature chains.
Throw a "West Wing" Party Fit for a President
He may have left office in 2006, but The West Wing’s President Josiah Bartlet remains one of pop culture’s favorite presidents. And what better way to salute the fictional commander in chief than by throwing a West Wing–themed party, complete with a table so befitting of the iconic show, it just might put a smile on Toby Ziegler’s perennially anxious face.
What to Wear to Chicago’s Newest Patios
This year’s brutally cold winter always meant it would feel especially sweet to soak in the summer sun on one of the city’s patios. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite new places to dine alfresco. But here’s the twist: we’ve also matched each restaurant’s style with an outfit that adopts some of spring 2014’s biggest trends, including pleated skirts, jump suits, and sneakers. It turns out the only thing that goes better with tartine than a glass of wine is a crop top and sandals.
Why You Should Buy Indie Makeup
For decades, there were really only two choices in where to purchase makeup: the drugstore or the department store. But thanks to Etsy, Pinterest, and other DIY-centric websites, independently produced makeup has become another viable option. Etsy boasts more than 26,000 handmade makeup items alone, though, so it can be hard to know where to start.
Tink’s Favorite Outfit of the Summer
It’s been a busy summer for Chicago rapper Tink. In April, super-producer Timbaland announced that he would be working with her on her album. Later that month, she put out two great singles: “Don’t Tell Nobody,” with Jeremih (of “Birthday Sex” fame), and “Want It,” a collaboration with singer Kelela (who performs at Pitchfork Fest this month). Ever since, she’s been traveling around the country, doing shows and making frequent trips to Timbaland’s Miami studio, The Hit Factory.
Two Ways To Wear a Crop Top
Crop tops are nothing new. The ‘90s throwback—which first reappeared on the 2011 spring runways of Rodarte and Giorgio Armani—has managed to survive, despite many predictions that it would quickly go out of style. They were still quite popular during the S/S 2014 shows, favored by designers including Peter Som and Jill Stuart. Perhaps because crop tops are a functional way to beat the heat: though Som’s sporty look was quite different than Stuart’s edgy one, both designers’ garments sat high above the natural waist.
Why This Milliner Doesn’t Mind That You’re Not Wearing a Hat Right Now
Professional milliner Jean Foley is quick to admit that formal hats will probably never be as popular as they were in the mid-20th century. “Fashion in general has become more casual…when you go to the airport, for example, you see folks wearing their pajamas.”
“Paris Street; Rainy Day”? Sounds Like a Party!
After a painstaking restoration removed decades of yellowed varnish, Gustave Caillebotte’s “Paris Street; Rainy Day” was at last re-hung in the Art Institute of Chicago this past May. Even though the restoration uncovered brighter tones within the painting, the muted color scheme still stands out in a room filled with color-saturated works by Renoir and Monet. The next time it rains, invite friends to cozy up around a table set with pieces inspired by Caillebotte’s masterpiece.
How to Dress Like the Headliners at Chicago’s Summer Music Fests
It might be uncool to wear the T-shirt of the band you’re going to see, but who says you can’t dress like them? Thanks to Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, and Riot Fest, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that this summer. Here, we’ve put together three festival-friendly outfits inspired by three artists who will be on stage.
Inside the Photogenic Home of Two Pro Photographers
You might guess the minimalist look of Stevi and Matt Savage’s home was born out of necessity. After all, when you live and work in the same space, as the photographers did until recently, it pays to cut down on clutter. But the clean and airy character of the loft-like Lakeview apartment isn’t just the result of practicality. It also jibes with the aesthetic of averyhouse, the couple’s wedding and portrait studio: simple and neat, dotted with natural elements, yet somehow still imbued with whimsy.
You Don’t Have to be Nicole Richie to Wear a Kimono Jacket
Kimono jackets are all but synonymous with Nicole Richie, the celeb designer behind Winter Kate. Her collection of bohemian clothing was inspired by trends from the ‘60s and ‘70s, so the kimonos are flowery and fringed, styled with distressed cutoffs, crop tops, and felt hats. At a glance, they give off a strong “I just got back from Coachella” vibe—but that’s not the only way to wear them. We’ve paired this ASOS kimono with three outfits for three summer settings.
Six Outfits Inspired by the Summer Movie Season
Go goth like Maleficent or retro like those time-traveling X-Men. We even pulled off the coolest look from 'Tammy': drunk grandma.
What Trunk Club Is Getting Its Dad for Father's Day
As a personal stylist at Trunk Club, Emily Warner’s job is to pair men with designer clothes—to get them wearing items that are more adventurous or upscale than they’re used to, yet still embody their personal style. The process is a lot like choosing a gift: keep in mind the recipient’s personality, but don’t be afraid to get him something he wouldn’t pick out for himself.
What We Wear and Why We Wear It
Last week, in the first part of our fashion roundtable, I talked with five of my coworkers about how our style has evolved since we were kids—a process that involved some sage and not-so-sage advice from our parents, and a lot of hours logged at Abercrombie. In the second part of our discussion, we talk about our style today: specifically, our favorite outfits (including a shirt I’m too scared to buy) and where we find style inspiration.
Your Purse Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Purse
It holds your keys, your cash, and your lip balm. It probably complements your shoes or your belt. But if your purse looks like a purse, you’re missing out on a trend that’s gaining momentum: handbags made to look like anything but.
More Women Should Dress Like Patrick Kane
Ever since the Blackhawks drafted Patrick Kane in 2007, he’s been one of the franchise’s most influential players, his career currently bookended by a Rookie of the Year title and a playoff MVP trophy following last year’s Stanley Cup victory. This year, despite a season-interrupting injury, he’s helped get the Hawks to another promising playoff spot, battling the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference Finals.
It’s Not Just Miley. People Dress Strangely Everywhere.
We scoured four continents to find unexpected styles worn by everyone from Danish anarchists to Botswana’s metalheads.
This Kids’ Musician’s Home Is as Cheery as Her Songs
Little Miss Ann is one of Chicago’s most influential “kindie” (kids’ indie) rock musicians. Peek inside her home and learn how a simple act of decorating kindness inspired her after a hospital stay.Out went the old color scheme, and in came new bedding, calm gray walls, and bright yellow and red accents. Their goal was to change the energy of the room, to infuse it with a positive vibe so that Ann could have a peaceful recovery. The effort paid off. Inspired by this gesture, Ann started work on her fourth album, Follow Me, which was released May 1 and is filled with messages of hope and love.
Fashion Road Trip!
This summer, you could embark on a road trip with the same tired goals, such as “see the majestic Grand Canyon” or “get across state lines.” Or, you could give your summer itinerary some panache by visiting these five fashion museums, which exhibit everything from vintage Balenciaga to John McClane’s blood-stained undershirt. Our journey begins—where else?—in New York City.
Odd Future Is Not Interested in Your Little Style Rules
In 2011, Odd Future had a major style moment inspired by a very minor accessory: socks. The hip-hop collective’s leader, Tyler, the Creator, really digs them. (You can see him really digging them while crowdsurfing here, while counting money here, and while dressing up like a watermelon here.) Tyler’s enthusiasm has turned him into a sock kingpin. Odd Future socks, part of the group’s larger fashion line, are sold at PacSun and other mall-friendly retailers. On co-member Earl Sweatshirt’s “Whoa,” Tyler raps that he made a quarter million off of socks, and that song came out in 2013. Presumably he’s made more since then.
Pack Smart for a Memorial Day Trip
As the unofficial gateway to summer, Memorial Day weekend is often packed with barbecues, boating, and parades. So whether you’re spending the holiday out of town or on a staycation, there’s no time to be wasted obsessing over outfits. Below, we’ve built a small collection that can be easily mixed and matched for everything from days at the beach to fancy dinners, while still fitting in a light-as-air weekender bag.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Harem Pants
For my birthday, my friend got me the perfect gift: green harem pants. I had been talking about green harem pants nonstop for the past month, ever since I saw a cool girl in Miami wearing them. My Google history was basically “harem pants,” “green harem pants,” and “cool people in Miami giving away pants?”
Your Purse Could Be Charging Your Phone Right Now
What does Liz Salcedo, CEO of Everpurse, keep in her purse? Pretty traditional stuff, actually. “I keep my phone, my ID, credit card, keys. I keep an EpiPen because I have a peanut allergy and some chapstick,” she says. Oh, and enough power to keep her phone charged over a long weekend.
Don’t Just Eat Barbecue. Wear It, Too.
On May 1, England-based men’s boutique End. debuted a sneaker collaboration with Saucony that had a very unusual inspiration: hamburgers. Collectors were hungry to get their hands on a pair, and lined up outside the store for the chance to snag shoes with a color palette reminiscent of buns, lettuce, and ketchup.
How Christine Petric (5’2”) and Kacy Karlen (6’4”) Find Clothes They Love
Christine Petric and Kacy Karlen both started fashion blogs in 2010, and over the past four years, they’ve both attracted serious media attention. Christine has been featured everywhere from Glamour to New York magazine’s The Cut; Kacy has enough of an international profile that she landed a spread in Elle Finland.
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