Young Women Are Going Gray on Purpose and They Feel Fine
Bleaching your hair gray isn’t just eye-catching—it’s also a middle finger to the anti-aging industry. Barbara and Barbara owner Kara Wabbell shows us how it’s done.
A Private Tour of Lincoln Park’s Top Boutiques with the Founder of ShopAround Chicago
Even on the most gray and rainy of April days, Sean Krista refuses to dress for Chicago’s weather. “I don’t feel like myself without my heels on,” she says, her feet fitted into a chic pair of booties.
Chicago’s Colorful Alternatives to Chemical Hair Dyes
Dyeing hair is as much a science as it is an art form. After precisely measuring ingredients, a colorist coats hair with a chemical mixture, which typically contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, that causes the follicles to open and the dye molecules to be deposited within. The seemingly straightforward process has actually taken decades to perfect, and stylists still look for new ways to give their clients the color of their dreams. And as more individuals lean toward a green lifestyle, beauty trends follow—more salons are beginning to offer newly formulated dyes that are organic, ammonia-free, or naturally derived. Here are some Chicago salons embracing chemical-free color alternatives.
A Lesson in Contouring with Makeup Artist Hayley Kassel
Makeup artist Hayley Kassel is used to working magic with a makeup brush, from perfecting complexions during editorial shoots for Akira to creating gory special effects for film. But when it comes to everyday beauty, she’s no less of an illusionist. Here, she leads a lesson in creating perfectly contoured features using nothing more than a few simple bronzers and blushes.
Five No-Fuss Hair Tips from Barbara and Barbara
I don’t climb ladders very gracefully, as Valter Desfassiaux knows—he’s seen it firsthand. Valter is a stylist and makeup artist at Barbara and Barbara, a roughly two-year-old salon in Logan Square. We chatted in the salon’s back room, on what looks like an indoor balcony. Accessible only by ladder, it’s where the previous owner kept his loft bed.
Chicago Ink: Custom Tattoos and the Artists Behind Them
When I get to Noble Square’s Insight Studios, Thomas Sinnamond is in the back room, contemplating a digital photo of a frog. He’s in the process of designing a complex, crest-inspired tattoo, and the frog is one of the many reference images he’s using.
Beauty Arsenal: Audrey Olenick’s Must-Have Beauty Products
As the owner of Ukrainian Village salon Strange Beauty Show, Audrey Olenick knows that every customer who walks in her door has a different personal style. With that in mind, the makeup artist—who describes her own aesthetic as "Marilyn Monroe’s kinda skanky kid sister"—works with each of her clients to find a wedding or special event look they can feel good about. Of course, while individuality is key, even Audrey admits that there are some universals in the world of beauty. Here, she shares her top five makeup and hair staples.
This Trapeze Workout Is a Whole Different Kind of Intense
My first Trapeze School New York class wasn’t just physically exhausting—it was emotionally draining too.
Lincoln Park’s AIR Turns Exercise Upside-Down
What it’s like to do crunches while hanging from a silk loop of the kind used by Cirque du Soleil (hint: not easy).
Core Concerns: Yoga Moves for a Stronger Center
Danny Benoit went from leading his first yoga class in a Nepalese airport hangar to teaching at Chicago's CorePower Yoga studios. His core-centric moves don't just firm up your abs—they stabilize the body for better injury prevention.
Adventures in Fitness: Lights-Out Indoor Cycling at Flywheel
When the lights go down and the music kicks up, spinners get ready to pedal through 45 minutes of extreme cardio.
Eat Chicken Like Chips and Other Fitness Tips from a Personal Trainer
Sari Weis has 10 ideas for getting in better shape, whether you’re working out, cooking, or just watching TV.
10-Minute Muscles with Mercury Method Creator Lara Hudson
Fitness guru Lara Hudson gives us some insight into the Mercury Method, her original workout that blends strength training, Pilates, yoga, and endurance. Plus, she reveals her go-to ab, arm, and total-body workouts for when you've only got five minutes to spare.
I Learned a Few Parkour Moves and Now I’m Basically a Superhero
'Divergent' stuntman Kurt Gowan teaches me to scale walls and vault rails until my quads fall off.
An Invisalign Treatment's Monthly Timeline
What to expect on a month-by-month basis.
How to Keep a Year-Round Tan in Chicago
Spray tans at Chicago tanning salons provide a UV ray-free way to maintain a summery glow—even in winter.
The Ins and Outs of LASIK Eye Surgery
Before ditching those glasses for good, learn about how LASIK works, how much it costs, and if it’s right for you.
How to Live Dust-Mite-Free in Chicago
Dust mites have likely made your carpet their own Wicker Park. Here’s how Chicago cleaning services can evict them.
Sitting Through a Chicago Day
What to do when you spend most of your day in a chair or on a couch.