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  • Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing
    An Indian-born and -educated Ayurvedic practitioner, Ismat Nathani was determined to create a place in the Western hemisphere that shared the wonder of East Indian medicine while still maintaining its historic integrity. In 2002, she founded Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing, or CAISH, which fosters the holistic arts through three branches: education, healing, and wellness products. An extensive education program accepts both beginners and advanced professionals into accredited courses on techniques ranging from yoga to Ismat's specialty, neurotherapy. Visitors may also receive holistic and Ayurvedic treatments from CAISH's menu of wellness services, such as acupuncture and steam baths practiced in five treatment rooms throughout the 1,500-square-foot facility. A selection of essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs encourages at-home health maintenance more pleasantly than a meditation CD filled with a mother's guilt trips.
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    5359 Dundas St W
    Etobicoke, ON CA
  • National Training Centres
    At National Training Centers, instructors tackle the difficult task of improving athletes' hockey game without any ice. Instead, they train the body to perform better in the rink, with balance yoga classes dedicated to improving leg flexibility and core strength. Instructors help players hone their stride and endurance with skating-technique-based treadmill classes. All of their training focuses on the essential attributes of an ice-rink athlete: core strength, agility, power, speed, and the ability to walk on frozen water.
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    300 New Toronto Street
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Green Life Health Ctr
    GreenLife Health Centre traces the origins of its practices back 5,000 years. The family-oriented clinic uses Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicines to promote healing and wellness. During acupuncture treatments, several fine needles nestle into the skin and cause the body to produce endorphins. In turn, the endorphins relieve pain, induce relaxation, and foster a sense of solidarity with pincushions. Other detoxifying treatments include medicated baths, ion cleanses, and hot-stone massages.
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    661 The Queensway
    Etobicoke, ON CA
  • Blazing Smile
    Reservations/Appointments: Required Parking: Parking lot Most popular service: Teeth whitening Brands Used: Beaming White Blazing Smile's technicians can bring their office to your home with their mobile teeth-whitening services. Before each treatment, the team sets up equipment, including a gel-activating lamp, in a space of your choosing. The process allows you to relax, enjoy your own music, and sit in whichever chair or tub of Jell-O you prefer as your teeth become two, three, or even eight shades whiter. Blazing Smile also makes teeth whitening into a group activity, bringing their services to parties and gatherings. And for those who prefer a clinical setting, the company also offers in-office whitening treatments, by appointment.
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    781 The Queensway
    Etiboke, ON CA
  • The Amatsu Way
    At The Amatsu Way, Susana Solari practices amatsu therapy, an ancient Japanese treatment that believes overall wellness is achieved by re-balancing the entire body while working on soft tissue. During a typical session, clients lie on a table like best-selling rag doll Washcloth Willy as the practitioner employs light pressure, massage kneads, and natural body movements such as gentle folds, lifts, and twists to reach the soft tissue. Once applied, the techniques can yield an array of benefits, including reduced pain, restored balance, and increased circulation. Susana also practices Indian scalp massage.
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    16 Brookers Lane
    Etobicoke, ON CA
  • Madd About Fitness
    Madd About Zumba’s name speaks to that of its founder—Maddalena Pignatari. With a BFA in Dance from York University and a Zumba certification, Maddalena is particularly mad about dance fitness. She specializes in Zumba classes, whose Latin-inspired routines incorporate occasional workout-intensifying props and weights. High-octane latin-pop music provides a soundtrack to the classes, as well as small-group or private personal-training sessions, whose curricula are more tailored to their participants. Personal-training regimens prevent fitness plateaus with three distinct workout phases, and can include a nutrition plan.
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    4258 Bloor Street W
    Etobicoke, ON CA

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