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  • Bare Hair Removal
    The depilation experts at Bare Hair Removal banish unwanted fuzz from ladies' and gents' bodies using two methods?wax and laser beams. Waxing uproots strands from brows and bikini zones, leaving the area smooth for weeks until new hairs grow back. And when it does decide to show up again, it usually grows slower and finer. On the other hand, LightSheer laser treatments zap the pigment of the hair follicles, causing them to shut down operations over the course of several sessions spaced four to eight weeks apart.
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    1425 Bishop St N, Unit 6
    Cambridge, ON CA
  • Transformations Medispa
    Transformations Medi Spa specializes in noninvasive beauty enhancements under physician supervision. The microdermabrasion sloughs off faces? superficial cell layer and stubborn clown makeup, revivifying skin with an abrasive wand encrusted in tiny diamond particles. As the powerful exfoliation purges the topmost dull skin, it may help evoke a softer, smoother appearance and combat superficial aberrations, including fine lines and age spots. Transformations prides itself on delivering services that require minimal downtime, so patients can quickly get back to daily chores or jobs blogging about daily chores.
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    7 Union St E
    Waterloo, ON CA
  • Skin Indulgence Studio
    The technicians at Skin Indulgence Studio specialize in both state-of-the-art and classic hair removal techniques for both men and women. A LightSheer Diode laser zaps hair during its growth phase in order to prevent it from sprouting. Waxing takes a more traditional and temporary route, stripping away hairs from the face, armpits, and bikini area so that they grow back softer and finer, unlike the coarse stubble that results from shaving or running kitchen shears across the skin?s surface. Waxing services can be done with both soft and hard wax depending on the sensitivity of the area. To further beautify clients, the staff also performs makeup applications, adds eyelash extensions, and tints brows and lashes. All services are performed in their clean and professional environment.
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    15-279 Weber St. N
    Waterloo, ON CA
  • Lekadia Spa - Laser Hair Removal
    After returning from teaching English overseas, Julianne Seibel decided to switch from imparting a new tongue to imparting a new look. She set to work, earning a special-achievement certificate in advanced aesthetics and opening LeKadia Spa, where she cleanses skin of impurities, toxins, and dead skin cells with facial treatments. She also performs laser hair removal, which clears the skin of fuzz so that she can decorate it with a spray tan or a water gun full of diluted margarine.
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    3590 Lobsinger Line
    St Clements, ON CA

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