Varicose Vein Treatment in Los Angeles

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  • ProHealth Interventional
    Dr. Amiel Moshfegh?or Dr. Mosh, as his patients call him?has worked with some of vein therapy's foremost pioneers, including Dr. Robert Min of Cornell Vascular Center. This experience, along with a board certification and ample continuing education, helps him treat all manner of spider vein and varicose vein issues with minimal incisions and downtime. The institute's treatments range from the simple?graduated compression stockings to help control symptoms and grant a perfect last-minute addition to a Christmas mantel?to advanced procedures such as endovenous thermal ablation, a technique invented at Cornell that uses the insertion of a small laser fiber to seal the vein closed in a quick in-office appointment. Dr. Mosh also performs other treatments that call on the latest imaging technology, such as image-guided biopsies and kyphoplasty to treat compression fractures in the spine.
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    10767 Riverside Dr.
    North Hollywood, CA US
  • Dr. Gold's Anti-Aging Clinic
    At Dr. Gold's Anti-Aging Clinic, the staff's primary concern is slowing down Father Time. To do so, they specialize in an array of anti-aging services, including wrinkle-reducing dermal-filler injections, laser treatments, and Pelleve skin rejuvenation. For signs of aging below the surface, such as lethargy or retiring hormones, they may prescribe nutritional supplements or recommend hormone-replacement therapy. On top of all this, the clinic also tackles primary care and weight-loss services.
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    631 E. Colorado Blvd.
    Glendale, CA US
  • Stewart Laser and Skin Care
    Licensed aesthetician Juana Martinez buffs careworn visages with 60-minute private microdermabrasion treatments at Stewart Medical Group. During each treatment, Martinez gently sands epidermises with a minimally abrasive instrument that removes the thick, uneven layer of outer skin, minimizing light scars and uneven pigment caused by sun damage and semi-permanent clown makeup. The treatment also helps collagen levels to find renewed vigor, leading to smooth, even, and younger-looking complexions. Anesthetic is not used during this noninvasive procedure, as most patients report little discomfort and require no downtime.
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    1028 South Garfield Avenue
    Alhambra, CA US
  • Pasadena Weight Loss Center
    30-DAY DO-IT-YOURSELF DIET PLAN: $95 (normally $190) • 30-day supply of Hydramin (metabolism boosting minerals) • 30-day supply of Satiety (fullness factors for appetite control) • DIY plan covering your food, hydration, sleep, workout, stress reduction and other lifestyle routines. TAILOLR-MADE FAT BURNING NUTRITION PLAN: $195 (normally $390) • State-of-the-art testing: Body composition, complete body biometrics and metabolic age • Doctor Evaluation and consultation • Personalized diet plan • Setup for tracking and accountability • One week of professional coaching by a qualified nutritionist TAILOR-MADE FAT BURNING WORKOUT PLAN: $195 (normally $390) • State-of-the-art fitness testing: Heart recovery, metabolism age, energy capacity and stress capacity • Doctor Evaluation and personalized fat burning fitness protocol to be performed at any gym • Two fully supervised private workout sessions to demonstrate personalized workout session. 4-WEEK PRIVATE FITNESS PACKAGE: $295 (normally $690) • State-of-the-art fitness testing: Heart recovery, metabolism age, energy capacity and stress capacity • Initial doctor evaluation and personalized fat burning fitness protocol • 8 fully supervised private workout sessions with state of the art fitness testing • Final doctor consultation and evaluation of progress with any further recommendations 4-WEEK COACHED DIET PACKAGE: $295 (normally $690) • State-of-the-art fitness testing • Initial doctor consultation and evaluation and creation of tailored plan. • Setup for daily reporting, monitoring and accountability • Daily and weekly professional coaching by a qualified nutritionist • Final doctor consultation and evaluation of progress with any further recommendations
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    774 N Lake Ave.
    Pasadena, CA US
  • Laser Touch Medical Clinic
    Under the guidance of board-certified physician Dr. Kamran Hakimian, Laser Touch Medical Clinic's team of skin professionals apply Veinwave technology to polish body parts marred by visible vessels. After a brief consultation, specialists penetrate the chosen zone with several minute, insulated needles, which apply focused heat to stubborn veins to make them close up, fade away, and leave skin clearer for future games of epidermal tic-tac-toe. Vessel-vanquishing results are usually noticeable immediately and the treatment requires no downtime, lending newly polished skin a speedy return to everyday activities.
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    1501 Colorado Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA US
  • Younique Cosmetic Surgery
    Featured in numerous television shows and magazines, Dr. Mark Youssef helms Younique?s squad of aesthetic enhancers, who impart pulchritude via a variety of beautifying services. Younique?s laser hair-removal treatments are noninvasive procedures that stem the follicular tide of unwanted hair via amplified light pumped out by the practice?s lightsheer laser system. Clients may see results within two to three weeks of the first treatment, followed by a gradual, long-term reduction in hair after several sessions. Once the skin surface has been smoothed with the precision plucking of Younique?s laser, bodies glow in glabrous bliss, ready to blend in with the sleek, shiny exteriors of our future robot overlords.
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    1551 Ocean Ave
    Santa Monica, CA US