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  • Woodstock Health & Fitness
    Whether taking advantage of weight equipment or sweating up a storm in a group fitness class, Woodstock Health & Fitness equips its members with all the tools they need to get in great shape. With direction from a team of personal trainers, exercise newcomers caneven get a handle on an effective workout routine during one-on-one sessions. Gym memberships include full access to the facilities, as well as group cardio bootcamp, Pilates classes, and the right to walk around flexing your arms at strangers.
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    381 Finkle Street
    Woodstock, ON CA
  • Fusion Power Training
    Fusion Power Training is Kitchener is a place where the fun doesn't stop. Take your workout goals seriously with the high-intensity and fast-paced results of a cross fit workout. Curious about kickboxing? Check out one of these kickboxing classes and learn the basics. You won't be bored doing circuit training, plowing through a variety of workouts. Take advantage of the personal trainers here to help you keep your form and get the results you intend. Parking is plentiful, so guests can feel free to bring their vehicles. So as you can see, Fusion Power Training is the place to be this weekend.
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    842 Victoria St. N
    Kitchener, ON CA
  • CrossFit C-Town
    That extra push at CrossFit C-Town comes in the form of positive encouragement. Trainers there facilitate a community where support is just as important as the CrossFit system itself. To get through its ever-changing series of functional-movement exercises, one may just have to rely on that support. It's a challenging method designed to work out the whole body each session. Trainers use everything from kettlebells and pull-up bars to medicine balls, gymnastics rings, and body-weight resistance during routines. Though always challenging, the team keeps CrossFit accessible by scaling workouts to individual abilities. Trainers also design brand new workouts each day, giving students something different to do every session. And when they say CrossFit is for everyone, they really mean it, even offering fun CrossFit classes for kids aged 5–14.
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    1600C Industrial Rd Unit 5
    Cambridge, ON CA
  • MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass
    When you have a free day, head to MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass in Guelph for a day packed full of fun. Not only do you get a great workout with aerobics, you'll have a great time, too. You'll love what high-intensity circuit training can do for you. Dance along to your favorite songs and learn some new moves at MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass' Zumba class. Learn more about your mind and body when you heat things up with some hot yoga at MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass. You'll be thankful that you enrolled in the high-intensity workouts of a cross fit program. Punch and kick away your stress and anger during one of these kickboxing classes. Gain athletic endurance, muscle strength and a clearer mind with one of these spinning classes. A personal trainer could be perfect for your workout routine. They'll help plan your workouts, provide support, and keep you motivated. Parking is plentiful, so visitors can feel free to bring their vehicles. So head to MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass for some fun, laughs, and a great experience.
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    279 Woolwich St.
    Guelph, ON CA
  • Jazzercise Post-5/14/12 Canada
    CrossFit is known as the go-to workout for many police academies, military special operations units, and professional sports teams. But it's also a workout that whips everyday folks into shape, from the young to the old, using the same exercises as the elite athletes. The only difference is that the exercises are adjusted to the individual's fitness level. At GridIron CrossFit, coaches help CrossFitters discover how many reps are appropriate for them, and then monitor them in group classes. These classes rely on functional-fitness movements, training bodies to excel in real-life situations, whether that means lifting heavy bags of groceries or lifting a car off a penny in the grocery-store parking lot. The coaches also offer a CrossFit Lite boot-camp-style class for individuals who want to forgo heavy weightlifting, as well as a special class that readies football players for the field.
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    340 Southgate Dr.
    Guelph, ON CA
  • Denise Verutis- Personal Training
    Switch up your normal routine and head to Denise Verutis- Personal Training in Guelph and experience something new. If you were looking for a high intensity workout, cross fit is your answer. Take advantage of their excellent personal trainers to ensure that your fitness goals are met on the time table you set. At Denise Verutis- Personal Training, you can learn quick and effective kickboxing techniques that will tone and enhance your body. Parking is plentiful, so visitors can feel free to bring their vehicles. Plan a fun weekend for the family at Denise Verutis- Personal Training today!
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    199 Victoria Road South
    Guelph, ON CA

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