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    Sunbeam Large Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit

    Sewing machine suited for minor mending and stitching arrives with a comprehensive sewing kit with all the tools you’ll need for small jobs

    $99.99 $49.99

    50% Off Jewelry Class at A Bead Just So

    A Bead Just So

    Ballston Spa

    Instructors teach students how to make stunning jewelry pieces with leather, silk cords, metal-seed beads, and fire polish beads

    $44 $22

    Up to 96% Off Online Fashion Courses

    Style Design College Online

    Online certificate course equips you with tools for success in the design industry; sewing course teaches how to get the most from machines

    $1,030 $39

    Handheld Cordless Sewing Machine

    Handheld cordless sewing machine can perform small sewing tasks such as hemming pants, repairing curtains, and mending torn seams

    $19.99 $9.99

    Online Interior Design Certification Course

    Milan-based design school’s 12-month certification program in interior design, including fundamentals, theory, and practice

    $1,030 $99

    Up to 57% Off Custom Embossers

    2712 Designs

    Personalize envelopes, letters, and invitations before they’re sent with embossers customized with initials, names, and addresses

    $65 $29

    Sunbeam SB1800 Compact Sewing Machine

    This compact 12-stitch sewing machine sews button holes, hems skirts, and makes quick repairs without taking up much space

    $89.99 $44.99

    Domestic Sewing Machine Cover

    Polyester cover designed for the Sunbeam 70 Stitch sewing machine also fits most basic models; protects against dust; easy to store

    $39.99 $16.99

    Up to 56% Off Custom Stamps from Mason Row

    Mason Row

    Custom stamps add your design to invitations, cards, and letters; a trio stamper includes three stamps that can be swapped in and out

    $39.99 $20

    Up to 59% Off Personalized Self-Inking Stamps

    2712 Designs

    Self-inking stamps impart personalized addresses or messages onto documents

    $52.90 $22.50

    54% Off Personalized Stamps from Stampanda. Shipping Included.


    Custom handcrafted stamps put a lasting personal mark on everything from wedding invitations to holiday tags

    $49.45 $22.50

    Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills

    A resource for DIYers of all levels, whether they want to learn to cut their own wood, grow their own food, or build their own shed

    $24.95 $13.99

    Up to 63% Off Personalized Stamps

    2712 Designs

    Customize small wooden stampers with initials, names, borders, and designs of your choice

    $14.99 $7

    Playboy: The Book of Cigars

    This elegant tome covers all things cigars, from where tobacco is grown to how cigars are rolled to what makes a Cuban so good

    $35 $16.99

    Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts

    Lifestyle and crafting guru helps you dream up and create gift wrapping, cards, or tabletop decorations to celebrate most any holiday

    $24.99 $2.99

    Snowflake Craft Book Bundle

    Two snowflake paper-crafting books with full-sized patterns for decorative flakes

    $19.98 $4.99

    Daisy Do Scrapbook Kit

    Kids can creatively display their photos with this scrapbook kit, which comes with pre-designed pages and ideas for getting started

    $29.99 $9.99

    Prismacolor Premier Assorted-Color Soft Pastels

    Soft pastels’ rectangular shape gives artists maximum flexibility in creating bold, thick strokes or thin, wispy lines

    $14.98 $4.99