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      Up to 70% Off Acupuncture

      S.P.A.R.C. Chiropractic

      SPARC Chiropractic (1711.6 miles)

      Acupuncture is used to treat back pain, addiction, and anxiety, among other ailments

      $150 $59

      92% Off a Chiropractic Package at Optimal Health & Wellness

      Optimal Health & Wellness

      Shorewood (1719.3 miles)

      Chiropractors help relieve clients of pain and nervous system issues with this in-depth spinal-health package that includes two adjustments

      $475 $39.99

      Half Off Foot Reflexology

      Churchill Chiropractic

      Schaumburg (1707.5 miles)

      Reflexology targets stress and imbalances in the body through the massaging of the feet

      $60 $30

      Up to 61% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      Acupuncture INC

      Naperville (1714.1 miles)

      Hair-thin needles placed at key points along the body's energy pathways dislodge blockages and help treat a wide range of afflictions

      $110 $49

      94% Off Chiropractic Package

      Healthquest Wellness Center

      Oak Lawn (1734.1 miles)

      Chiropractor addresses spinal maladies and health concerns over the course of four appointments

      $765 $45

      87% Off at Lincoln Park Chiropractic

      Lincoln Park Chiropractic

      Lincoln Park (1733.6 miles)

      Chiropractor who treats Ballet Chicago dancers eases backaches with soft-tissue methods after examining spines and taking x-rays

      $290 $39

      Up to 76% Off at Life Force Chiropractic Wellness Center

      Life Force Chiropractic Wellness Center

      Crystal Lake (1693.7 miles)

      Chiropractor examines your spine with the help of x-rays; a follow-up massage relieves chronic pain and tension

      $285 $69

      76% Off Chiropractic Package

      The Natural Medicine Group

      Long Grove (1709.0 miles)

      Chiropractor examines patients and consults with them about medical issues, then performs a spinal adjustment and soothing chair massage

      $200 $49

      Up to 82% Off Acupuncture at Healing Hands MedSpa

      Healing Hands MedSpa

      Multiple Locations (1734.8 miles)

      Hair-thin needles target points throughout the body to unblock energy pathways, which is believed to ease pain, illness, and other issues

      $90 $39

      70% Off Detox and Smoking Cessation Program

      Healthquest Wellness Center

      Oak Lawn (1734.1 miles)

      Smoking cessation program includes acupuncture, nutritional therapy, self-mastery technology, and infrared sauna sessions

      $500 $149

      55% Off Juice Cleanses and More with Free Shipping.

      Juice and Veggies Detox Cleanses

      Level 1, 2, and 3 herbal-detox programs, immune-system-boosting and stress-fighting supplements, detox teas, and probiotics

      $65 $29

      Up to 67% Off Spinal Decompression

      Lake County Family Chiropractic

      Gurnee (1706.7 miles)

      Nonsurgical spinal-decompression sessions target ailments such as bulging disks and sciatica

      $1,500 $550

      Up to 66% Off Colon Hydrotherapy 

      Whole Health Network

      Burr Ridge (1726.1 miles)

      Colonics help to ward off disease by purging bowels of toxins, and lymphatic massage boosts immunity through improved lymph flow

      $110 $45

      Up to 75% Off Aqua Massages at Juarez Chiropractic

      Juarez Chiropractic

      Brighton Park (1735.0 miles)

      Waterproof capsules blast clients' sore muscles with powerful water jets that knead away stress without soaking clothes

      $40 $15

      Up to 89% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Pins Family Chiropractic

      Market Meadow (1716.6 miles)

      Chiropractic exams, complete with a computerized nervous system scan, come with massages or adjustments, spread over two to three visits

      $330 $39

      Up to 81% Off Acupuncture

      Alsip Integrated Medical Center

      Orland Park (1733.6 miles)

      After an exam and consult, a licensed acupuncturist inserts thin, sterilized needles into the body's energy meridians to promote healing

      $210 $39

      Up to 53% Off at Advanced Acupuncture Clinic

      Advanced Acupuncture Clinic

      Arlington Heights (1714.5 miles)

      Doctor of acupuncture inserts thin, sterilized needles into points along the body’s energy meridians to stimulate the immune system

      $100 $50

      Up to 65% Off Reiki at Renewing Body Mind & Spirit

      Renewing Body Mind & Spirit

      Lemont (1724.3 miles)

      An experienced healer encourages life energy to flow through the body during relaxing Reiki sessions

      $260 $99

      92% Off Chiropractic Visit at HealthSource

      HealthSource of Naperville

      Fox River Commons (1712.3 miles)

      Chiropractic doctor examines muscles and the spinal cord before adjusting joints and relaxing the back with massage

      $460 $39

      Up to 88% Off Chiropractic Exam and Massages

      Naperville Rehab Clinic

      Naperville Riverwalk (1714.1 miles)

      Chiropractor who's undergone diverse forms of physiological training diagnoses and treats backaches, shoulder pain, and other woes

      $280 $35

      54% Off Massage

      Schaffnit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

      Schaffnit Chiropractic and Rehabilitation (1716.3 miles)

      Licensed massage therapists treat bodies with a modality designed to knead away aches and increase circulation

      $65 $30

      Up to 93% Off Chiropractic Care

      Banuelos Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

      Multiple Locations (1725.9 miles)

      Chiropractor with 25 years of experience identifies back problems and performs skillful adjustments

      $400 $29.99

      Up to 69% Off Acupuncture Treatments in Joliet

      Dr. Mark Jones

      Joliet (1720.8 miles)

      Licensed acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience treats back pain, anxiety, asthma, and arthritis

      $75 $35

      58% Off 14-Day Weight-Loss Cleanse

      Body and Soul Healthcare, P.C.

      Tinley Park (1736.3 miles)

      14-day cleanse includes shake supply, initial consultation, and follow-up appointment

      $180 $75

      91% Off at Wang Family Chiropractic

      Wang Family Chiropractic

      Naperville (1714.4 miles)

      Chiropractic adjustments alleviate back pain, headaches, and other body ailments; consultation and x-rays included

      $420 $39

      85% Off Exam and Physical Rehabilitation

      Roselle Chiropractic

      Roselle (1711.5 miles)

      A staff of chiropractors and a physical therapy tech help identify pain points before prescribing exercise and stretches to help bodies heal

      $184 $28

      Up to 84% Off Running Evaluation

      SportCo Rehabilitation

      Multiple Locations (1708.5 miles)

      Staff doctors meet with clients one-on-one and use computerized equipment to measure gait, strength, and range of motion

      $250 $39

      Up to 82% Off at Olympico Chiropractic

      Olympico Chiropractic

      Rolling Meadows (1713.1 miles)

      A doctor determines what treatments may be necessary, then makes minor adjustments to the spine to help treat pain

      $165 $29

      75% Off at Select Health Chiropractic, LTD

      Select Health Chiropractic, LTD

      St. Charles (1701.8 miles)

      Chiropractor trained in six different techniques tracks down sources of pain and ameliorates them with gentle hands-on adjustments

      $400 $99

      Up to 56% Off Body Detox Sessions at Viga Centrum

      Viga Centrum

      Jefferson Park (1726.1 miles)

      Staff members power on electrically charged footbaths designed to remove toxins through the pores

      $60 $29