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      Up to 86% Off Weight-Loss Injections

      Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss

      Multiple Locations

      Taken once a week, B12 and custom Lean injections facilitate weight loss by boosting energy, metabolizing fats, and preserving lean muscle

      $140 $24

      80% Off Spider-Vein Removal

      The Natural Place

      North Central Westminster

      IPL treatments tackle spider veins on the upper or lower regions of both legs

      $300 $59

      Up to 84% Off Laser Sun-Spot-Removal Treatments

      Renew Skin and Laser

      Washington Park West

      A Palomar Starlux IPL system targets sun-damaged skin with light energy, causing the discoloration to flake away within a few days

      $275 $59

      Up to 78% Off Laser Tattoo Removal in Littleton

      Rethink the Ink


      Treatment breaks down unwanted tattoos and allows immune systems to do away with ink without scarring.

      $199 $49

      Up to 74% Off Energy-Burning Shots

      La Bella Vita Health & Wellness

      South Central Westminster

      Blend of B6, B12, and MIC helps jump-start sluggish metabolisms, boost energy, and slim down physiques

      $90 $29

      Up to 87% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      Darcy's Beauty Solutions


      A licensed laser technician lifts tattoos from areas of up to 3, 6, or 10 square inches over the course of three sessions

      $657 $99

      Up to 64% Off Cryotherapy Sessions

      Cherry Creek Spine & Sport Clinic


      Cryotherapy cools sore, inflamed muscles; Active Release Technique sessions relieve adhesions and fibrosis

      $140 $59

      Up to 81% Off Weight Loss Injections (LipoLean or B12)

      Thrive Health Solutions


      B12 injections boost energy levels and metabolism; LipoLean solution includes B12 and adds choline, which stokes fat breakdown by the liver

      $100 $19

      Up to 83% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Aesthetic Nurse Specialists

      Molholm Two Creeks

      Laser energy targets fungus and the nail beds’ underlying infection, allowing healthy nail to regrow over time

      $300 $99

      Up to 60% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Totally Feet Podiatry and Laser Center

      South Central Westminster

      After manually debriding the nail, a specialist passes the Cutera Genesis laser over toes to kill fungus

      $200 $99

      Up to 65% Off Tattoo Removal at Tattoo Must Go

      Tattoo Must Go

      Multiple Locations

      After a consultation, tattoo-removal techs use a dual-wavelength laser to break down unwanted ink as a cooling system limits discomfort

      $447 $189

      Up to 73% Off Vaser Body Contouring at Purely You

      Purely You

      Located inside Yael Belleza y Salud

      Ultrasound waves liquefy fat cells before they're suctioned away, which results in a less-invasive treatment than traditional liposuction

      $3,500 $999

      82% Off Spider-Vein Removal

      The Hollywood Body Laser Center


      Laser specialist showers unwanted veins with light and heat to create clear and radiant skin

      $700 $129

      Up to 71% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

      AfterOurs Urgent Care

      Multiple Locations

      Vitamin shots boost metabolism and help accelerate weight loss at walk-in clinic clinic staffed by board-certified physicians

      $150 $49.99

      92% Off Chiropractic Package

      Spinal Decompression USA

      After determining the sources of back pains, the staff promotes spinal health with a chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage

      $350 $29

      Up to 70% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal


      Wheat Ridge

      Veteran laser specialist Pamela Archer zaps up to 10 toenails clean with bombardments from fungus-vaporizing lasers

      $200 $99

      Up to 70% Off Non-Surgical Facial Lifts

      Clearbridge Healing Institute


      Technicians stimulate the skin and its underlying layers with micropulsation that help improve circulation and promote collagen

      $85 $29

      78% Off Weight-Loss Program

      South Denver Wellness

      Multiple Locations

      Personalized weight-loss program includes a week-long meal plan and two sit-downs with bariatric specialist Dr. Scott McDoniel

      $219 $49

      Up to 70% Off Tattoo Removal at Tat 2 Undo

      Tat 2 Undo

      Fort Collins

      During three sessions, certified laser specialists remove all pigment from tattoos, permanent makeup, and even road rash

      $450 $199

      Up to 53% Off Spider-Vein or Hair Removal

      Charity Sullivan's Aesthetics and Electrolysis

      Fort Collins

      Advanced aesthetician uses radio frequencies to break down spider veins and currents to shut down hair growth at the follicle

      $75 $35

      Up to 56% Off Tattoo Removal at Mad Peaches

      Mad Peaches

      Cherry Creek

      Using laser technology, certified technicians break up the pigment colors of the tattoo ink to help dissolve the image

      $300 $149

      70% Off Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

      Jasmine Laser Hair Removal


      Quick laser sessions evict fungal infections from beneath nail beds, for stronger healthier toenails

      $200 $99

      Up to 77% Off Nail-Fungus Removal at Spa Medica

      Spa Medica

      Colorado Springs

      Lasers stop fungal incursions at the source in the bed of the nail, leading to healthy regrowth with time

      $350 $99

      Up to 77% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Laserwave Clinic


      Technicians use lasers to eliminate toenail fungus at the source

      $300 $95

      Up to 83% Off Laser Spider Vein-Reduction

      Jasmine Laser Hair Removal


      Quick laser sessions eliminate the appearance of spider veins, resulting in smooth, healthier legs

      $300 $99

      Up to 51% Off Non-Surgical Face-Lifts

      East West Health Professionals


      Anti-aging treatment performed by an alternative-medicine specialist

      $150 $83

      Up to 62% Off Counseling Sessions

      Life's Journey Counseling, LLC


      An expert counselor offers counseling techniques to help clients cope with major life changes, anxiety, or relationship issues

      $75 $29

      Up to 54% Off Laser Sun-Spot Removal at Spa Medica

      Spa Medica


      Each 15- to 20-minute treatment can be used on the hands, décolletage, shoulders, arms, or legs; sun spots peel off after first treatment

      $330 $155

      Half Off Muscle Therapy at Muscle Resolution

      Muscle Resolution


      A certified practitioner activates weaker muscles during one-hour sessions, which relax overburdened muscles and improve range of motion

      $65 $32.50

      Up to 67% Off Tattoo Removal

      Smooth Skin Centers


      Lasers erase single or multicolor tattoos over multiple sessions

      $297 $99

      86% Off Testosterone- and PSA-Level Screening

      Ageless Men's Health

      Denver- Tech Center

      Men learn more about their bodies to help them make educated moves to further boost their health and wellness

      $175 $25

      Up to 65% Off Laser Spider-Vein Removal

      Spa Medica


      Laser light causes spider veins on the arms, legs, or nose to collapse during 15-minute treatments

      $750 $259

      76% Off Allergy Assessment & Treatments at BioEnergetic Health

      BioEnergetic Health

      BioEnergetic Health - Located In The Salon at The Ft. Collins Club

      Practitioner tests clients’ sensitivities to irritants which can show up as allergens and provides relief from symptoms

      $250 $59

      Up to 61% Off Laser Vein Removal

      Darcy's Beauty Solutions


      Laser's light causes unwanted veins to collapse and gradually fade from view

      $450 $179

      50% Off Family Health Screening

      Colorado Health Screening

      Golden Proper

      Technicians use ultrasound devices to scan bodies and inspect for signs of stroke and carotid artery disease

      $800 $399

      60% Off Pediatric Care

      Doctor At Your Door

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $250 $100

      Up to 54% Off Nutrition Consultation

      Sleep Center of the Rockies


      Following body-fat and metabolism diagnostics, nutrition specialists help individuals develop plans based on sleep, exercise, and diet

      $135 $65

      Up to 59% Off at Appletree Counseling Services

      Appletree Counseling Services

      Multiple Locations

      Individuals, couples, or families can get the help they need to deal with issues such as depression or grief during counseling sessions

      $80 $39

      Up to 85% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      Laserwave Clinic


      Technicians use lasers to diminish body art in treatments that require little to no downtime

      $720 $179

      Up to 83% Off Laser Spider-Vein Treatments

      Aspiring Laser Renewal

      Bear Valley

      Medically supervised staff sends spider veins packing with noninvasive IPL therapy over two or five treatments

      $300 $99

      Up to 52% Off Deep-Tissue Realignment Therapy

      Brian Ray Healing


      Deep tissue bodywork structuring and aligning your soft tissue to eliminate pain and discomfort

      $100 $49

      Up to 78% Off Pain-Management Laser Treatments

      Laser Magic

      Multiple Locations

      Laser light helps to reduce

      $149 $49

      Up to 51% Off Massages or CranioSacral Therapy

      Angela Laurita Massage Therapy

      The Marine Street Wellness Center

      A massage therapist reduces pain and increases vitality by combining technical skill with a natural intuition for healing

      $90 $45

      Up to 75% Off Anti-Gravity Treadmill Treatment

      Back To Motion


      A unusual treadmill reduces body weight by up to 80% to help patients increase endurance without putting too much pressure on joints

      $40 $20

      50% Off Therapy for Couples or Parenting Workshop

      Dr. Steven Lazarus


      Licensed psychologist helps couples to strengthen their relationships and parents to encourage good behavior from their kids

      $90 $45

      50% Off Counseling

      Elevations Counseling Llc

      Cory - Merrill

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $80 $40

      72% Off Counseling

      Healthy Living Wellness Center, Llc


      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $250 $69

      Up to 58% Off Arthritis Laser Therapy

      Aria Integrative Health


      Chiropractor takes aim at arthritis pain with noninvasive light therapies

      $450 $199