79% Off Hormone-Replacement Package

Genesis Weight and Age Management

Green Hills(4.2 miles)

After an initial consultation and lab work, the medical professional reviews the results and recommends treatment

$119.99 $25

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal

Gilmer Plastic Surgery

Gilmer Plastic Surgery(1.7 miles)

Licensed professionals use a laser to target follicles, thereby reducing the growth of unwanted hair on the face and body

$1,680 $149

Up to 83% Off Weight-Loss Injections

Genesis Weight and Age Management

Green Hills(4.2 miles)

Customized calorie-burning lipotropic injections help fend off fat; B12 injections facilitate weight-loss endeavors by boosting energy

$225 $59

Up to 78% Off At-Home Drug Tests

Pinnacle BioLabs

Pinnacle BioLabs

In one minute, urine test detects traces of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, and opiates in the body

$45 $10

Up to 67% Off Laser Vein Treatments

Elite Laser & Skin Care

Elite Laser & Skin Care(13.2 miles)

Noninvasive lasers break down visible veins or capillaries during 15-minute treatments

$300 $99

92% Off Men's Health Screening

Genesis Weight and Age Management

Green Hills(4.2 miles)

Men’s health exam measures testosterone and PSA Levels to see if your qualify for Testosterone Therapy

$299.99 $25

Up to 64% Off Lipotropic Injections

Cole Family Practice

Multiple Locations(11.7 miles)

Board-certified nurse practitioners dole Lipo B shots that can aid weight loss by boosting metabolism and liver function

$100 $45

Up to 51% Off a Blood Test or Lipid Panel

Ulta Lab Tests

Get an idea of your wellness status by receiving results from a general-health blood test and a cholesterol-measuring lipid panel

$99 $49

Up to 72% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Away Nashville Tattoo & Hair Removal

Nashville Tattoo & Hair Removal(3.8 miles)

A Medlite C6 laser is able to remove most tattoo pigments from most skin types without damaging the surrounding tissue

$357 $99

Up to 64% Off Laser Tattoo-Removal

Evolve Weight and Age Management

Evolve Weight and Age Management(14.7 miles)

Specialists use laser technology to destroy the pigment of tattoo ink

$390 $139

Up to 56% Off Health Check-Ups

GracePointe Healthcare

GracePointe Healthcare Franklin(15.8 miles)

Dr. Edward Leichner oversees as physician assistant Rob Tomsett and nurse practitioners conduct physical exams and health check-ups

$275 $137

Up to 86% Off Lipotropic Vitamin B12 Injections

Magnolia Medical Center

Dynamic Medical Centers Murfreesboro(29.7 miles)

Vitamin B12 injections may help boost metabolism and energy to aid weight-loss efforts

$625 $94

74% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

Evolve Weight and Age Management

Evolve Weight and Age Management(14.7 miles)

Specialists disrupt fungal infections with the beams of an Alma laser, targeting each foot twice during each session

$699.99 $179

Up to 75% Off Weight-Loss Program or Injections

Eve's: A New Beginning

Eve's A New Beginning(3.8 miles)

Program with consultation, supplements, and lipotropic injections; injections designed to boost metabolism and aid weight-loss efforts

$197 $49

Up to 84% Off Weight Loss Injections

Advanced Medical of Nashville

Advanced Medical of Cool Springs(4.6 miles)

Vitamin B12 injections jumpstart metabolism, helping patrons get a head start in weight-loss regimens

$625 $99

83% Off Spinal-Decompression Treatments

Bethesda Health Center

Jay Werthmuller DC at Bethesda Health Center(30.5 miles)

Chiropractor Dr. Jay targets low-back pain as he creates a vacuum effect in the spine to help bulging discs retract and recover

$239 $43 Sale Ends 5/3

Up to 85% Off MIC-B12 Injections

Medical Weight Loss of Cool Springs

Physicians Plaza(17.5 miles)

Vitamin B12 combines with lipotropic substances to boost the metabolism

$180 $29

45% Off Counseling

Brian Young Counseling

Brian Young Counseling(1.3 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$100 $55

68% Off Nutrition Response Testing

Bellshire Wellness Center

Multiple Locations(6.7 miles)

Noninvasive testing helps determine food sensitivities and toxins responsible for concerns such as pain, hormonal imbalance, and weight gain

$120 $39

Up to 80% Off at Bloom Salon & Body Spa

Bloom Salon & Body Spa

Bloom Salon & Body Spa

Cold lasers bypass skin and tissue to open fat cells, draining up to 60 grams of fat during a 15-minute session

$1,000 $199

Up to 71% Off at Prohealth Medical Centers

Prohealth Medical Centers

Multiple Locations(38.6 miles)

Patients are examined by a physician, assistant, or nurse practitioner during checkups that examine overall health and run thorough tests

$130 $40

Up to 70% Off Laser Pain Treatments

Art of Health Chiropractic

Art of Health Chiropractic(3.7 miles)

Doctors of Chiropractic Michael Buczynski and Callie Gant use noninvasive cold laser technology to soothe pain and promote healing

$130 $39

Up to 84% Off Allergy Test and Treatments

Wellness Center of Franklin LLC

Franklin(17.3 miles)

Local physician uses a computerized test and safe, noninvasive, NRG laser technology to calm immune systems and reduce allergy symptoms

$89 $25

Up to 52% Off EKG, X-Rays, or Ultrasound

Champion Healthcare

Champion Healthcare(27.0 miles)

Specialists conduct an examination before each treatment; diagnostic screenings can help create risk assessments

$75 $37

Up to 70% Off K-Laser Therapy

Dixon Center for Integrated Health Care

Nashville(9.8 miles)

K-Laser Therapy stimulate tissues to boost rejuvenation, reduce the inflammation that cause discomfort, and expedites the healing process

$130 $39