Fitness Classes in Clarence-Rockland

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Gym-Max presents fitness fanatics with a fully equipped facility open seven days a week. Scheduled throughout the week at all three locations, trainer-led group fitness classes provide students with a chance to appease the sweat gods by filling bright studios with calorie-crushing exercises. Hasten heart rates in athletic conditioning classes, or channel the Tour de France in spinning classes without having to learn the French word for “velocipede.” Minds and bodies get centred in a yoga class, and Zumba shows students how to shimmy into shape. A month of full access to Gym-Max's well-maintained, spacious gym facilities gives customers free rein to bulk up with free weights, practice fashion runway strutting on a treadmill, or train for their next elevator boycott on a stairmaster.

999 Rue Dollard

180 Fitness's owner, Adrian Delorey, specializes in calorie-torching boot-camp workouts?shapeshifting ones. Though each session focuses on full-body toning and fast-paced cardio, the exact exercises change each session, a trick that helps prevent fitness plateaus and boredom. The moves in Delorey and his team's rotation range from kettlebell work to battling ropes to calf-toning runs through quicksand. This eclectic mix is reflective, in part, of Delorey's status as a certified kinesiologist.

Despite his credentials and his efforts to inspire and encourage his charges, Delorey knows that weight loss can't be done by a trainer alone. To complement his clients' training, he encourages them to explore their personal reasons for wanting to lose weight, which he argues will help them make long-term lifestyle changes and keep the weight off.

5370 Canotek Road

More than 1,000 Snap Fitness centres stand out in Canadian cities and northern states, staying aglow throughout the night with the kinetic energy of evening patrons. The centres provide members with 24-hour access to all equipment, allowing them to train at whatever hour their espresso shots finally kick in. During appointments, personal trainers work with members on free weights and cardio machines in order to help them reach individual goals such as losing weight, toning muscles, training for sports competitions, or recovering from injuries. As an added accommodation, some Snap Fitness locations host tanning studios that bronze and define muscular contours and help chest hairs flourish through photosynthesis.

3940 Innes Rd