Skydiving in Ellington

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Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.'s USPA-certified instructors accompany first-time and inexperienced skydivers during tandem jumps. From two miles up in the sky, duos exit planes and free-fall at speeds of up to 120 MPH before lazily floating back to earth during canopy rides. Of course, some students aspire to become instructors themselves, so they can use the tandem experience as a literal jumping off point into more advanced training programs.
360 Somers Rd.
10,000 feet: the height to which your Cessna will climb. 120 mph: the speed you'll attain during a heart-pumping free fall. 20 minutes: all the training you'll need to reach these stats. Boston Skydive Center makes it exceedingly easy to cross off a classic bucket-list experience?easy and safe. Owner and sky diver Dean O'Flaherty has some impressive numbers of his own, which include thousands of tandem drops. In fact, each of the center's instructors has thousands of jumps on their resume as well as certifications from the United States Parachute Association. Their vast experience, combined with Boston Skydive's state-of-the-art equipment, has produced an impeccable safety record. That means that, during jumps, all customers have to do is enjoy the view and hope their boss doesn't look up and spot them playing hooky.
300 Jenckes Hill Rd.