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After dancing with the Portland Trail Blazers dancers and leading a high-school dance team to two state titles, fitness instructor Holly ultimately founded Aspire Total Fitness. There, she and her staff teach trendy fitness classes such as barre, Zumba, TRX, and Insanity. Many of the instructors are also certified to teach Les Mills classes, including challenging GRIT workouts. All sessions take place inside a modern fitness studio with top-rated equipment, soft wooden accents, and ceilings high enough for Paul Bunyan.

14210 Southeast Red Rose Lane
Happy Valley,

Equipment: Three swim pools, Spa, Nautilus weights, Precore Cardio, Gymnasium, Sauna

Students should bring: Swimsuit and towel

Average class length: 30-60 minutes

Number of Staff: 25+ people

Class location: Mix of indoor and outdoor classes

Established: 1997

Registration required: Yes

Good for beginners: Yes

Parking: Parking lot

Pro Tip: Bring new swimmers to the facility to see the pool before the day of their first lesson

Q&A with Denise Croucher, Aquatics Director

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

Swimming is a great fitness tool that people of all ages can enjoy. It is the one sport that positively cross trains for every other sport as well as being a sport that can be enjoyed your entire lifetime. How many football players are still playing in their 60s, 70s, 80s? Go to any Masters Swim Meet and there will be lots of seniors swimming.

Do you believe in the maxim, "No pain, no gain?? Why or why not?

Although it is important to work hard to make improvements, working to the point of actual pain usually means injury, which is never a good idea.

What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student?

Learning to swim is both fun and functional. Classes are focused on making the process as fun as possible while continuing to move the students to becoming competent swimmers. We have high expectations for our students but want to keep lessons fun enough they will look forward to returning each class.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

Our offer includes youth levels 1-3 group swim lessons as well as our Parent & Tot class.

2950 NW 38th Ave

All of the coaches at 503 West Coast Jiu Jitsu are also active competitors. At 503, they foster a familial atmosphere in which they strive to identify each individual’s personal goals and make it their priority to help them achieve. They lead a variety of combat-style programs, including mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, muay-thai kickboxing, and boxing for MMA. They also have classes for kids, teens, and women, as well as CrossFit classes.

9906 SE Empire Ct

Though group classes are ideal for keeping up the high-five quota, your private lesson focuses attention like a laser through a magnifying glass as seen through a telescope. Each closed-door class will not only make you sweat, it will help the instructor determine your individual fitness needs and therefore supply you with the knowledge necessary to succeed. Subsequent lessons will help iron out your wrinkling weaknesses and bulk up already present strengths. All of Pacific's impassioned instructors are certified in Pilates and attentive to the individual needs of muscles and their masters. Pilates classes help anyone improve his or her whole health, from muscle to mind, and no previous fitness experience is necessary.

5201 SW Westgate Dr

Studying under Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina has inspired Kimberly Clark to build on her passion for everything hula. She started Hui O Hoaloha Hula to share that passion and educate students about Hawaiian culture. In keeping the steps relatively simple and easy to learn, she ensured that the classes could be taught to anybody who's curious. She has also incorporated Hot Hula Fitness classes, using the dance's natural style of isolations to build specific muscle groups in 60-minute, full-body workouts. She keeps the workouts upbeat and energized with a selection of Polynesian drum beats and Reggae music. The combination of tunes and dance celebrates Polynesian cultures from around the world.

1560 Northeast 172nd Avenue

Proper technique may be at the center of each dance class at In Motion Dance & Movement Studio, but there's still room for fun. Owner and head instructor Karissa Dean, a lifelong dancer, knows the importance of both. The classes she took to obtain her dance degree emphasized the importance of anatomy and physiology, but her experience on various dance teams taught the importance of teamwork and enjoyment. So regardless of the class subject?including tap, hip-hop, ballet, and Zumba?she and fellow teacher Samantha will balance both.

11240 SE Division ST