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Several years ago, during a filming of WTTW's Wild Chicago, Novelty Golf & Games owner Craig's brother stood next to a 10-foot fiberglass chicken and lamented, “This is the world’s loneliest chicken.” Its match had recently been stolen, and every fiberglass fox in the city had a solid alibi.

Shortly after the taping, a viewer called in with a tip: he’d seen the missing hen roosting in a backyard, clearly visible from the window of the Brown Line train. Boarding the "L" himself, Craig confirmed the spotting, and soon enough, the Loneliest Chicken's counterpart was on its way back home in the bed of a pickup truck.

Thus reunited, the two chickens stand proudly today over the 36 mini-golf holes at Novelty Golf & Games, along with the full menagerie of bears, elephants, mermaids, circus seals, and dinosaurs that the course has accumulated over its 63 years. Some of the attractions are as old as the course itself, including a 15-foot fiberglass shoe hand-built over a chicken-wire frame. While the statues are often replicated, Craig and his business partner Cassandra continue to design new obstacles the only way they know how, often sharing margaritas as they sketch their designs on cocktail napkins. “We change things,” they say, “but not for the sake of change.”

The course, after all, has always been a place of innovation. In the 1960s, Craig's mother opened an onsite restaurant and promoted the rabbit statue on the 14th hole to head doorman, earning the eatery its perennial nickname, “Bunny Hutch.” Throughout the years, the family has also acquired popular games, including four pinball machines, Dance Dance Revolution, an authentic photo booth, and a 1950s metal-stamping machine. Though they welcome each new addition, they strive to maintain the course’s classic appeal, insisting that “you can’t improve on perfection.”

On the same token, you can't just sit idly by when perfection flies the coop.

3650 W Devon Ave

As the offspring of two long-standing newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times has more than 60 years of experience filling brain filing cabinets with the latest news stories and perspectives from Chicago and around the world. With modern upgrades such as the e-paper, a digital replica of the print version that swaggers into email boxes by 7 a.m. every morning, users are able to access all the features, photos, and content in the print version, as well as enjoy enhanced navigation attributes that allow searches by keyword, columnist, section, and content. Ravenous readers can browse the paper online or download the file to take on the go, staying up-to-date on their favorite Chicago sports teams, tapping into personal-finance wisdom, and accessing film recommendations from famed critic Roger Ebert. Worldly adventurers can dive into the Lifestyles section for travel tips, healthy recipes, and Rorschach tests that look like crossword puzzles.

301 Chicago Ave

Glen Grove Equestrian Center’s saddled savants steer riders toward horseback success in private lessons that cover everything from basic riding techniques to advanced showmanship. All levels of riders are invited to expand their horse sense in 30-minute lessons that employ a carrot-and-stick motivational philosophy to keep horses sated and riders moving along the path toward hunter/jumper mastery. At the beginning of each lesson, riders will be evaluated for their amount of experience and paired with a horse that has been taught, trained, and boarded to accommodate their skill level. Riders will then learn how to mount and position themselves in the saddle before attempting to trot confidently through Taco Bell to-go lines.

9453 Harms Rd
Morton Grove,

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