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Eat an endless parade of succulent meats, salads, sides, and hot dishes at Espetus Churrascaria. With today's Groupon, $20 gets you $40 toward a prix fixe rodizio-style dinner (can't be used toward drinks or dessert) that ensures hunger's defeat at the hands of knife-wielding, meat-serving gauchos. The rodizio dinner costs $49.95, so you'll still need another $9.95 in addition to your $40 Groupon, but that's still 40% off some of the best meats in town.

710 S B St
San Mateo,

When owners Vanessa and Ron Wilkerson were opening Samba Rock Acai Café, they encountered many roadblocks along the way. For instance, the city assessed there would be a $30,000 traffic-impact fee for their restaurant. So the duo improvised. They built an indoor bike parking area, reducing the fee while still providing customers a place to park their wheels. This is just one example in which Ron has defied what some might see as a career-ending set-back. In 1988, the former professional BMX Freestyle rider fell into a coma after failing to land a no-hander, no-footer trick on his bike. Though some might have given up after a life-threatening experience like that—he suffered short-term memory loss and even forgot some of the BMX tricks that he had pioneered—Ron got back on his bike. And if he hadn’t, he would never have traveled to Sao Paolo, Brazil, met Vanessa, married her, or opened Samba Rock Acai Café.

The menu at Samba Rock Acai Café pays homage to the country where the Wilkersons met and where Vanessa grew up. Blended Brazilian berries and mix-ins, such as bananas and peanut butter, make up the base for their acai bowls. They crown this base with toppings such as fresh fruit, avocado, coconut cream, and granola. Their smoothies also feature acai, as well as organic ingredients, which have never been tainted by spray tanners to look more appealing to customers. To round out their South American-inspired menu, they serve yerba mate—steeped leaves of the mate plant—with acai to sweeten each sip.

291 Water St
Santa Cruz,

Mozzarella Di Bufala Pizzeria: A User’s Guide

Pizzeria and Brazilian Cafe | Lunch Buffet | Variety of Crusts | Gluten-Free Options

Sample Menu

  • Appetizer: steamed mussels, jalapeno poppers, and bruschetta
  • Pizza: the Portuguese, with linguica mixed with black olives, ham and onions on a New York-style or cornmeal crust
  • Brazilian dish: moqueca de camarão (prawns sautéed with coconut milk, cilantro, red palm oil, peppers, onions, and tomatoes)
  • Sandwich: pizza sub with salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, and fresh tomatoes, baked on a soft french roll
  • Dessert: raspberry cheesecake or tiramisu cup

When to Go Stop by between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. throughout the week for the hot lunch buffet.

Who’s in the Kitchen?

  • Pedro Galletti (founder), who opened the restaurant in 1992. Pedro brings his Brazilian and Italian roots to the menu and atmosphere.
  • Edgar Aguilar (senior cook), has worked at the restaurant for nearly 20 years. His signature dish is the chicken marsala.

Inside Tip A splendid crust is guaranteed for all, regardless of dietary preference or geographic hometown. If you’re from the Midwest, go with the thin and crispy crust. If you hail from the Big Apple, then order up a big New York-style version. There’s also a thick and buttery cornmeal option, and even a gluten-free crust. For the non-conformist, pies can also be folded into calzones.

While You’re in the Neighborhood
Before: Work up an appetite by hiking at the scenic Mount Davidson Park (Dalewood Way & Myra Way), which is famous for its 103-foot cross and memorial to the Armenian genocide.

After: Keep the fun going by belting out your best “Thunder Road” in a private singing room at K-Net Karaoke (870 Taraval Street).

69 West Portal Avenue
San Francisco,

In Focus: Sunstream Coffee

  • Specialties: Brazilian coffee and snacks
  • Accolades: SFWeekly named it the best Brazilian snack shop in 2011.
  • What to get for the fruit lover: the Açai na Tigela or açai bowl, with bananas and granola
  • What to get for the meat lover: the coxinhas—fried dumplings filled with shredded chicken and Catupiry cheese
  • Drink most likely to make you feel like a real Brazilian: Order the cafezinho, an espresso-sized cup of very strong, very sweet black coffee popular throughout Brazil.
  • Delivery: yes, for orders over $10 (and it’s free, too)

2884 Geary Blvd
San Francisco,

In Focus: Bayshore Metals

  • What they are: Metal services center
  • Products: Range from galvanized and mild steel to aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Inspired by: Your imagination. Seriously, bring them your ideas in the form of a computer file or custom drawing and see what they can do.
  • Cutting-edge technology: A high-def plasma cutting system equipped to handle an infinite number of shapes.
  • Admirable qualities: Punctual deliveries and fast will calls

244 Napoleon St
San Francisco,

Today's Groupon gets you $75 worth of Italian/Brazilian cuisine at Mangarosa in North Beach for $35. Mangarosa offers "a dash of Brazil to the Italian menus that predominate in the popular neighborhood," according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Zagat rates Mangarosa's tropical flavors and fine-dining food as "very good," but rates its servers' ability to tune patrons' guitars as "wicked bad."

1548 Stockton St
San Francisco,