Pizza in Miami Beach

Up to 45% Off at Gina's Pizza Italian Ristorante

Gina's Pizza Italian Ristorante

West Avenue

$20 $11

Italian-American staples including meatball parm subs, stuffed shells, and New York–style pizza

Up to 52% Off at My Pi Custom Pizza

My Pi Custom Pizza


$25 $12

Personal 9-inch pizzas with gourmet toppings, such as crumbled feta and sriracha sauce, pair with craft beers hand selected monthly

46% Off Pizza

Picasso Pizza

Lakeside Villas Apartments

$13 $7

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

45% Off at Capone's Italian Pizzeria

Capone's Pizzeria

Hollywood Hills

$20 $11


Pizza made with family dough and sauce recipes at a pizzeria specializing in Italian classics such as baked lasagna and sunday gravy

47% Off Italian Cuisine at Sebastiano's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Sebastiano's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Hollywood Hills

$46.85 $25

Italian classics including manicotti, veal marsala, eggplant rollatini, and pizzas topped with fresh peppers and meatballs

Up to 45% Off at Legends Pizza and Wings

Legends Pizza and Wings


$16 $9

Pizzas, such as a caprese pizza drizzled with a balsamic reduction and a smoked gouda and barbecue chicken pizza, plus sauce-slathered wings

Up to 43% Off at Giovanni's Coal Fire Pizza

Giovanni’s Coal Fire Pizza

Sawgrass Gateway Center

$30 $17


Handcrafted Italian specialties include heaping helpings of pasta and thin pizzas baked in coal-fire oven

$10 for Casual Italian Food at Argenti Pizza

Argenti Pizza

Westwood Community - North

$20 $10

New York–style and deep-dish pizzas served at eatery with twice-weekly karaoke nights

Up to 43% Off at Sophia's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Sophia's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Coral Springs

$29.90 $17


Pastas such as linguine tossed in red or white clam sauce or gnocchi with meat sauce; gourmet and Sicilian–style pizzas

50% Off Italian-American Food at Trio's Deli & Pizzeria

Trio's Deli & Pizzeria


$11 $5.50

Choose from fresh deli sandwiches and wraps or opt for bigger meal with two-topping pizza and breadsticks

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After the unexpected loss of their father, three brothers from Eboli, an Italian hamlet in the Neapolitan countryside, pursued their disparate passions to separate corners of the globe. As Giuseppe, the eldest, toiled as a pizzaiolo in New York; Antonio, a dancer; and Gennaro, an artist, spent time honing their crafts in Madrid and Paris. It wasn't long before Giuseppe opened his pizzeria, and his younger siblings weren't far behind. With all three operating successful Italian eateries in their respective cities, the trio decided to reunite, forming Fratelli La Bufala as a joint effort where they could highlight their father's passion for water-buffalo mozzarella, a heart-healthy cheese that anchors the cuisine at each of their worldwide locations.

Working from an Italian menu modeled after Mediterranean culinary traditions, chefs prepare pastas in-house and pepper Neapolitan-style pizzas with water-buffalo meat that boasts less cholesterol and saturated fat than most traditional meat options. Like Sophia Loren's celebrity impersonators, the kitchen's ingredients are sourced from small southern Italian farms, and are transported with care to preserve their naturalness and quality.

437 Washington Ave
Miami Beach,

I Love Pizza makes mouths water with a menu of gourmet espresso drinks and 19 New York–style pies. Taste Gotham’s personality without licking the Statue of Liberty thanks to a mozzarella and basil Manhattan pie ($15 for a 16"). The Central Park teems with flocks of kalamata olives ($17 for a 16"), and the pepperoni-topped Brooklyn ($16 for a 16") hulas toward mouths when clad in a skirt of tangy pineapples ($2 extra). Like a lullaby with a kazoo solo, the Nutella pizza pairs sweet themes with a hint of nuttiness thanks to its infusion of chocolate-hazelnut spread ($18 for a 16"). Calima Coffee's Aussie-roasted Colombian beans comprise each cappuccino, which can enliven eyes for staring contests with the sun at the café’s outdoor tables.

7105 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach,

NAKEDPizza is a recently opened eatery that serves up a menu of all-natural pies for health-conscious pizza fans. These pies of purity start with a multi-grain crust made from an ancestral blend that includes hidden molecules of prebiotic fiber and probiotics for bone and digestive health. Atop this wonder wheel, NAKEDPizza slathers all-natural tomato sauce and real mozzarella cheese without any added sugar or preservatives. This cherubic cheese pizza (10" $4.99, 12" $5.99, 14" $6.99) can then be adorned with flora flavor addendums (10" $1.49, 12" 1.69, 14" 1.89) such as sundried tomato, jalapeño, black beans, fire-roasted red pepper, artichoke, pineapple, mushroom, and fresh basil. Carnivorous connoisseurs can also add farm favorites such as chicken, hamburger, pepperoni, sausage, and ham, as well as feta or cheddar cheese. If the creative gene skipped your generation to join an actors’ strike, NAKEDPizza is happy to make sagacious suggestions for specialty combos such as the Smokehouse pizza (10" $12.99) with hickory-smoked barbecue sauce as the sultry setting for an illicit chicken and onion affair.

1260 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach,

Che Soprano's menu straddles the great Atlantic puddle expertly balancing a varied supply of homemade pizzas, crisp salads, loaded sandwiches, flavorful pastas, and more. Fill half-moon shaped mouths with a pillowy empanada ($1.95+) while perusing the twofold trattoria's list of full-sized tongue suitors. The quadrilateral crust of the campagniola pizza crackles as sweet italian sausage, roasted peppers, and onion tumble down a plum tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella mat ($8.95+). Punctuate gastronomic gymnastic routines with homemade dulce de leche or an impromptu tabletop pommel horse routine ($5.95).

916 71st St
Miami Beach,

Zesto Pizza's kitchen tosses fresh New York–style pizzas and tasty supplements using organic ingredients whenever possible. A large pizza provides a 16-inch spread of circular sustenance for hungry trios or a temporary foundation for a skyscraper, especially when loaded with toppings such as pepperoni, feta, or buffalo chicken. A large garden salad and cheese-smothered garlic bread prelude the meal or serve as its savory denouement, and three 20-ounce sodas slake thirst.

1434 Collins Ave
Miami Beach,

Panizza Bistro woos patrons by serving up warming breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tapas in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Enter cozy confines influenced by Italy, Spain, and Argentina to send your taste buds on a sensory and passport-free excursion. Sample rise-and-shineables such as the ham, cheese, and egg croissant (small $4.90, large $7.40) for a cheerful wake up that's less disturbing than being tickled by a rooster. Daytime diners can nosh on light tapas such as the roasted red pepper and feta cheese crostini ($6.90), or sink their teeth into hearty mouthfuls of Argentine lomito sandwiches filled with grilled steak, ham, cheese, and eggs ($8.99). Continue snacking South American–style with flavorful empanadas ($2), or take a pleasantly dry paddle across the pond with Italian fare including pizzas and pastas. Carnivorous diners can sample Mediterranean-inspired meaty plates such as grilled steak sautéed in gorgonzola sauce and crowned with a tempting toupee of crushed nuts ($14.90). Finish with sweet homemade flan ($4.50), or raise a mug of hot café Panizza fortified with cream, Tia Maria, and Baileys ($4.90) to toast old friends or initiate a liquid food fight in honor of the winter solstice.

1229 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach,