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The instructors at FasTracKids nurture kids' growing minds and active imaginations with a slew of classes designed to help to them learn via engaging, hands-on activities and interactive classroom time. The Signature Program introduces small groups of kids aged 2–7 to 12 subject areas, including biology, communications, mathematics, and economics. They explore subjects through projects and experiments: for example, they might learn about static electricity by rubbing a balloon on carpeting and sticking it to their hair, and then, later at home, to the family dog's fur for hours of entertainment.

FasTracKids also offers a range of subject-specific classes for kids aged 2–12, including FasTrack Math, which helps tykes to master 'rithmetic with individualized study programs tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. During Lego Robotics sessions, kids operate an easy-to-use programming interface to make robo toys play soccer, drive, or softly whisper words of encouragement to the lonely, less-played-with toys.

27 Rye Ridge Plaza
Rye Brook,

Fresh Nation brings the farmer's market to your door, dispensing its Personal Food Shoppers to fill orders for fresh, organic, and local produce at customers' behests. Different items are available for delivery each week, including freshly baked italian bread, carrots by the bunch, and pasteurized goat's milk. Customers can peruse each day's selections, all of which come from local farms, and then make their choices from the comfort of home.

27 Stiles Lane