Seafood Restaurants in Richmond Hill

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At Fraticelli's Italian Grill & Lounge, imported Italian plum tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and freshly grated cheeses shape a menu of robustly flavored Italian cuisine. Chefs age Angus-beef steaks for 28 days, marinate them in olive oil and herbs, and then sear the succulent cuts Tuscan-style: over high heat on a wood-fired grill. They prepare pastas in multiple styles that reflect regions across Italy, from Sicilian-style seafood pasta to northern egg noodles ladled with slow-cooked meat sauce. Neapolitan-style pizza crusts stay thin by baking quickly in a stone oven at 750 degrees, which adds crispness while maintaining some of the original flavors of toppings such as roasted pickled eggplant.

Every Thursday and Saturday evening, diners can retreat to the piano lounge for live music. In the main dining room, companions nestle into booths separated by gauzy curtain partitions and electric fields.

10 Vogell Rd
Richmond Hill,

Executive Chef Chaz Bulera and his team fashion dinner and lunch menus out of selectively sizzled meats, fish, and pasta. Lunch fare, such as a pulled-pork sandwich ($8) and a buffalo-chicken wrap with its coif of blue cheese ($9) effortlessly shame standard sandwich-shop selections. The dinner menu kick-starts appetite engines with sesame-seared ahi tuna ($9) and subtly seasoned calamari ($7) before revving them lightly with a portobello-pesto sandwich ($8) or heavily with a bacon-wrapped filet mignon ($21).

971 East River Road
Grand Island,

Inside the bustling St. Lawrence Market, Domenic’s Fish Market sprawls beneath a giant sign, its rows of fresh mussels, shrimp, and halibut tantalizing all who’ve frequented the spot since 1967. From behind clean, well-lit counters, the well-dressed staff offers up a wealth of items plucked from the sea, including live lobsters, Arctic char, whitefish, and their signature vodka-smoked salmon. They also arm customers with recipes and cooking advice, such as tips for serving a perfectly cooked filet of fish or perfectly balanced 6-foot tower of lobster.

93 Front Street East