Coffee & Treats in Welland

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  • The Princess Cupcakery
    The Princess Cupcakery’s mail-order arsenal of frosting-topped treats enlivens all occasions with tailor-made desserts as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing. Chefs place sprinkles, sliced fruit and chocolate atop ruffles of buttercream or cream-cheese frosting, creating mouthwatering masterpieces as they reenact the coronation of the Emperor of Candyland. Bite-sized cakes and pops appease sweet teeth with dulcet flavours such as apple cinnamon, mint chocolate, and red velvet; savoury cupcakes forge edible peace treaties between the ever-at-odds forces of supper and dessert.
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    66 Charlotte Street
    Port Colborne, ON CA
  • The Orange Cat Coffee Co
    At The Orange Cat Coffee Co, the beans are fresh and the roasts are bold. Low-fat choices are not featured on the menu this place serves the real deal. Get online gratis thanks to The Orange Cat Coffee Co's complimentary wifi. The Orange Cat Coffee Co provides seasonal outdoor seating — be sure to grab a chair before it's too late. Skip long waits and head to The Orange Cat Coffee Co with your large group for easy seating. null Find a close parking spot on the street or in a parking lot near The Orange Cat Coffee Co. Bike parking is also available outside the coffee shop. A dinner that is yummy and affordable is the standard at The Orange Cat Coffee Co. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — The Orange Cat Coffee Co serves up all three meals.
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    703 Center St
    Lewiston, NY US
  • Di Camillo Baking Company
    Four Insider Pagers give Di Camillo's Lewiston location a five-star average rating, and TripAdvisors give the Pine Avenue location an average of 3.5 owl eyes:
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    7927 Niagara Falls Blvd
    Niagara Falls, NY US
  • BeaverTails
    Canadian BeaverTails started from a family recipe more than 30 years ago: fried dough in the cylindrical shape of a beaver tail, topped with sugary delights. The treat has since become iconic—there are 115 Canadian BeaverTails locations throughout the country, and U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly made it a point to try one of the pastries when he visited Ottawa in 2009. After a piece of whole-wheat dough is stretched into the shape of the national animal’s tail, it gets float-cooked in canola oil, and then dressed with delectable spreads and toppings. The pastries come in a variety of flavours, separated into several categories: Classic, Indulgent, and Decadent. The Classic version features cinnamon and sugar. Meanwhile the Indulgent variety includes flavours such as maple butter with chocolate sauce, and the Decadent BeaverTails add richer toppings such as chocolate hazelnut with Reese’s pieces.
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    4967 Clifton Hill
    Niagara Falls, ON CA
  • Dairy Queen
    Take a dessert detour to Dairy Queen — situated in Niagara Falls' Niagara Falls community — and boost your mood with a simple scoop of ice cream. Whether rocking a gluten-free lifestyle or looking for something low-fat, this place will serve you just what you need. The dress code is strictly casual at Dairy Queen, so come as you are (and as you are comfortable). For the tastes of Dairy Queen from the comfort of your next party, the ice cream shop also offers catering services. null With prices generally staying under $15, you can easily afford to treat a pal or a date at Dairy Queen.
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    10051 Niagara Falls Boulevard
    Niagara Falls, NY US
  • Yogen Fruz
    Yogen Fr?z has an interesting answer for yogurt shops that simply top their swirls with fruit?it mixes mango, bananas, watermelon, and kiwis right in with the yogurt. These colorful, fresh creations boast low or no fat as well as a heaping helping of digestion-friendly probiotics. Of course, customers of the shop?which has more than 1,400 locations in more than 47 countries?can still opt for a traditionally topped cup of yogurt, as well as for smoothies or cups topped with fruit, granola, and yogurt, that have similar nutritional benefits.
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    1900 Military Rd
    Niagara Falls, NY US