Restaurants in Huntington

Need help getting out of your dinner rut? Have you been hitting up the same spots over and over again? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to share some restaurants in Huntington, NY, that might not be new, but may be new to you. The restaurants in Huntington, NY, are a great place to try new cuisines or find new places to try old favorites.

Best Restaurants in Huntington, NY


Black & Blue Seafood Chophouse

It’s not clear what exactly gives this traditional chophouse its charm: the iridescent tropical fish in the vast saltwater aquarium, the inviting and cushy crescent-shaped booths, the mahogany bar, the crackling fireplace—or the impeccable and friendly servers. But the food is definitely the most memorable: certified Black-Angus beef Argentine steaks, lobster bisques, creamy pastas, and Spanish-style paellas—bringing the eatery accolades from Long Island Food Critic. Throughout the week, the restaurant plays host to a variety of live performances by popular local musicians.



Thrillist called it Huntington’s best al fresco dining, for its “spectacular water view,” which is accessible even in the winter months, when the patio is enclosed. For dinner, the menu includes dry-aged USDA prime steaks, local fish, and even inventive desserts. Be sure to make selections from the carefully curated oyster bar, which serves up several local varieties of the shellfish, along with shrimp or lobster cocktail and the ceviche of the day.

Spotlight on: Cafe Buenos Aires

This eatery focuses on Argentinean cuisine, such as fragrant pans of seafood paella, mixed grills with sirloin, lamb, and sausage, and braised beef ravioli. Every plate is delicious and authentic, but don’t take our word for it.


See what real customers are saying:

“We order the parrilla for 2. [It] was plenty of food (for 4 people). The chorizo sausage was amazing, fresh; all the meat was good quality, fresh, well cooked. And then we ordered the dulce de membrillo. Manchego cheese was so yummy. I will be back again.” – Paola B.


“Even though we were the last dining customers, from the time we arrived until the time we left, the serving staff was extremely pleasant and accommodating. The food was extremely delicious and presented well. We would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a nice, welcoming and exceptional dining experience!” – Ruthanne C.


“Such great food service and sangria!!” – Michael H.

“Date night with my wife. Started with some fantastic drinks. We ordered several small plates. Our favorites were the steak, mushroom, and brie cheese plate and the seafood ceviche. The others were great also. Finished with dessert, Nutella empanadas. Can’t wait to [go] back.” – Michael R.

Best Italian Restaurants in Huntington, NY


Pomodorino Ristorante

With the vibe of an old-world trattoria, Pomodorino Ristorante serves iconic Italian dishes in an atmosphere where, as the Long-Islander claims, “everyone is treated as a friend and regulars are treated like family.” To that end, the kitchen staff rolls meatballs by hand, simmers scratch-made tomato sauce, and fires pizzas and lasagnas in the wood-burning brick oven. Our customers love this place:


  • “The food was delicious and the portions were generous. Friendly staff. Would recommend.” – Donna K.
  • “Always excellent experience every time we’ve been there. Go about once a month and have never been disappointed. Good service, attentive staff and delicious food. What else could you want?” – Steve H.
  • “Family run restaurant that treats you like family.” – Brian B.
  • “I’ve been going there for 16 years and I’ve never been disappointed with my meal.” – Natasha S.


Bravo Nader

Talk about cozy—this intimate eatery boasts only 12 tables. This means each table gets super personal service—so personal that head chef Nader Gebrin himself might make his way to the front of house to recommend his well-crafted Italian fare, like the fresh, whole fish, homemade pesto gnocchi, or rigatoni bolognese. Read how our customers rave about this restaurant:


  • “All three of us were delighted with our choices! Scallops w/risotto and Lobster Sauce, Sunday Pasta, Chicken Scarpariello—all GREAT! The service was impeccable, too!” – Anna M.
  • “Bravo Nader never disappoints! His food is absolutely delicious 😋” – Tina S.

“Fabulous food! Fabulous service!” – Trisha M.

Three Types of Italian Noodles

We all know the difference between spaghetti and fettuccine—the former is the typical round noodle usually served with red sauce and meatballs; the latter is flat and doused in alfredo sauce. But did you know that there are even more types of Italian noodles than just these two? Here are three more that you might find on an Italian menu.



Also called pizzoccheri or tagliolini, these noodles are flat and ribbon-shaped, like fettuccine, only thinner.



These noodles are also like fettuccine, but very, very wide—sometimes up to three inches wide. They also may have fluted edges.



You also might find these called perciatelli. The noodles are more akin to spaghetti in shape. Only this pasta is thicker and the center is also hollow, fitting since buco means hole.

For more pasta shapes, click here.

Mac's Steakhouse

A pair of 10-foot-high, 100-year-old wooden doors stand sentinel at the entrance to Mac’s high-ceilinged space. But in this venerable eatery, it is the steaks that take top billing. From the 16-oz bone-in ribeye to the enormous porterhouse, each one has been dry aged for 30 days. Those steaks share the limelight with splendid seafood and other chops, as well as a global wine list that’s earned an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator.

What people are saying

“My husband and I ALWAYS enjoy going to Mac's Steakhouse! The food is great! We usually order the filet mignon or the braised short ribs. The ribs are ALWAYS, fall off the bone tender! This dinner they were on a bone, hence, they were even better than usual. The service is always excellent. The atmosphere/ambiance is just right; nice enough for special occasions, yet not too stuffy for casual dining. The prices are perfect! Great food, good service and good ambiance, what more can one want from a restaurant?” – Anastasia G.


“We go every year for our anniversary. The food was delicious and the service is always outstanding.” – Monica P.

“Always great food, service and atmosphere! Should be on everyone’s go to place for an outstanding meal.” – HW W.

What Do I Do at a Brazilian Steakhouse?

If you’ve never been to one, you might be bewildered by the skewer-bearing servers who parade around the restaurant. This is not your ordinary eatery. For a quick how-to, read on.


Don’t look for a menu. There usually aren’t any. All entrees, items on the salad bar, side dishes, and appetizers are typically included in the up-front price, similar to a prix-fixe meal. There are (generally) no menus. Everything you see coming out of the kitchen, at the salad bar, or on the appetizer tables is included in the up-front price.


Eat whatever you want, and as much as you want. The food at these restaurants is all-you-can-eat. So don’t waste space on the appetizers—save room for the steak.


Remember that green means go and red means stop. You’ll be given a coaster, cube, or similarly small object to signal to the servers with the skewers (here, known as gauchos) that you want what they’ve got. Green means you’re still hungry; red means you’re stuffed.


Pro tip: The more expensive (and usually tastier) cuts are typically served last, so make sure you haven’t overdone it before they are served.

For more on what to expect, including the types of meat, click here.