Weight Loss in Westmont

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  • Oak Brook Health and Nutrition
    Clinical staff at The Center for Health and Nutrition design custom dietary plans that aim to drop one to five pounds from clients? frames each week. During the initial consultation, a body composition test analyzes five areas to determine the body?s lean tissue to fat ratio, propensity to harbor extraterrestrials, and basal metabolic rate. A registered dietitian then creates a customized eating plan based on the client?s eating habits and body chemistry, incorporating 21 nutritionally complete OptiFast liquid meal replacements over the course of six weeks. Staff will also assess progress and modify the plan as necessary during three 15-minute follow-up sessions. Consult a list of frequently asked questions to discover more information about the program and learn how to fashion a DIY windsock from newly loose pants.
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    460 Quail Ridge Dr
    Westmont, IL US
  • ThinFast MD
    ThinFast MD's team of weight-loss specialists?including physicians, nurses, and dietitians?works together to design custom programs for patients of all sizes and ages. With focuses ranging from appetite suppressants to diabetes and nutrition counseling, they help regulate the body's intake of food and spotlight the healthiest choices for each patient's body. They also work with the Optifast meal-replacement program, which kick-starts weight loss with 16 weeks of nutritious meals, custom transition diets, and regular labs and monitoring as needed. Every patient receives a complimentary initial consultation so that the doctors can divine realistic goals. At the root of those goals is the recognition that the best reason to adopt a healthy diet and start exercising is not simply to lose weight or make a lazy pet jealous, but because it feels good and develops a sense of overall well-being.
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    120 E. Ogden Avenue
    Hinsdale, IL US

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