Up to 59% Off a Massage Spa Package

Jobonga Massage & Natural Therapies

Plano(20.2 miles)

Massage reduces tension; a facial cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates skin; foot reflexology targets pressure points; scrub nourishes skin

$119 $49

55% Off Detox Cleanse Products

A Choice For Life

Powdered mixes aided by a healthy diet can helps users detoxify and improve liver function; a detox tea may help reduce excess fat

$80 $36

$49 for $639 Worth of Chiropractic services at Barone Spinal...

Barone Spinal Care

Barone Spinal Care

Exam, consultation, and x-rays with a personal training assessment and session

$639 $49

Up to 60% Off Foot Reflexology Massage at Lucky Foot

Lucky Foot

Lucky Foot

Specialists stimulate points on the foot connected to distant body parts, helping restore health and wellness to the entire body

$45 $18

89% Off Aqua Massage and Spinal Decompression

Grennan Chiropractic

Grennan Chiropractic(12.9 miles)

Aqua massages relax tension with warm water jets behind a waterproof barrier; spinal decompression relieves back pain and promotes healing

$220 $25

$95 for $320 Worth of chiropractic exam at Schulze Chiropractic

Schulze Chiropractic

Schulze Chiropractic

From the merchant: Dr. Schulze goal is to discover the source of your pain or other health-related problems and correct it.

$320 $95

Up to 66% Off Hypnotherapy

Synergy Holistic Services

Synergy Holistic Services(13.2 miles)

Remove negative thoughts with thought-field therapy or hypnosis techniques

$110 $49

62% Off a Real Food Cleanse

Fitness Cafe

Fitness Cafe Cleanse

Spend four days eating food rich in protein & veggies—not juice, smoothies, or powders—to enhance nutrition & kick-start a weight-loss plan

$520 $199

Up to 68% Off Spa Services at Kryssage Wellness

Kryssage Wellness

Kryssage Wellness

Mineral-rich sea salt and extract of algae exfoliate feet and legs; a trio of holistic services helps bodies detoxify

$120 $39

Up to 68% Off Hypnosis

The Self Empowerment Center

The Self Empowerment Center

Licensed clinical psychologists with more than 15 years of experience; sessions help clients lose weight, quit smoking, and break bad habits

$405 $131 Sale Ends 5/3

50% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanse or Juices at Peeled Juice Bar

Peeled Juice Bar

Multiple Locations

Raw, nutrient-rich cold-pressed juice drinks cleanse and detoxify

$195 $97

56% Off at Elements Therapeutic Massage

Elements Therapeutic Massage

Elements Therapeutic Massage Wheaton

Massage therapists use fluid strokes and deep kneads to diminish pain, ease stress, and awaken the body’s natural healing abilities

$89 $39

27% Off Juice Cleanse from Standard Market

Standard Market

Multiple Locations

Detox your system with a three-day raw juice cleanse packed with servings of fresh fruit and veggies

$126 $92 Sale Ends 5/3

Up to 70% Off Liquid B12 Oral Shots

B12 Vitamins International LLC

Multiple Locations

An alternative to B12 injections, this liquid B12 formula is loaded with nutrients and super foods to potentially aid in weight-loss efforts

$150 $49.99

84% Off a Brain-Balance Assessment Package

Applied Neurology Health Center

Applied Neurology Health Center(14.4 miles)

ACNB Board Certified doctor of functional neurology performs a brain-based functional neurology assessment and neurotransmitter profile

$378 $61 Sale Ends 5/3

Up to 60% Off Acupuncture at Restorative Health Center

Restorative Health Center

Restorative Health Center

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$65 $29

Up to 67% Off Spinal Decompression

Lake County Family Chiropractic

Lake County Family Chiropractic

Nonsurgical spinal-decompression sessions target ailments such as bulging disks and sciatica

$1,500 $550

Up to 89% Off Chiropractic Care with Massage

Army Trail Chiropractic

Army Trail Chiropractic

Doctor of chiropractic examines spines to determine causes of discomfort and administers corrective treatments; therapist assuages aches

$145 $18

Up to 62% Off Reflexology at Healthy Foot Spa

Healthy Foot Spa

Healthy Foot Spa

Reflexology foot massage dissolves tension along with add-ons such as a foot soak and shoulder massage

$40 $19

Up to 88% Off Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

LifeStyle Chiropractic Centers

Multiple Locations

Acupuncture or chiropractic adjustment with hot/cold packs, and ultrasound or traction treatments if needed; 50-minute massage eases tension

$140 $17

Up to 50% Off Chiropractic Treatments

Cole Kricken, DC

North Dallas(10.6 miles)

Licensed chiropractor helps patients deal with chronic pain through exams and spinal manipulation

$20 $10

61% Off 50-Minute Massage at Chicago Spinal Care

Nova Spinal Care

Nova Spinal Care

Medically trained and licensed massage therapist takes a clinical approach to long-term relief by targeting the source of spinal aches

$90 $35

Up to 70% Off Microcurrent Face-Lifts

Army Trail Chiropractic

Army Trail Chiropractic

Small electrical currents help stimulate sagging facial muscles to recreate the effects of a face-lift without an invasive procedure

$110 $39

Up to 54% Off Reflexology Session at Xindy Foot Spa

Xindy Foot Spa

Xindy Foot Spa

Treat your feet to a stress-relieving foot-reflexology session at an elegant foot spa

$60 $30

Up to 66% Off Reflexology

VIP Feet Feel Spa

VIP Feet Feel Spa

Therapists versed in ancient Chinese techniques stimulate points in feet to help alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis and ankle injuries

$68 $25

Up to 83% Off Laser Scar Removal

Chameleon Medical Spa

Chameleon Medical Spa Desoto(10.5 miles)

Targeted laser energy addresses the appearance of scars or stretch marks

$600 $199

Up to 54% Off Massage or Acupuncture

Alloy Physical Care

Alloy Physical Care

Massages release everyday stress and tension or combat sports pain; acupuncture sessions can also help relieve stress and balance energy

$80 $39

91% Off at Wang Family Chiropractic

Wang Family Chiropractic

Wang Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments alleviate back pain, headaches, and other body ailments; consultation and x-rays included

$420 $39

Up to 54% Off Massages

Naperville Family Chiropractic

Naperville Family Chiropractic

Massages sooth sore muscles and help resolve back and neck issues

$70 $35

50% Off Microcurrent Facials

Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort

Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort

Noninvasive treatment uses microcurrents to help smooth and tighten facial skin

$399 $199

94% Off at Oakton Chiropractic Clinic

Oakton Chiropractic Clinic

Oakton Chiropractic Clinic

Professionals that specialize in car & work-related injuries detect misalignments in the spine & ease chronic pain with targeted adjustments

$307 $19

50% Off Laser Lipo Sessions

Midwest Body Solutions

Johnigk Chiropractic and Laser Treatment Center

Non-invasive treatments may help contour the body and eliminate cellulite

$150 $75

Up to 61% Off Ayurveda Personal-Wellness Consult

House of Ayurveda

House of Ayurveda

Consult analyzes pulse, tongue, nail, skin, and face, recommending holistic approaches designed to complement traditional medical treatments

$175 $80

Up to 64% Off Hypnotherapy Sessions

Human Settings

Human Settings(25.0 miles)

A hypnotherapist helps clients overcome obstacles to their happiness, from smoking and weight issues to bad habits, fears, or stress

$149 $65

67% Off Weight-Loss or Smoking-Cessation Hypnosis

Dr. Michael Harris

Dr. Michael Harris(20.0 miles)

Board-certified clinical hypnotherapist taps into clients' subconscious minds to help them lose weight or quit smoking

$300 $99

79% Off Light Therapy

Elite Healthcare

EHC Fitness

Light therapy with far-infrared bulbs promotes production of vitamin D

$90 $19

Up to 71% Off Lipo-Laser Treatments

Delta Chiropractic

Delta Chiropractic

Noninvasive cold-laser light targets fat in problem areas, aiming to shrink fat cells by draining them of their water and triglycerides

$400 $129

53% Off Cupping Session at Lighthouse Wellness

Lighthouse Wellness

Lighthouse Wellness

Cups provide suction to increase blood flow to trouble areas and help the body heal itself

$225 $105

Up to 74% Off Infrared Body Wraps

Serene Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Serene Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Infrared body wrap helps detoxify the body and relieve stress, and vibrating Power Plate encourages toning and fitness

$375 $99

Up to 79% Off Acupuncture Treatments

New Age Wellness and Weight Loss Center

New Age Wellness and Weight Loss Center

Acupuncturists stimulate acupuncture points with sterile, micro needles in order to help with weight loss or aches and pains

$95 $29

68% Off Cold-Laser Therapy

New Health Images

New Health Images(7.4 miles)

Cold-laser therapy stimulates muscle, ligament, cartilage and nerve cells to reduce inflammation and increase mobility

$280 $89

Up to 70% Off Complete Chiropractic Package

The Balancing Center

The Balancing Center

Chiropractic packages rely on advanced technology and treatment options such as ortho-bionomy bodywork to ease pain

$270 $89

52% Off Acupuncture

A Center for Oriental Medicine

A Center for Oriental Medicine

Licensed acupuncturists relieve pain and ease ailments of the body, mind, and spirit

$125 $60

70% Off Detox and Smoking Cessation Program

Healthquest Wellness Center

Healthquest Wellness Center

Smoking cessation program includes acupuncture, nutritional therapy, self-mastery technology, and infrared sauna sessions

$500 $149

Half Off Pain Relief and Relaxation Gift


AromaTherapy(22.0 miles)

Herbal Aroma Therapy packs designed by a chiropractor reduce muscle and joints pains and promote overall relaxation

$299 $149

Up to 53% Off at The Barefoot Lounge

The Barefoot Lounge

Addison/Carrollton(13.4 miles)

Barefoot Bliss spa package melts stress with hot stone massage, hot towel wrap, and foot soak; reflexology stimulates full-body healing

$69 $40

Up to 65% Off Reiki at Renewing Body Mind & Spirit

Renewing Body Mind & Spirit

Renewing Body Mind & Spirit

An experienced healer encourages life energy to flow through the body during relaxing Reiki sessions

$260 $99

Up to 67% Off Massage or Chiropractic Care

The BodyLux Rx

The BodyLux

The massage therapist can incorporate sports, pre- or post-natal, or structural-integration modalities

$105 $45