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      Up to 55% Off Exercise and Body-Composition Test

      Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute

      Central Scottsdale (14.4 miles)

      VO2 Max test determines training heart-rate zones; DEXA Scans give a picture of total-body composition, lean body mass and body fat mass

      $125 $59

      Up to 53% Off Brain Integration Sessions


      Multiple Locations (14.5 miles)

      Brain Integration may help end ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities, and help improve concentration, focus, and memory

      $125 $59

      81% Off Testosterone and Prostate Screening

      BravaMD Balanced Hormone Clinics

      Phoenix (14.8 miles)

      Tests check men for low testosterone levels as well as provide a prostate screening, which checks for cancer

      $99 $19

      Up to 86% Off Fat-Burner Injections in Scottsdale

      Creative Healing Solutions

      Scottsdale Atrium Building (15.4 miles)

      Fat-burner injections blend B12 vitamins & lipotropic agents to boost metabolism and liver function, aiding weight-loss efforts.

      $435 $59

      50% Off Ablative Skin-Resurfacing Eye Treatment

      Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine

      Chandler (12.5 miles)

      Sciton laser resurfaces skin around the eye, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots

      $600 $299

      92% Off Chiropractic Package

      Spinal Decompression USA

      After determining the sources of back pains, the staff promotes spinal health with a chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage

      $350 $29

      Up to 51% Off Nerve-Support Supplement

      Fitzmaurice Hand Institue

      Deer Valley (15.2 miles)

      Supplement helps to ease pain in areas where there is nerve damage while also helping to rebuild nerves and improve overall function

      $55 $27

      Up to 87% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatments

      Specialty Orthopaedic Surgery

      Central Scottsdale (14.0 miles)

      Technicians direct lasers onto nails to eliminate fungus so toenails can grow back clear; includes aftercare kit for at-home healing

      $750 $199

      60% Off Medical Weight-Loss Program

      Camelback Medical Centers

      Downtown Scottsdale (9.7 miles)

      Weight-loss program pairs consultation and body compression analysis with lipo-B injection and a month’s supply of appetite suppresants

      $199 $79

      Up to 79% Off Flu Shots

      Prolete Natural Health

      Gilbert (19.4 miles)

      Immune boosting vitamins prepare bodies to fight off some of the worst winter flu strains

      $35 $11

      Up to 74% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

      Vocci Spa

      San Tan Market (21.4 miles)

      Low-frequency sound waves can disintegrate the fat cells

      $198 $59

      Up to 82% Off B12 Injections

      Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD, LAc.

      Central Scottsdale (12.6 miles)

      Vitamin B12 combo shots promote the healthy functioning of metabolisms, improve energy levels, and can encourage weight loss

      $300 $59

      92% Off a Testosterone and PSA Test


      Multiple Locations (12.8 miles)

      Tests screen for prostate cancer and determine testosterone levels

      $226 $17 Sale Ends 11/1

      68% Off Orthopedic Ultrasound and Report

      MSK Ultrasound Group

      Scottsdale (14.5 miles)

      Following the ultrasound, the radiologist studies the photos and video and uses them to specify physical ailments

      $385 $125

      86% Off Testosterone- and PSA-Level Screening

      Ageless Men's Health

      Multiple Locations (13.0 miles)

      Men learn more about their hormone levels to help them make educated moves to further boost their health and wellness

      $175 $25

      Up to 51% Off Low-Level Light Therapy

      Ignite Physical Therapy

      Chandler (23.5 miles)

      System uses penetrating, low-level light to ease pain and stimulate the repair of damaged tissue

      $39 $19

      Up to 71% Off at Regency Medical Aesthetics

      Regency Medical Aesthetics

      Paradise Valley (10.8 miles)

      Cryotherapy uses subzero temperatures to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and increase mobility

      $261 $85

      77% Off Three Laser Toe-Fungus Removal Treatments

      Dr. Arthur Seidner DPM

      Sun City (15.8 miles)

      In a series of three treatments, an FDA-approved Cutera GenesisPlus laser zaps away fungus to allow for the growth of healthy nails

      $1,200 $279

      Up to 87% Off Testosterone Screening

      Rejuvenation Centers of Arizona

      Scottsdale (8.6 miles)

      Clinicians analyze blood sample that reveals important mens-health metrics and helps patients make more informed diet and lifestyle choices.

      $124.45 $29

      Up to 53% Off at The Drip Room

      The Drip Room

      Downtown Scottsdale (9.3 miles)

      Boost energy and metabolism with a blend of B12, amino acids and coenzymes; IV drips help address a range of wellness concerns

      $70 $35

      Up to 84% Off Weight-Loss Programs with B12 Injections

      Dr. Kristi Norris, NMD

      North Scottsdale (14.8 miles)

      Program overseen by a naturopathic doctor and licensed general family practitioner

      $300 $59

      77% Off B6, B12, and MIC Weight-Loss Injections

      New Results Medical Weight Loss

      Multiple Locations (12.8 miles)

      Board-certified physician oversees weight-loss programs, and helps spur on efforts with combination of B12, B6, and MIC

      $150 $35

      80% Off Weight-Loss Injections

      FIT Medical Weight Loss

      Multiple Locations (4.8 miles)

      Injections of B vitamins and lipotropic amino acids help dieters to reach weight-loss goals with boosts of energy

      $150 $30

      55% Off Hearing-Aid Batteries

      Advanced Hearing Group

      Multiple Locations (8.4 miles)

      Fuel your hearing device with a stock of 60 Rayovac mercury-free batteries

      $40 $18

      Up to 73% Off Lipoden and B12 Shots

      Five Star Medical Clinic & Weight Loss Center

      Gilbert (19.5 miles)

      B12 and lipoden injections promote weight loss by increasing energy levels and revving up metabolisms

      $180 $59

      Up to 51% Off Wellness Services

      World Wellness Center

      Kierland (14.5 miles)

      Natural-health experts test for more than 200 food allergies, address the causes of slow metabolisms, or aim to re-balance the body

      $149 $75

      Up to 89% Off Laser Tattoo Removal at Advanced Laser Clinics

      Advanced Laser Clinics

      Glendale (14.8 miles)

      Tattoos gradually fade under the light of a Fotona QX MAX Q-switched laser

      $300 $40 Sale Ends 11/1

      91% Off Men's Health Screenings

      Protea Medical Center

      Chandler (14.5 miles)

      Test measures men's testosterone levels and detects any possible signs of prostate cancer

      $280 $25

      Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal at Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine

      Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine

      Chandler (12.5 miles)

      The physician-led med-spa staff removes unwanted hair across the body using a GentleLase laser

      $2,100 $378

      Up to 80% Off Hydration Intravenous-Drip Treatments

      Vitality Natural Health Care

      Tempe (13.0 miles)

      As a sodium-chloride electrolyte solution enters the bloodstream, it alleviates symptoms of dehydration and encourages healing

      $145 $36 Sale Ends 11/1

      Up to 68% Off SmartLipo 

      Dr. Rebecca Weiss at Paradise Medspa & Wellness

      Deer Valley (18.3 miles)

      Doctor wields a local anesthetic and an FDA–approved laser to effectively remove fat cells in a procedure that requires little down time

      $6,000 $1,899

      Up to 92% Off Spinal Decompression and Massage

      Spine and Disc Center of Arizona

      Gilbert (18.9 miles)

      A chiropractor addresses back pain by alleviating spinal pressure with a computerized traction device, and a massage soothes aching muscles

      $350 $35

      Up to 59% Off Myopractic Manipulation Session

      Foster Myopractics

      Mesa (15.1 miles)

      Myopractic treatments manipulate muscles and tissues to improve range of motion, relieve pain, and reduce tension

      $50 $25

      Up to 79% Off B12 with MIC Injections

      Vida Bella Weight Loss Center

      Glendale (15.7 miles)

      Injections of vitamin B12 and methione, inositol, choline, and amino acids support weight-loss efforts

      $81 $25

      Up to 91% Off Fat-Burning Injections at Aletris Center

      Aletris Center

      Central Scottsdale (12.8 miles)

      Vitamin-B12 or Lipodissolve injections help burn up stores of fat to slim down trouble areas

      $200 $35

      55% Off Muscle-Recovery Treatment Packages

      Corrective Exercise of AZ

      Alpha Elite Fitness (10.7 miles)

      A therapist uses the Deep Muscle Stimulator device to send vibrations into strained or scarred muscles to reduce pain and speed healing

      $55 $25

      68% Off Non-Surgical Facelifts


      Scottsdale (13.4 miles)

      Experience face and body sculpting and skin tightening through a permanent fat reduction.

      $990 $317

      Up to 95% Off Spider-Vein Treatments

      AZ Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center

      Multiple Locations (8.9 miles)

      Noninvasive laser treatments zap smaller veins from the surface of the skin; sclerotherapy injections banish larger ones from the inside out

      $300 $99

      Up to 85% Off Tattoo Removal

      AZ Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center

      Downtown Glendale (8.9 miles)

      After a consultation, non-invasive laser treatments lighten unwanted tattoos

      $207 $44 Sale Ends 11/1

      31% Off Saline Breast Augmentation at The Body Sculpting Center

      The Body Sculpting Center

      South Scottsdale (8.7 miles)

      Doctor with more than 30 years of experience performs breast augmentations; all costs, including the anesthesia fee, are included

      $6,113 $4,199

      53% Off Myofascial-Release Therapy

      Athletica Center of Excellence

      Phoenix (15.3 miles)

      John Barnes–trained specialists use myofascial release techniques to loosen obstructions in the body, relieve pain, and increase mobility

      $95 $45

      Up to 72% Off Vitamin-B12 Injections

      Southwest Integrative Medicine

      Phoenix (14.0 miles)

      Vitamin and lipotropic injections may help boost the metabolism, mood, and energy; doctors evaluate hormones that may be affecting weight

      $100 $45

      72% Off Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

      Scottsdale Ridge Medispa

      North Scottsdale (18.6 miles)

      Sclerotherapy injections collapse unwanted spider veins, gradually fading them from view

      $250 $69

      67% Off Brainwave Assessment or Neuro-massage


      Multiple Locations (4.7 miles)

      Brainwave assessments help find misfires in the brain, an aid to clients to root out problems like anxiety; neuro-massages relax the brain

      $300 $99

      43% Off Medical Care

      Phoenix Family Clinic

      Phoenix (2.5 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $95 $54

      Up to 74% Off Collagen-Rejuvenation Therapy

      Stella Bella

      McCormick Ranch / Westside (13.1 miles)

      Noninvasive treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen in order to erase wrinkles and tighten skin

      $579.50 $149

      55% Off Injection - B12

      Natural Elements

      Greenway Place (14.8 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $290 $131

      Up to 83% Off Tattoo Removal at LaserAway


      Multiple Locations (6.6 miles)

      Licensed medical staff help rid body parts of unwanted tattoos with laser, while Zimmer Cryo 5 blows cool air to soothe skin

      $525 $119