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      Up to 74% Off at Phoenix Community Acupuncture

      Phoenix Community Acupuncture

      Phoenix (2.0 miles)

      Licensed practitioner helps ease ailments with ancient acupuncture methods at a center that provides affordable treatment to the community

      $185 $49

      Up to 72% Off Reflexology Sessions

      Stay Healthy Institute

      Phoenix Biltmore (4.7 miles)

      Practitioners employ ancient healing methods to massage and stimulate feet, reducing stress and boosting circulation

      $54 $15

      Up to 72% Off Acupuncture Sessions

      The Lotus Acupuncture & Wellness Center

      Phoenix (2.2 miles)

      Licensed acupuncturist inserts thin sterilized needles along the body's energy meridians to stimulate the immune system and promote wellness

      $75 $22

      Up to 70% Off at Above & Beyond Acupuncture

      Above & Beyond Acupuncture

      Downtown Scottsdale (9.6 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $65 $25

      Up to 54% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Nutrology Consultants

      Dobson Ranch (11.7 miles)

      A certified colon therapist flushes out toxins and waste with pressure-controlled water and sterilized, disposable equipment and parts

      $70 $35

      90% Off Chiropractic Package at The Soloman Center

      The Soloman Center

      Phoenix (4.9 miles)

      X-rays and electrical spinal scan reveal spinal conditions; gentle and precise touches prompt the body to release built-up spinal tension

      $480 $49

      Up to 71% Off Full-Body Acupuncture Treatments

      Rejuvenate Center

      Phoenix (13.1 miles)

      Full-body acupuncture treatments bring balance and rejuvenates appearances while easing stress

      $90 $35

      50% Off Chiropractic Exam and Treatments

      $25 Chiropractic

      Downtown Phoenix (0.2 miles)

      Chiropractor with nearly 20 years of experience; adjustments fix subluxations that cause fatigue, pain, insomnia, and stress

      $50 $25

      83% Off Chiropractic Massage

      ChiroMassage Centers

      After determining the sources of back pains, the staff promotes spinal health with a chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage

      $175 $29

      Up to 92% Off Weight-Loss-Hypnosis Class

      Living Lite Hypnosis

      Multiple Locations (9.0 miles)

      Four hypnosis sessions per class may help induce lasting habits for healthier eating and exercise by using relaxing hypnotherapy techniques

      $145 $19

      50% Off Hypnosis

      The Spirited Heart Llc

      Paradise Valley (10.3 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $170 $85

      Up to 52% Off Foot Detox for One or Two

      Sol Wellness

      Sun Lakes (19.6 miles)

      Feet soak in warm, ionized water while ions work to draw out toxins

      $30 $15

      Up to 78% Off Acupuncture and Cold-Laser Therapy

      Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture

      Tempe (9.8 miles)

      Acupuncture targets conditions including digestive problems, sinusitis, and headaches; cold-laser therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation

      $110 $29

      Up to 84% Off Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistics

      Bala Sama

      Downtown Scottsdale (8.9 miles)

      Trained Hypnotherapist uses Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistics in order to assist clients in making real and dynamic change in their lives

      $175 $29

      89% Off Chiropractic Package at ChiroXchange


      Chiropractors evaluate spines and consult with patients before applying strategic pressure to align spines and disks

      $265 $29

      Up to 92% Off Spinal Decompression and Massages

      Gilbert Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic

      Gilbert (19.7 miles)

      Licensed doctor of chiropractic Michael Abromovitz helps alleviate pain from bulging disks; massage therapist alleviates it from muscles

      $350 $35

      Up to 89% Off Colonics at Essential Health

      Essential Health

      Gilbert (17.2 miles)

      A trained tech oversees sessions that cleanse lower bowels; infrared heat therapy induces sweat to further purge toxins from the body

      $145 $29

      Up to 69% Off Reflexology Sessions

      Hu Gi Acu-Herbal Center

      Chandler (16.0 miles)

      Reflexology sessions come with an herbal soak and can help relieve tension throughout the body

      $75 $23 Sale Ends 9/23

      Up to 84% Off Colon-Hydrotherapy Packages

      Natural Healing Waters

      Indian Palm Plaza (17.4 miles)

      Colon hydrotherapy attempts to flush toxins out of bodies, as do 45-minute infrared sauna sessions

      $315 $49

      Up to 60% Off Treatment at Blue Serenity Acupuncture

      Blue Serenity Acupuncture

      Phoenix (13.8 miles)

      Soothing acupuncture sessions help clear pathways and let energy flow more effectively throughout the body

      $100 $39.99

      Up to 83% Off Spinal-Decompression Therapy

      De La Fe Chiropractic

      Mesa (18.5 miles)

      A computerized traction device helps to gently separate the vertebrae, relieving spinal pressure and reducing neck or back pain

      $150 $29

      Juice in the Raw—Up to 54% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanses

      Juice in the RAW

      Three-day supply (18 bottles) of cold-pressed raw juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes

      $185 $89

      Up to 64% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      Natural Health Chiropractic

      Dobson Ranch (13.2 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $100 $39

      Up to 68% Off Acupuncture at Zen Medicinals

      Zen Medicinals Acupuncture & Herbs

      Downtown Scottsdale (9.6 miles)

      Acupuncturist inserts stainless steel needles into specific points of the body to help clear energy and reduce pain

      $99 $32

      90% Off Spinal-Decompression Packages

      InTouch Wellness Center

      Moon Valley Gardens (12.4 miles)

      Nonsurgical treatment sends oxygen and nutrients to spinal disks to ease back pain caused by disk injuries

      $450 $45

      Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Services

      Gonstead Spine Institute

      Timko Chiropractic (14.5 miles)

      Team of doctors find sources of pain with digital diagnostic equipment and clear away soreness from the back and limbs with adjustments

      $335 $49

      96% Off Chiropractic Wellness Packages

      Pain Associates

      Olive Avenue Office Suites At Fountain Plaza (17.5 miles)

      Chiropractor Jeffrey Kuppersmith customizes chiropractic adjustments and massages for each client based on an initial exam and x-rays

      $810 $23

      Up to 92% Off Spinal Decompression and Massage

      Spine and Disc Center of Arizona

      Gilbert (18.9 miles)

      A chiropractor addresses back pain by alleviating spinal pressure with a computerized traction device, and a massage soothes aching muscles

      $350 $35

      Up to 84% Off Weight-Loss-Hypnosis Acupuncture

      Total Rejuvenation Center

      South Scottsdale (7.8 miles)

      60-minute sessions use acupuncture to clear energy blockages in the body and hypnosis to help clients control their urges and lose weight

      $200 $39

      Up to 62% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Granger Naturopathic Clinic

      Arrowhead Ranch (16.3 miles)

      FDA-approved colonic equipment purges waste from the colon with a gentle stream of purified water

      $130 $49

      Up to 77% Off at Chirocare Plus

      Chirocare Plus

      Dobson Ranch (12.8 miles)

      Massage therapists work to relieve pain and stress; chiropractor pinpoints and corrects sources of pain

      $65 $29

      Up to 87% Off Chiropractic Care and Massage


      Multiple Locations (14.6 miles)

      Network of chiropractic doctors alleviate aches and inspire overall wellness with adjustments and massage

      $79 $29

      Up to 94% Off Massages

      Back in line Spine & Wellness

      Ahwatukee Foothills (11.1 miles)

      Chiropractor and physiotherapist evaporates tension and soreness with spinal decompression and strokes tailored to each individual

      $69 $31.99

      92% Off Chiropractic Package

      Spinal Decompression USA

      After determining the sources of back pains, the staff promotes spinal health with a chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage

      $350 $29

      Up to 62% Off Reflexology at Wonder Foot Spa

      Wonder Foot Spa

      Gilbert (17.4 miles)

      Milk soak softens feet as therapists massage the upper body; then, they target pressure points on the feet to induce full-body healing

      $60 $24 Sale Ends 9/23

      45% Off 90-Minute Combination Massage

      Mary's Shiatsu

      Central Scottsdale (12.7 miles)

      Massage therapist with past clients such as Charles Barkley and A.J. Pollack blends deep-tissue, shiatsu, and thai stretching in one massage

      $100 $55

      59% Off Acupuncture Package

      Quiescent Care Acupuncture

      Chandler (16.3 miles)

      Acupuncture paired with cupping to help manage pain and other ailments

      $170 $69.99

      Up to 71% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Chiropractic Wellness Center

      Paradise Valley (9.9 miles)

      Chiropractor finds causes of pain and works to relieve them with noninvasive adjustments, massages and optional physiotherapy

      $160 $50

      Up to 72% Off Neuromuscular Stretching

      Golf and Sport Therapies

      Scottsdale (15.3 miles)

      Dr. LeBeau uses neuromuscular stretching to target clients' limitations using a combination of contracting and relaxing muscles

      $175 $49

      93% Off Chiropractic-Exam Package

      Mountain Vista Health Center

      South Scottsdale (8.7 miles)

      Chiropractor assesses patients' needs via thorough initial exam, assuaging aches with manual spinal adjustments and massage

      $350 $25

      Up to 67% Off Hypnosis for Weight Loss

      Subconscious Weight Loss

      Phoenix (5.0 miles)

      A certified hypnotherapist customizes each session to the individual client's weight-loss goals and methods

      $120 $49

      52% Off Hypnotherapy

      MindnBodies Wellness

      Hypnotherapy Location (2.2 miles)

      Hypnotherapists send clients into relaxing trance to tackle fears, anxiety, weight management issues, and stress

      $249 $120

      92% Off Chiropractic Package and Massage

      Camelback Medical Centers

      Multiple Locations (9.7 miles)

      Doctors of chiropractic help patients overcome muscular tension, headaches, and back or neck pain with massage and chiropractic care

      $565 $45

      65% Off Reiki

      The Holistic Hummingbird

      Phoenix (5.1 miles)

      Thirty minutes of reiki healing, chakra balancing, and aromatherapy followed by 30 minutes of certified holistic coaching.

      $150 $53

      70% Off Reiki

      Chicks With Spiritual Gifts

      Phoenix (2.2 miles)

      Unique reiki session that can include acupuncture or an intuitive reading at no additional cost.

      $80 $24

      Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Package


      Central Scottsdale (13.3 miles)

      Chiropractor Robert E. Street taps into 30+ years of experience to help ease pain and promote overall health with adjustments and massages

      $260 $39

      Up to 65% Off Acupuncture Treatments from

      Tempe Community Acupuncture

      Tempe (7.2 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, anxiety, infertility and other health concerns without side effects in a warm community setting.

      $115 $45

      Up to 61% Off Massage and Sports Evaluation

      At My Best Health, LLC

      Phoenix (16.4 miles)

      A one-hour massage eases muscular aches; a sports evaluation includes examination of muscles, ligaments, and tendons

      $55 $29