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      79% Off At-Home Teeth Whitening

      White Smile Central

      San Jose (340.5 miles)

      Professional-grade bleaching gel and LED light erase unsightly stains; remineralizing gel strengthens enamel and reduces sensitivity

      $116.95 $25

      81% Off Teeth Whitening from Bleach Bright USA

      Bleach Bright USA

      Multiple Locations (329.3 miles)

      LED-activated, kosher whitening gel brightens teeth by up to eight shades during a 15-minute treatment

      $500 $95

      63% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening

      Valley Fair Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

      San Jose (337.3 miles)

      Light-activated teeth-whitening gel rids enamel of stains and discolorations

      $399 $149

      Up to 82% Off at Lotus Dental Spa

      Lotus Dental Spa

      Multiple Locations (307.4 miles)

      Digital x-rays highlight dental problems and bleaching combines with fluoride to whiten teeth up to eight shades

      $265 $49

      87% Off at Gorgeous Smile Dental

      Gorgeous Smile Dental

      Multiple Locations (336.6 miles)

      A dentist checks teeth for decay and removes plaque and tartar during checkup that includes exam, x-rays, and cleaning

      $379 $49

      Up to 82% Off at Smiles More Dental

      Smiles More Dental

      Sunnyvale West (343.7 miles)

      Dentist staves off decay and gum disease while safely removing stains

      $220 $45

      Up to 60% Off Veneers or Crowns

      Gorgeous Smile Dental

      Multiple Locations (336.6 miles)

      Dental team restores smiles with veneers or crowns across two visits

      $2503 $999

      83% Off at Remington Park Dental

      Remington Park Dental

      Sunnyvale (342.4 miles)

      Dentist in practice for more than 12 years and her dental team tend to patients' teeth with a thorough exam, gentle cleaning, and x-rays

      $225 $39

      Up to 94% Off Dental Exam or Teeth Whitening

      Aparna Menrai, DDS

      San Jose (327.6 miles)

      Exam and x-ray ensures oral health for you or you and your child; professional whitening brighten smiles

      $448 $29

      Up to 58% Off Invisalign

      Valley Fair Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

      The Villas (337.3 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 3–18 months

      $6000 $2499

      80% Off at You Smile Dental

      You Smile Dental

      Hollister (291.7 miles)

      A dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays check for oral-health issues

      $300 $59

      Up to 88% Off at Smile Center of Los Gatos

      Smile Center of Los Gatos

      Los Gatos (334.3 miles)

      Exams, cleanings & low-radiation digital x-rays help improve oral health & painless teeth whitening brightens smiles using LED light

      $424 $49

      60% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatment

      Strada Salon & Day Spa

      Willow Glen (333.5 miles)

      The combination of Theraglo whitening gel and fiberoptic light can brighten smiles in sessions of up to 45 minutes

      $249 $99

      56% Off Invisible Braces

      Clara N. Andirious, DDS

      San Jose (329.3 miles)

      Clear, custom, and computer-crafted aligners gently shift teeth into straightened positions

      $4500 $1999

      82% Off Dental Checkups

      Dr. Sassan Kafayi, Dds

      San Jose (335.3 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $180 $32

      Up to 88% Off Dental Packages

      West Park Dental Center

      West Park Plaza (336.5 miles)

      Dentists and hygienists consider issues unique to each individual patient in putting together a treatment plan

      $324 $39

      Up to 83% Off at Atla Dental

      Atla Dental

      San Jose (339.6 miles)

      Dental team prevents cavities with full checkup or crafts custom trays for teeth-whitening gel

      $200 $39

      Up to 84% Off at Farahani Family Dental

      Farahani Family Dental

      Willow Glen (335.3 miles)

      Dental team takes care of teeth for a full year with cleanings and fluoride, or performs preventive check-up with x-rays and cleaning

      $250 $39

      88% Off Dental Exam, X-rays, and Cleaning

      Jasleen Klair DDS

      Fremont (350.6 miles)

      The dental checkup includes a comprehensive exam with x-rays and basic teeth cleaning

      $402 $49.99

      82% Off Dental Exams

      Onus Dental Health Plan

      Multiple Locations (337.4 miles)

      Board-certified dental staff inspects and cleans teeth and gums; optional teeth-whitening treatment keep pearly whites white

      $275 $49

      63% Off Invisalign and Teeth Whitening

      West Valley Dental

      San Jose (337.8 miles)

      Invisalign braces stealthily straighten teeth, eliminating gaps and overbites, and whitening makes chompers shine

      $6271 $2300

      79% Off at Muhusin Family Dental

      Muhusin Family Dental

      San Jose (337.8 miles)

      Dental professionals preserve your pearly whites with a routine checkup plus a teeth-whitening treatment

      $330 $69

      Up to 87% Off Dental-Exam Packages

      Randhawa Dental Corporation

      Multiple Locations (350.2 miles)

      Dental team examines teeth for health and cleans built-up plaque and tartar; option for take-home whitening kit or Invisalign credit

      $410 $55

      85% Off Two Dental Visits in Saratoga

      Sepi Pejham DDS

      Saratoga Woods (337.6 miles)

      Hourlong dental visits gauge overall oral health, issue cleanings to remove plaque & screen for disorders with dental x-rays

      $310 $35

      53% Off Teeth Whitening at Eternal Glow Aesthetics

      Eternal Glow Aesthetics

      Alum Rock (335.4 miles)

      Experienced aesthetician brightens clients' teeth with Red Carpet Smiles teeth-whitening products

      $200 $95

      72% Off Dental Checkup at San Jose Smile Center

      San Jose Smile Center

      Blossom Valley (330.3 miles)

      Exam and digital x-rays determine if the patient has any cavities before a cleaning removes plaque and tartar

      $350 $99

      63% Off at Morada Dental Orthodontics

      Morada Dental Orthodontics

      Silver Creek (329.4 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–18 months; take-home whitening kit includes impressions, trays, whitening gel, and instructions

      $7300 $2699

      Up to 81% Off Dental Packages at Smiley Doctor

      Smiley Doctor

      West San Jose (337.3 miles)

      After an exam and cleaning, teeth get x-rayed, and optional fluoride treatments help them stay strong

      $425 $79

      88% Off Dental Exam from Right Dental Group

      Right Dental Group

      On Location

      Participating dentists administer cleanings and assess oral health, emphasizing patient-dentist communication

      $300 $35

      Up to 82% Off at Miramonte Dental Care

      Miramonte Dental

      Mountain View (345.4 miles)

      Dental checkup maintains health of teeth; take-home whitening kit brightens smiles

      $279 $69

      Up to 89% Off Dental Checkup and Whitening

      Mission Hills Family Dentistry Inc.

      Fremont (349.8 miles)

      Dentist ensures oral health by scanning for decay and tumors and cleaning away build-up; whitening trays are customized to patients

      $386 $59

      60% Off Full Invisalign Treatment

      Los Gatos Dental Center

      Multiple Locations (334.1 miles)

      Eschewing metal braces for sets of virtually invisible trays, dentists straighten teeth while tracking progress with 3-D software

      $5950 $2399

      89% Off Child’s Dental Checkup

      San Jose Dental Specialists for Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

      Multiple Locations (331.7 miles)

      Checkup includes exam and x-rays, if necessary, before a cleaning to scrub teeth plaque-free and a fluoride treatment to protect teeth

      $436 $49

      53% Off Invisalign at Gorgeous Smile Dental

      Gorgeous Smile Dental

      Newark (351.4 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–18 months

      $6000 $2799

      Up to 64% Off Invisalign and Teeth Whitening

      Canyon Dental & Orthodontics

      San Jose (329.5 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–12 months; take-home kit with custom-made trays whiten teeth

      $7300 $2599

      89% Off Dental Package at Palo Alto Dental Center

      Palo Alto Dental Center

      Palo Alto (349.0 miles)

      Teeth are thoroughly cleaned before Dr. Morshedi searches for gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay

      $260 $29

      Up to 62% Off Veneers at Los Gatos Dental Care

      Los Gatos Dental Care

      Los Gatos (335.2 miles)

      Dental team spruces up smiles with a strong, ultra-thin layer of ceramic that hides broken or badly stained teeth

      $7800 $2999