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Saban Theatre has been entertaining audiences since 1930, when it was one of old Hollywood's premiere film palaces. The art deco theatre, then named the Fox Wilshire, attracted its fair share of cinema legends. In 1953, the stars of Hollywood turned out for the premiere of Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall's film, ¬How to Marry a Millionaire. Walt Disney arrived at the theater later that year to exhibit the fist widescreen Donald Duck cartoon, which required subtitles for non-avian audience members.

In 1981, the theater's owners chose to shift from film to live performance. They renovated the building, converted the auditorium into a stage venue, and changed the name to Saban Theatre. Since then, the venue has hosted performances from the likes of Richard Pryor, Billy Crystal, and Sting. Even with its modern headliners, the theater still echoes Tinsel Town's Golden Age with its ornate plasterwork and grand sculptures.

8440 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills,