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Though a licensed optometrist is on staff to examine customers' eyes, Eye Roc Eyewear is more a fashion studio than a doctors' office, with knowledgeable eyewear specialists on call to help clients make stylish decisions. In the sunny, modern studio filled with blond-wood accents and bright orange tones, a wealth of Eye Roc brand-name glasses await. Doctors help patients catch eye concerns early and obtain precise prescriptions with comprehensive exams, and specialists help clients choose the perfect style to flatter every face, whether it's a pair of bold, horn-rimmed retro glasses or a bolder, even more retro monocle.
28 Maryland Plz.
Saint Louis,
When Alive magazine publisher Elizabeth Tucker first thought about LASIK surgery as an alternative to the glasses she had worn since second grade, she didn't think it was an option. She feared the cost, worried about the time off work, and was unsure about how safe the procedure would be. Luckily, numerous friends told her about the transformative effects of their own procedures, and she finally decided to take the plunge at Crown Vision Center. There, a team of board-certified ophthalmologists, optometrists, and surgeons put Elizabeth and other patients at ease as they correct corneas with trained hands and cutting-edge equipment, boasting a 99% surgery-success rate. Elizabeth is now glasses-free and doesn't regret a thing. "It's been life-changing for me," she says in a video on the laser center's website, "I would recommend it to anyone."
406 East Broadway