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  • Frechette Lawncare
    A family business for more than four decades, Frechette Lawncare bolsters lawn vitality and revitalizes dwindling colour saturation with a selection of grass-enlivening products for yards around the Toronto area. Frechette technicians apply a custom-blended slow-release fertilizer to the future-verdant expanses of customers' yards. The nutrient-packed health wallop affects grass tracts like a chlorophyll-cream pie in the face, slamming brown spots and malnourished blades over time with a gradual disbursement of growth-spurring materials. With the same techniques that they use for treating professional golf courses and the Grinch's goatee, Frechette specialists will jump-start any lawn’s summertime growth and offer additional services such as aeration and grub control for increased benefits.
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    75A Heale Ave
    Scarborough, ON CA
  • Pascal's Painting & Design
    Pascal's energizes abodes with vibrant, custom painting, collaborating with clients to dress their walls in stylish and classic colour palettes. Dwellers can enlist the lacquer artisans to coat a room up to 12'x12' in luscious General Paint pigments, which enliven fallow living quarters and obscure the knee-level height marks of former elf tenants. The fully insured company flourishes ceilings, trims, walls, and doors in a timely matter, priming residential nooks for feng-shui furniture arrangements and other artistic accents. Pascal's also furnishes interiors with wall coverings and designs such as modern wallpaper, stencil patterns, and modest fig leaves.
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    223 King St E
    Hamilton, ON CA
  • Naturally Clean Toronto
    Armed with eco-friendly products, Naturally Clean's seasoned crew arrives at homes ready to scrub, vacuum, and dust every corner. Staffers perform a range of services that include basic residential cleanings, apartment and condo cleanings, and even relocation cleanings. To diminish toxicity and the likelihood of attracting wild packs of Mr. Clean impersonators, they sanitize without the use of bleach. They can even perform interior car-detailing services from owners' driveways, vacuuming carpets, cleaning glass, and shampooing seats. Naturally Clean also offers support for hoarders and their families with their hoarder cleaning services that pave the way for a new life. Compassionate staffers come over once or twice a week for several sessions to avoid a drastic transition, and their specialized training helps them set hoarders' minds at ease throughout.
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    439 cochrane road
    Hamilton, ON CA
  • Meena Cleaners
    Since 1992, Meena Cleaners' staffers have been sprucing up beloved clothing articles with professional alterations, chemical-free wet cleaning, and regular dry-cleaning services. They banish dirt and greasy stains from suede underwear, leather purses, and satin wedding gowns while keeping whites bright and colours vibrant. They will also travel to your home to take down, clean, and re-hang curtains. Each of Meena's machines are pre-set to ensure that every wash load gets the proper amount of detergent and that dryers are cool enough to prevent cracked buttons or sheens cast upon delicate fabrics. Meena also hand-presses each laundered item, stuffs garments with tissue on request, and inserts collar supports so that corners remain sharp enough to puncture a balloon artist's ego.
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    61 James Snow Parkway
    Milton, ON CA
  • Architectural Accents
    A house may stand as a monument to its architect, but its portals define its residents. Architectural Accents aims to make sure that windows and doors match a building owner’s sense of aesthetics, whether they appreciate open, elegant French doors or the heavy, imposing weight of steel doors. Additionally, it deals in windows fabricated not only in vinyl, but also in classic wood. Its catalogue of home improvements features other simple home additions, such as stucco molding or siding, solariums, and wrought iron canopies and railings.
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    5109 Harvester Rd.
    Burlington, ON CA
  • Alliance Home Health - Hamilton
    As time goes by, it can be hard to keep up with the daily routine. Maybe the groceries are too heavy to carry home by yourself. Maybe the housework just seems like more than you can handle. Maybe the crocodile you'd been using as a garbage disposal has ominously disappeared. Whatever the case, the helping hands at Alliance Home Healthcare Services are there to assist you. If it's medical needs that require attention, their in-home nurses can handle everything from monitoring blood pressure to Alzheimer's care. Home-care services include housecleaning, planning and cooking meals, and basic home maintenance. And then there's companionship?Alliance's caretakers can stay by your or your loved one's side, offering companionship as well as relief for the primary caregiver.
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    1 Hunter St E
    Hamilton, ON CA

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