Charity & Grassroots in Middletown

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  • North Central Regional Mental Health Board
    North Central Regional Mental Health Board strives to ensure that citizens take part in monitoring the state’s mental-health services. The organization works directly with people who have mental-health or substance-abuse issues through a variety of programs and advocates on their behalf through legislative and fundraising events. One of the many services available, the Day in the Life project, observed the lives of people who receive behavioral-health services through the state to determine how best to help them in the future. In addition, the annual Celebrating Recovery dinner invites individuals in recovery to share their stories as a way of reaffirming that recovery is always possible.
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    367 Russell Road
    Newington, CT US
  • Autism Spectrum
    The CT Autism Spectrum Resource Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing support and services to individuals and families living in CT and dealing with Autism and it's associated Spectrum Disorders.
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    101 North St
    Wallingford, CT US
  • Capitol Chiropractic Center
    Since 1986, Capitol Chiropractic Center has helped clients to attain and maintain health through chiropractic care while educating them on how to enhance their nutrition and lifestyle. Doctor of Chiropractic Karlos Boghosian holds certifications in the United States and Canada and has years of experience helping others to find relief from back pain, headaches, allergies, asthma, and stomach problems. His fluency in four different languages helps him to reach out to a range of clientele including those whose pain forces them to speak in various forms of "Ow." In private treatment rooms equipped with digital x-rays and digital infrared thermography, the doctor and his trained staff work to properly adjust spines and knead through tightened muscles.
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    24 Lewis St
    Hartford, CT US
  • Hartford Symphony
    Hartford Symphony Orchestra's St. Patrick's Day Celebration regales ears with classic Celtic tunes commemorating the feast of Ireland's patron saint. Visiting from his usual perch at the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, conductor Gerald Steichen leads an army of instruments as it elevates the shimmering tenor of veteran singer Robert White, who has been nourishing auditory synapses since his radio debut in 1948. White fills listeners with Irish pride until they burst with clover leaves by belting out such distinctly Hibernian tunes as "Danny Boy," a slow, anthemic composition that resonates in the hearts of Irish emigrants. Renowned Irish fiddler Jeanne Freeman also fuels high-octane jigs with skills gleaned from County Donegal native P.V. O'Donnell.
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    99 Pratt St
    Hartford, CT US
  • Covenant to Care
    Covenant to Care for Children aims to create a future where all Connecticut children have a caring support system and a safe place to live. Operating with this vision, the organization helps to mobilize community members to serve as advocates, mentors, and supporters for children who are neglected, abused, or impoverished. Additionally, its Children's Enrichment Fund collects critical items for children, including clothing and bed linens, and channels donations toward meeting the special needs and less ordinary requests of underserved youth, such as helping a child get a haircut, go to summer camp, or attend prom.
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    120 Mountain Ave
    Bloomfield, CT US
  • South Windsor Jaycees
    The 119th Wapping Fair beckons curious visitors with a flock of engaging performers, interactive displays, farm animals, and hilarious races featuring pigs and hot-dog dachshunds. Audiences gather around the slew of entertainers, such as sword-swallowing showman Roderick Russell and Jayna Lee⎯a multitalented acrobat, aerial trapeze artist, stilt walker, income-tax specialist, and juggler. After visitors are fresh out of applause, they can pursue hands-on fun at one of the interactive displays, where they'll explore such skills as butter making, organic landscaping, cow milking, and how to judge a pumpkin on its personality over its performance in the swimsuit competition.
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    100 Cedar Avenue
    South Windsor, CT US