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Up to 60% Off Photorejuvenation Treatments

Camelback East

$158 $69


Noninvasive LED light works to trigger collagen and elastin production to address signs of aging

Up to 84% Off at Back To Life Chiropractic

Paradise Valley

$220 $35

Exam and computerized spinal exam help chiropractor adjust backs properly

Up to 92% Off Chiropractic Adjustment Packages

Paradise Valley

$430 $35

Chiropractor examines backs and takes x-rays before treating areas of pain with an adjustment and optional one-hour massage

Up to 77% Off Wellness Assessment at Paragon Chiropractic

Camelback East

$150 $49

Full-body composition tests take in lean muscle mass, fat percentage, and calorie burning anlysis to create a custom meal plan

65% Off Reiki


$75 $26

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

90% Off Spinal-Decompression Packages

Moon Valley Gardens

$450 $45

Nonsurgical treatment sends oxygen and nutrients to spinal disks to ease back pain caused by disk injuries

Up to 72% Off Chiropractic Exam Packages with X-Rays and Adjustments

Desert Ridge

$94 $28


Chiropractic exam with X-rays pinpoints sources of pain, which are then treated with spinal decompression

80% Off Acupuncture at AZ Medical Acupuncture


$200 $40

Acupuncturist who has 10 years of postgraduate training in Asian universities and clinics inserts hair-thin needles into the body

94% Off Chiropractic Package and Massage

Multiple Locations

$560 $35

Doctors of chiropractic help patients overcome muscular tension, headaches, and back or neck pain with massage and chiropractic care

Up to 94% Off Massages

Ahwatukee Foothills

$69 $31.99


Chiropractor and physiotherapist evaporates tension and soreness with spinal decompression and strokes tailored to each individual

Up to 71% Off Full-Body Acupuncture Treatments


$90 $35

Full-body acupuncture treatments bring balance and rejuvenates appearances while easing stress

50% Off Chiropractic Exam and Treatments

Downtown Phoenix

$50 $25

Chiropractor with nearly 20 years of experience; adjustments fix subluxations that cause fatigue, pain, insomnia, and stress

96% Off Chiropractic Package

SW Phoenix/Tolleson/Laveen

$810 $29

Chiropractic doctor performs consultation & examines x-rays; at followup visit, adjustment helps ease pain and release tension

Up to 83% Off Acupuncture at H&J Healing Clinic

Paradise Valley

$120 $29

Acupuncture addresses chi imbalances to help restore the body's ability to heal itself and encourage healthy dispositions

Up to 64% Off Reflexology Treatments


$60 $30

By applying pressure to points on the feet, practitioners aim to prompt a soothing response in corresponding body parts

Up to 78% Off at Heart to Heart Awakenings

Camelback East

$125 $35

Holistic health practitioners perform 60-minute reiki treatments, which are designed to balance the body's energies

87% Off Chiropractic Exam Package

Moon Valley

$295 $39

Dr. Steve investigates and resolves pain with noninvasive, drug-free techniques

Up to 63% Off Acupuncture Packages at Chiropractic Life

Camelback East

$230 $85

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique; remove pressure from spinal discs to relieve pain

Up to 72% Off Reflexology Sessions

Phoenix Biltmore

$54 $15

Practitioners employ ancient healing methods to massage and stimulate feet, reducing stress and boosting circulation

Up to 54% Off Hypnosis


$75 $35

Hypnotherapists send clients into relaxing trance to tackle fears, anxiety, weight management issues, and stress

90% Off Chiropractic Package at The Soloman Center


$480 $49

X-rays and electrical spinal scan reveal spinal conditions; gentle and precise touches prompt the body to release built-up spinal tension

Up to 95% Off Chiropractic Exam and Adjustments


$375 $19

Dr. Kyle Robbins adminsters a chiropractic exam and adjustments to help uncover sources of discomfort

Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Services

Timko Chiropractic

$335 $49

Team of doctors find sources of pain with digital diagnostic equipment and clear away soreness from the back and limbs with adjustments

Up to 68% Off Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Paradise Valley

$390 $139

Holistic therapist uses light, focused pressure to release tension in the scalp, spinal column, and sacrum

Up to 60% Off Treatment at Blue Serenity Acupuncture


$100 $39.99

Soothing acupuncture sessions help clear pathways and let energy flow more effectively throughout the body

Up to 53% Off Acupuncture at Brody Massage 

Paradise Valley

$80 $39

Licensed acupuncturists stick fine, sterile needles into the skin to help treat specific ailments or general malaise

Up to 96% Off at Glendale Chiropractic Life Center

West Glen Community Association

$745 $39

Chiropractors soothe back pain and disc injuries with treatments such as spinal adjustment, mechanical traction, and manual therapy

Up to 87% Off Chiropractic Care and Massage

Multiple Locations

$79 $29

Network of chiropractic doctors alleviate aches and inspire overall wellness with adjustments and massage

Up to 62% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

Arrowhead Ranch

$130 $49

FDA-approved colonic equipment purges waste from the colon with a gentle stream of purified water

Up to 62% Off Colonics and Far-Infrared-Sauna Sessions


$250 $95

Certified therapists cleanse digestive systems with colonics and augment natural processes with far-infrared-sauna sessions

50% Off Hypnosis

Paradise Valley

$170 $85

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

Up to 91% Off Chiropractic Packages


$435 $39

Dr. Lyon isolates sources of pain and treats them with noninvasive massage and adjustments

Up to 71% Off at Back to Basics Chiropractic


$190 $59

After a consultation helps find the source of pain, adjustments work to alleviate discomfort

Up to 55% Off at Acupuncture ​by Rachelle

Multiple Locations

$90 $45

Licensed acupuncturist helps treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

82% Off Chiropractic Package at Precision Spinal Clinic


$250 $45

Chiropractor pinpoints the source of pain during an exam and aims to correct the issue with non-invasive adjustments

Up to 89% Off Colonics at Essential Health


$145 $29


A trained tech oversees sessions that cleanse lower bowels; infrared sauna induces sweat to further purge toxins from the body

Up to 61% Off Hypnotherapy at LifeTrek


$85 $39

The hypnotherapist digs into his clients’ subconscious to alleviate addiction, negative behaviors, or health issues from within

Up to 78% Off Acupuncture and Cold-Laser Therapy


$110 $29

Acupuncture targets conditions including digestive problems, sinusitis, and headaches; cold-laser therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation

75% Off Chiropractic Care


$100 $25

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

Up to 53% Off Aromatherapy Reflexology

South Scottsdale

$105 $52


Therapeutic kneading of the hands and feet helps to release tension throughout the entire body

Up to 84% Off Weight-Loss-Hypnosis Acupuncture

Downtown Scottsdale

$200 $39

60-minute sessions use acupuncture to clear energy blockages in the body and hypnosis to help clients control their urges and lose weight

Up to 86% Off Spinal Decompression Packages

South Scottsdale

$175 $25

Chiropractic team relieves pressure on your spinal discs to treat chronic back pain and related conditions

45% Off Services

North Scottsdale

$180 $99

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

Up to 84% Off Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistics

Downtown Scottsdale

$175 $29

Trained Hypnotherapist uses Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistics in order to assist clients in making real and dynamic change in their lives

58% Off Relaxing Stone Therapy Spa Package

North Scottsdale

$140 $59

Spa treatment deeply relaxes and promotes circulation and energy flow; aromatherapy foot soak, scrub, and therapy with hot and cold stones

Up to 51% Off Ionic Foot Detox Therapy at OmSho Crysalis


$50 $25

Guests soak feet in ion-charged foot baths which aim to suck toxins from the entire body through the feet

Up to 71% Off Acupuncture at Touchstone Healing Acupuncture

Kierland Scottsdale

$80 $29

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

Up to 51% Off a Juice Cleanse

Downtown Scottsdale

$195 $98

Juice cleanses fresh-pressed in small batches each day help detoxify, boost metabolism, add a jolt of protein, or achieve other goals

83% Off Chiropractic Office Visits at Simon Chiropractic

Edwards Professional Plaza #1

$175 $29

Doctors of Chiropractic Ira and Linda Simon examine the spine and muscular skeletal system, and correct problems naturally

51% Off Dermaplane Treatment and Oxygen Facial

Downtown Scottsdale

$100 $49

Specialty blade gently exfoliates the skin and removes fine hairs during 60-minute treatment that's a good alternative to microdermabrasion

86% Off at Alamos Chiropractic


$255 $35

An award-winning chiropractor works to relieve pain by realigning spinal columns and using cold-laser treatments

Up to 77% Off Hypnotherapy Sessions

Central Scottsdale

$150 $39

Certified hypnotherapists aim to bypass the conscious mind to help clients overcome bad habits, poor lifestyle patterns, and mental blocks

Up to 54% Off Acupuncture


$65 $32

Acupuncturist channels energy through body's meridians using microneedles to help relieve pain and tension

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Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, Fred Schofield spent many hours playing rugby, tennis, and cricket with his brothers. One fateful rugby game would change his career path and his concept of health care altogether. Schofield was kicked in the back, and began to suffer lower-back and neck pain. He considered seeing a chiropractor, but his father, a traditional medical doctor, did not approve. After nine years of suffering, Schofield went for his first chiropractic adjustment anyway, and the pain began to disappear.

Inspired by his own transformation, Schofield moved to the United States in 1978 to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He even led the Palmer rugby team to two championships and was asked to play on a national level. Since Schofield and his wife fell in love with Arizona's climate, he has been helping the Phoenix community recover from chronic pain and disease for nearly three decades. He also devotes part of his time to teaching at institutions such as Life Chiropractic College and Palmer College of Chiropractic, and providing instruction for the Illinois and South African chiropractic associations.

At Atlas Chiropractic Center, Dr. Schofield uses his firsthand familiarity with pain and a wealth of experience to adjust the spines of everyone from professional golfers to expectant mothers. He supplements adjustment techniques such as the precise Gonstead method or the instrument-based Activator method with the expertise of an on-staff nutritionist, Susan. She can recommend herbs and supplements based on the results of hair analyses and a nutritional survey.

4131 West Thunderbird Road

Doctor of Chiropractic Radman Rahiminejad and his team of nine other chiropractors work to correct spinal misalignments with treatments that may include spinal decompression, physical therapy, soft-tissue massage, or a combination of all three. Massage therapists also soothe everyday stress by tapping out Morse code lullabies to spinal columns, using techniques that increase circulation and preempt future tension or pain. Weight-loss plans may utilize HCG or B-12 injections to aid in the inch-whittling process, while specialty lab testing can check for other issues such as hormone imbalances or food allergies. BackFit Health + Spine is an integrative practice, with a team of board-certified chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, and nurse practitioners working together to improve patient health through personalized wellness solutions, including medical weight loss, pain management, and hormone replacement therapy. The Mesa location also now offers spinal decompression.

2824 East Indian School Road

Doctors of Chiropractic Carla Diana and Angelo Pisano met in school 14 years ago and later opened InTouch Wellness Center together. Presently the duo works to treat chronic pains with multiple means, including spinal decompression, biophysics, laser therapy, and massage therapy. The staff does everything they can to keep patients relaxed and tranquil, serving complimentary tea, crafting an individualized treatment plan for each patient, and often diversifying their methods, plowing through developmental plateaus like a runaway bulldozer through a towering wedding cake.

2302 West Greenway Road

At Paragon Chiropractic, Doctors of Chiropractic R. David Welch and Diane Krieger have one basic goal: to reduce clients' dependency on doctors, medications, and insurance companies. To do so, they consult with their patients to determine if chiropractic work can help alleviate current problems, prevent future ones, or improve their overall hula-hooping ability. Their treatment plans can include any number of their many services, such as spinal manipulation, orthotics, and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

1628 E Bethany Home Rd

Board-certified Dr. Lawrence Presant brings more than 15 years of spider-vein-fighting experience to Arizona Vein Specialists, where he minimizes unwanted vessels with minimally invasive schlerotherapy sessions. Vericose patterns aren’t the only sign of aging that he battles in his clinic, as he also smooths wrinkles with Juvederm dermal filler and Botox. He takes the fight to the sun with skin resurfacing treatments, designed to even skin tone by lifting pigmentation off at the surface.

3805 E Bell Rd

3936 E Chandler Blvd