Pool Halls in Rochester

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  • Six Pockets
    Combining a full bar and contemporary menu with the amenities of a modern pool hall, Six Pockets appeals to hungry stomachs and competitive appetites alike. Eschew the finery of flatware for a more digit-friendly approach by dining on an appetizing array of finger foods, such as the five-piece potato skins ($7.99). Or, fall fork-first into a caesar ($5.99), or buffalo-chicken-finger salad ($8.99). Team sandwich produces a plate-worthy starting lineup of burgers ($5.99+), wraps ($6.99+), and clubs ($5.99+), and eight draft beers await to take the edge off of roaring-hot buffalo wings ($9.99 for 10 wings), or hair-raising run-ins with the ghost of Minnesota Fats.
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    716 East Ridge Road
    Rochester, NY US
  • Bison Billiards
    Taking pool shots inside Bison Billiards can feel more like playing in a professional tournament than at a local pool hall. This is because players test their mettle on multiple professional-quality pool tables––including Diamond and Gabriels––covered in Simonis cloth and stocked with Aramith balls. The in-house pro shop equips players with a variety of cues, accessories, and cases from top-industry names such as Predator and Poison. About the only distraction from the billiards is the stocked bar, which houses more than 25 varieties of beer and a bank of dartboards that enables visitors to practice their aim before the tailless donkeys invade.
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    8216 Main St
    Williamsville, NY US
  • The Stadium
    Even as bears hibernate for the winter or squirrels hide in rubber trees when it rains, humans don’t need to stop being active during inclement weather. Within the walls of The Stadium’s family-friendly activity center, visitors can revel in activities such as dodge ball, indoor batting cages, and a golf simulator. Kids can also keep creditors off their back with bouts of laser tag, frolic in the bounce house, or get together for birthday parties or sleepovers in a safe, supervised environment.
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    315 Genesee St
    Auburn, NY US
  • Big Boy Toyz
    Originally Rick's Home Billiards, Big Boy Toyz continues the business's more than 40-year history by equipping fun seekers with toys, remote-controlled vehicles, and items for their game rooms. A bird-shaped pen-holder kit ($12.95) beckons customers to chat with a multicoloured parrot, whose built-in microphone records personalized messages perfect to play back for friends or judges in traffic-court hearings. Skilled hands can use a remote control to steer a green RC racing buggy ($21.95) around sharp turns or can launch a Wilson NCAA basketball ($19) on hoop-bound flights. Mix up clubs and spades with a wooden-style automatic card shuffler ($19.95), or throw sets of brass soft-tip darts ($20) to highlight important chart areas during office meetings.
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    645 Pharmacy Avenue
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Danny Greens Billiards Bar
    Dedicated to unleashing the inner pool sharks in players of all ages, the staff at Danny Greens Billiards Bar outfits patrons with all of the equipment necessary to engage in family-friendly recreation. The sounds of orbs cracking together fills the air as groups of revellers assemble around the bar’s fleet of pool tables for hours of billiards. Mo Seto—a five-time Canadian snooker and nine-ball champion—imparts her cue-handling prowess during in-depth lessons on the essentials of billiards such as proper striking form and how to properly use blue chalk for a Smurf costume. The bar offers organic and vegetarian dishes alongside standard bar noshes including wings, nachos, and sweet-potato fries. To further bolster the entertaining atmosphere, Danny Greens’ hosts an ever-changing line-up of events throughout the week, from open-mic nights to stand-up comedy shows. The 4,000-square-foot space can also accommodate leagues, tournaments, parties, and events.
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    1218 Danforth Avenue
    Toronto, ON CA