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With a lengthy menu featuring Cantonese, Mandarin, and Sichuan cooking styles, Chef Sau Restaurant appeals to all palates with both spicy and mild dishes. Diners can prep maws for ensuing tides of spice with an appetizer of crisp spring rolls ($3.50). The eatery's cooks prepare beef, pork, poultry, and seafood in both sweet and savory styles, denoting spicy items on the menu with a star to indicate those dishes got a perfect score on a recent spelling test. House specials include orange-flavored chicken served on a bed of broccoli and cashews ($9.25), and tofu pad thai, a combination of rice noodles, bean sprouts, and lemon-flavored tofu topped with ground peanuts to add crunch and inspire jealousy in pistachios ($7.50).

148 Main St

Shangri-La's chefs craft traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes such as sizzling scallops sautéed with a black-pepper sauce and tangy tangerine beef. Special sushi rolls include their crazy roll, which combines shrimp tempura, avocado, scallions, and pamphlets from local cults, as well as the boston roll, a medley of lobster, salmon, and tobiko. Stone walls, a cherry-red sushi bar, and dark-wood tables dressed in white linens create an elegant ambiance that suits anniversary dinners or birthday feasts.

60 Madison St

The chefs at Tenka Asian Bistro don't hide in the kitchen while concocting their mouthwatering Japanese cuisine. Whether they're searing up meats on tableside hibachi grills or tranquilly crafting rolls at the sushi bar, these chefs entertain their guests with flashy cooking techniques right in the dining room. The result of these culinary performances is a vast menu of sushi and sashimi and dazzling displays of seared hibachi scallops, filet mignon, lobster, and chicken. Meanwhile behind closed kitchen doors, another team of chefs whips up Chinese specialties such as lo mein, egg foo young, and fried rice out of the sightlines of hungry guests and vengeful Medusas.

153 Turnpike Rd.

Though recently featured in a USA Today Travel article that praised its “astonishing” chow mein sandwich, Chan’s Fine Oriental Dining is known by locals for more than just its kitchen’s specialties. The restaurant also won a prestigious Keeping the Blues Alive award in 2011, and its world-famous jazz and blues performances have helped cement its self-proclaimed reputation as New England’s "home of eggroll, jazz, and blues."

Long before the sounds of horns and saxophones filled its halls, the New Shanghai Restaurant opened its doors in 1905. It was not until the mid-1960s, however, that the Chan family refurbished the Woonsocket landmark and began serving an innovative combination of Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan, and Mandarin cuisines. Around this time, the Chans also brought in the live jazz and blues music that continues to fill the main dining area—known as the Horseshoe Bar Lounge—and the famous Four Seasons Jazz and Blues Club.

With its red paper lanterns, traditional Chinese artwork, and colorful paintings of musicians, the Four Seasons has played host to such legendary blues, jazz, and folk artists as Dizzy Gillespie and Rebecca Parris. A buffet spread accompanies musical performances, during which enthralled audiences watch as musicians pound eggrolls against snare drums or slide their hands along guitars strung up with slippery chow mein noodles.

267 Main St

Chefs at Foody Goody decorate their buffet with a vast menu of Chinese fare, Mongolian barbecue–style stir-fry and freshly rolled sushi. A dozen different artfully arranged sushi rolls wrap spicy tuna or tempura-battered shrimp into a bite-size bundle to assuage bellies or replace the coal on snowman coats. At the Mongolian barbecue station, diners can orchestrate a feast of lo-mein noodles, fresh veggies, and five types of meat, which pop and skitter across a hot grill at the hands of a seasoned chef. Buffet cruisers can also swoop up mouths-full of crab legs, oysters, shrimp, and scallops at the seafood bar like Poseidon bobbing for seafood. Chefs at Foody Goody happily accommodate special orders, and custom-craft wholesome cuisine for diabetic and meat-free diets. Although not a part of this Groupon, there is also 200 person banquet room available for special events and partys.

1714 Boston Rd

Though it may sound like a panda's wildest dream, Bamboo Garden is about so much more than leafy greens. This Chinese restaurant in Windsor features dozens of traditional dishes?some sweet, many spicy, and all worth a try. The chef's favorites include twice-cooked fish, wood- and tea-smoked duck, and crispy walnut prawns served in a conveniently edible basket. Speaking of convenience, the menu is helpfully divided into sections based on the type of meat used and which flavor of Mountain Dew it goes best with.

555 Day Hill Rd