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      Roald Dahl Collection 15-Book Box Set

      Enjoy classic works for kids, such as Fantastic Mr. Fox and James and the Giant Peach, from the legendary British writer

      $207.59 $49.99

      DC Comics and Marvel Comic Book Bundles

      Superheroes such as Superman, Batman, or Hulk grace the pages of these randomly selected comics sets, which include titles from the ’80s on

      $99.99 $24.99

      Amazon 4GB 6" Kindle with Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Trial

      Flip through thousands of books, audiobooks, and games on a portable 6” touchscreen and read hot bestsellers with a Kindle Unlimited trial

      $79.99 $68.99

      Furinno Parsons Staggered Cube Bookcase with Six Shelves

      Balancing function and style, this bookcase displays items on its six shelves while enhancing interior decor with its staggered cube design

      $119.99 $43.99

      Audiobooks.com – Up to 46% Off


      Audiobooks.com – Up to 46% Off

      Monthly audiobook service lets subscribers stream or download more than 50,000 audiobooks on iOS and Android devices.

      $14.95 $8

      Giant Comic Book Bundle

      Assorted comic book and trading card bundle comes with everything needed to start collecting, or supplement an already robust library

      $275 $49.99

      DC, Marvel, or Independent Comic Bundle

      Grab bag bundle of comic books to bolster an existing collection or get one started with a smattering of classic and obscure titles

      $99.99 $24.99

      Celebrity Audio Bible Download

      Full NIV Bible on MP3 digital download and mobile app, voiced by famous actors and notable clergy

      $49.99 $14.99

      Brick Shakespeare

      Classic tales from the world’s most famous writer, retold and recast with some of the world’s most famous toys

      $19.95 $12.99

      Furinno Corner Shelf

      Minimal and modern corner shelf for home, office, and outdoor organization and display

      $39.99 $12.99

      Zig Zag Shelves

      Modern shelves with connected design hold books, pictures, and decorative items; available in low 3-shelf and high 6-shelf designs

      $199.99 $99.99

      62% Off Personalized Novels

      U Star Novels

      62% Off Personalized Novels

      Star alongside your partner in a steamy romance novel, such as the vampire-filled Blood Lust, or play the lead role in a classic

      $39.95 $17

      The Royal Family Book and DVD Gift Set

      Gift set hits high notes of the English monarchy’s long and storied history, but the main focus is the royal family of today

      $15.99 $11.99

      50% Off eBooks and More from NOOK by Barnes & Noble

      Marketplace of over four million eBooks, comics, newspapers, & magazines for any smartphone or tablet provides entertainment anywhere you go

      $10 $5

      The Essential Downton Abbey 2-Book Set

      Two glossy hardcover companion books provide a look behind the scenes of hit show Downton Abbey and flesh out its world with new details

      $59.98 $14.99

      Up to 55% Off a Comic-Book Collection

      Searchlight Comics

      Up to 55% Off a Comic-Book Collection

      Random assortment of DC and Marvel comics helps start or build a collection filled with characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman

      $43.98 $19.99

      Flexi Brain Games Books

      Books of puzzles, games, and illusions provide entertainment while helping sharpen the mind

      $9.98 $8.99

      Biography and History Audiobooks

      Powerful biographies and historical events recounted in audiobook format on CD, ideal for listening to during commutes or on road trips

      $14.95 $8.99

      Call The Midwife Audiobook

      Powerful memoir recounted in audiobook format on CD, ideal for listening to during commutes or on road trips

      $39.95 $8.97