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      Up to 90% Off Chiropractic Adjustment and Massage

      Core Wellness Centre

      St. Clair Avenue West Subway (1.9 miles)

      Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate back and neck pain; massages aim to induce relaxation

      C$336.05 C$39

      Up to 70% Off a Juice Cleanse at Cruda Cafe


      Downtown Toronto (1.6 miles)

      Six bottles of liquid nourishment packed with ingredients such as carrots, beets, berries & kale; plus option for raw eats such as lasagna

      C$160 C$69

      $20 for $200 Toward Custom Orthotics

      Biodynamics Toronto

      Davisville (2.2 miles)

      Specialists outfit work boots, dress shoes, or sneakers with custom orthotics

      C$200 C$20

      81% Off Acupuncture

      Avenue Acupuncture

      Nortown (4.6 miles)

      Chinese medicine practitioner helps patients find relief from pain and stress through ancient Chinese healing

      C$203.40 C$39

      Up to 83% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Bayview Village Wellness Centre

      Bayview Village Shopping Centre (6.9 miles)

      With an exam, muscle scan, and spinal imaging, chiropractors gain insight on spine subluxations before performing an adjustment to ease pain

      C$144 C$29

      Up to 75% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      The Natural Therapy & Associate

      Casa Loma (1.4 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      C$70 C$25

      Up to 55% Off Hydrotherapy at Reverse Aging Clinic

      Reverse Aging Clinic

      Mississauga (9.7 miles)

      Purified water flows through the colon, cleaning out accumulated toxins and waste

      C$99 C$49

      Up to 84% Off Posture Correction Treatment

      The Posture Clinic

      Multiple Locations (5.6 miles)

      After analyzing posture with digital-imaging technology, the chiropractor uses micro-adjustment techniques to realign the spine

      C$165 C$29

      Up to 92% Off Spinal-Decompression Treatments

      PhysioCare Group Clinic

      Newtonbrook (7.7 miles)

      Noninvasive, traction-based therapy relieves pressure on spine, allowing vertebrae to expand so oxygen & nutrients can help discs heal

      C$360 C$39

      68% Off Hydrotherapy Cleanse

      Vitalife Digestive Wellness Clinic

      The Beaches (4.6 miles)

      Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the lower intestine

      C$85 C$27 Sale Ends 10/2

      Up to 90% Off at The Posture Clinic

      The Posture Clinic

      Multiple Locations (5.6 miles)

      Chiropractor analyzes posture and aids it with adjustments and gentle traction; moulds for orthotics and relaxing massages also on offer

      C$200 C$20

      53% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Body Cleansing & Colon Hydrotherapy

      High Park North (3.5 miles)

      Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the large intestine

      C$75 C$35

      Up to 88% Off Chiropractic Packages

      York Family Chiropractic

      Thornhill (10.1 miles)

      Chiropractic packages begin with a consultation & x-rays to determine source of health concerns followed by separate adjustment appointments

      C$195 C$29

      Up to 78% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      Source Centre for Health and Wellness

      Toronto (1.6 miles)

      After a consultation, an acupuncturist places sterile, hair-thin needles throughout the body to help activate healing processes

      C$170 C$39

      Up to 59% Off Reflexology Packages

      Eastern Spa

      Thornhill (9.0 miles)

      Experts use massage and reflexology to help the body drain toxins as they relieve aches and pains while feet soak in an herbal bath

      C$80 C$35

      Up to 71% Off Acupuncture

      Yellow Gazebo Natural Health Care

      St. Clair- Christie (2.3 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      C$120 C$39

      Up to 90% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Dr. Javitz Chiropractic

      North York/Toronto (6.7 miles)

      Chiropractor locates the source of pain and help the issue with noninvasive therapies

      C$280 C$29

      Up to 56% Off from Low Carb Canada

      Low Carb Canada

      Multiple Locations (6.7 miles)

      Zero-carb, zero-calorie, gluten free, vegan, non-gmo noodles designed to help burn fat and offer pasta lovers a healthy alternative

      C$45.48 C$25

      90% Off Custom Orthotics

      Forest Hill Physiotherapy & Health Centre

      Toronto (2.6 miles)

      Specialists use 3D technology to design comfortable orthotics that reduce strain associated with pressure points and muscle tension

      C$250 C$25

      93% Off Three-Stage Spinal Decompression Treatment

      Canadian Decompression & Pain Centers

      Multiple Locations (14.4 miles)

      Technicians ease back & neck pain in three stages using table to pull affected joints with added oxygen therapy

      C$442.50 C$29

      Up to 62% Off Reiki Sessions

      Indigo Child Wellness

      Little Italy (1.6 miles)

      Reiki practitioner helps calm the body and clear obstructions in energy through ancient Japanese healing technique

      C$60 C$25

      Up to 63% Off Cosmetic Acupuncture

      MAI Medical Health Centre

      Vaughan (13.0 miles)

      Specialists consult with patients and perform cosmetic treatments with acupuncture therapy

      C$110 C$49

      Up to 52% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Healix DNA

      Toronto (5.1 miles)

      Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the lower intestine

      C$90 C$45

      Up to 86% Off at In-Line Family Chiropractic

      In-Line Family Chiropractic

      Oakville (24.8 miles)

      Doctors reveal spinal condition with posture analysis and a range-of-motion assessment; gentle adjustments correct misalignment

      C$150 C$23

      57% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Alla Wellness & Beauty Lounge

      Toronto (4.7 miles)

      Gentle, sanitary 30- to 45-minute colonic may ease discomfort caused by constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other common issues

      C$90 C$39

      Up to 61% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      RelaxZone Wellness Centre

      Richmond Hill (19.8 miles)

      Gravity-fed, 100-degree water gently flushes excess waste from the colon

      C$100 C$49

      Up to 67% Off Detox-Sauna Sessions

      Summer Illusions Tanning & Spa

      Erin Mills (18.4 miles)

      Sauna helps detoxify, boost weight-loss programs, relieve pain and stiffness, and ease maladies such as eczema and arthritis

      C$30 C$15

      Up to 60% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Brampton Colonics

      Brampton (19.4 miles)

      Patients relax inside private treatment room as colon therapists use warm, gentle streams of water to flush out toxins from the body

      C$120 C$49

      Up to 86% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic

      Richmond Hill (13.2 miles)

      Chiropractic professionals examine spines and relieve pain with targeted adjustments; nutritional counseling helps with pain management

      C$170 C$25

      Up to 82% Off at Streetsville Chiropractic

      Streetsville Chiropractic

      Multiple Locations (17.5 miles)

      Chiropractors draw on various adjustment techniques to help relieve pain

      C$195 C$39

      Up to 89% Off at Bayview North Family Chiropractic

      Bayview North Family Chiropractic

      Richmond Hill (12.5 miles)

      Clinic with three Doctors of Chiropractic on staff employs advanced technology to scan muscles and spines for potential problems

      C$253 C$29

      Up to 76% Off Acupuncture

      Health Reliable Rehabilitation Centre

      Mississauga (16.0 miles)

      A registered acupuncturist creates a custom acupuncture regimen, then inserts sterile needles in the body’s energy meridians to ease aches

      C$85 C$29.99

      Up to 84% Off Hypnosis Sessions

      Positive Changes Hypnosis - Hamilton

      Hamilton (37.9 miles)

      Hypnotist taps into clients' subconscious to help them quit smoking, lose weight, or reduce stress, among many other possibilities

      C$150 C$29

      95% Off Spinal-Decompression Treatments

      CDNC (Canadian Decompression & Neuropathy Center)

      Scarborough (9.5 miles)

      Multi-lingual professionals help increase spinal movement and ease pain with a holistic approach

      C$975 C$49

      Up to 76% Off Chiropractic Care

      Cloverdale Chiropractic Clinic

      Etobicoke (8.8 miles)

      Initial exam includes consultation, chiropractic exam & Myovision scan analysis; treatments include spinal adjustments & hot pack therapy

      C$120 C$39

      64% Off Chiropractic Assessment and Massage

      Newmarket Health and Wellness Center

      Newmarket (26.4 miles)

      Chiropractic assessment identifies health issues; registered massage therapist eases pain and tension

      C$135 C$49

      Up to 54% Off Acupuncture with Tui na Massage

      Vital Bloom Acupuncture and Wellness

      Wholistic Care Center (3.4 miles)

      After a consultation, superfine needles optimize energy-flow throughout the body to ease a range of maladies, from chronic aches to anxiety

      C$100 C$49

      92% Off Body-Contouring or Skin-Tightening Treatments

      Rayne Spa

      Riverdale (1.7 miles)

      Technicians use radio frequencies to help metabolize fat deposits to slim down trouble areas, reduce cellulite, or tighten loose skin

      C$3,300 C$279

      Up to 93% Off Spinal Decompression

      Hamilton Wellness Center

      Stinson (37.3 miles)

      Healthcare providers review clients' health history before relieving spinal compression and muscle tension

      C$200 C$19

      Up to 54% Off Reflexology Sessions

      Natural Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center

      Upper Appleby Professional Centre (27.9 miles)

      Reflexology targets stress and imbalances in the body through the massaging of the feet.

      C$50 C$25

      Up to 79% Off Chiropractic Care and Massage

      NTO Wellness & Rehab Inc.

      Willowdale (6.6 miles)

      Chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage are tailored to your needs after a thorough exam and report of findings

      C$135 C$29

      Up to 78% Off Acupuncture at Massage Habit

      Massage Habit

      Richmond Hill (17.1 miles)

      Acupuncturist assesses clients' needs before applying thin, sterile needs to key points in an aim to rebalance the body's energy

      C$85 C$19

      85% Off Chiropractic Exam and Massages

      Back To Life Physiotherapy

      Scarborough Village (12.2 miles)

      Chiropractic office with 15+ years of experience helps clients deal with injuries and chronic pain through adjustments and massage

      C$240 C$35

      Up to 61% Off Colon-Hydrotherapy Packages

      Kleen Kolonics

      Multiple Locations (6.5 miles)

      Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the large intestine

      C$100 C$39

      Up to 68% Off Acupuncture Pain Relief or Acne Treatments

      YangHeal Health and Wellness Centre

      Richmond Hill (14.3 miles)

      Thin needles places strategically around the body help alleviate certain health issues or acne

      C$155 C$49

      Up to 93% Off Chiropractic Care at The Vitality Center

      The Vitality Center

      Annex Location (1.2 miles)

      Spinal decompression can alleviate pain caused by herniated and bulging disks, degenerative spine disorders, and other neck and back issues

      C$300 C$29.99

      Up to 80% Off Hypnosis Sessions at Empowered and Free

      Empowered and Free

      Audio sessions lead clients into a state of deep relaxation, helping to relieve anxiety, control addictive habits, and induce weight loss

      C$49.99 C$14.99

      Up to 77% Off Acupuncture

      Healing Arts Centre

      The Annex (0.8 miles)

      Acupuncturist with 25+ years of experience inserts needles into the body's meridians to help balance the flow of energy and promote healing

      C$160 C$39