Driving Range in Baltimore

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Bayview Golf Center gives players space to hone their swings all year long with an outdoor driving range and an indoor golf simulator. In warmer months, golfers can send range balls skyward from any of 36 tees, but if the conditions get too cold for even the 18 covered and heated stalls, players can head indoors to hammer drives into the P3ProSwing's simulator screen. Players can practice on their choice of 36 famous golf courses and receive instant swing feedback on every club in their bag, from driver to tire iron. The simulator tracks the entire swing path through the impact zone and provides a detailed breakdown of swing and ball-flight data, ranging from swing tempo to total carry. Former PGA Class A member Norm Vacovsky draws on 34 years of coaching experience to help players get over learning plateaus during lessons held at the center.

6501 E Lombard St