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      Up to 73% Off Cryotherapy

      DFW CRYO

      Southwest Fort Worth Medical District/Mira Vista(7.6 miles)

      Brief submersions in sub-zero temps designed to help the body overcome chronic pain, spasms, and inflammation

      $195 $52 Sale Ends 1/29

      45% Off Consultant - Counselor / Therapist

      Compassion Family Counseling

      Dalworthington Gardens(9.6 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $125 $69

      Up to 82% Off Tattoo Removal

      DFW Tattoo Removal

      Colleyville(15.6 miles)

      Trained professionals employ Candela Alexandrite TriVantage lasers to shed ink

      $450 $119

      Up to 77% Off Cryotherapy

      Cosmetic Procedures Center

      North Richland Hills(10.0 miles)

      Short sessions in chambers cooled as low as -220 degrees help athletes recover from workouts and injuries

      $195 $45

      Up to 83% Off Laser Leg-Vein Treatments

      Skin Studio & Laser Boutique

      Colleyville(13.8 miles)

      Laser light collapses visible veins while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed

      $400 $99

      Up to 53% Off Organized Student Workshop

      Organized Student

      Multiple Locations(12.2 miles)

      Teacher with 18 years of experience shares helpful tips on backpack organization, homework routines, and other topics

      $150 $75

      Up to 50% Off Skincare Products from Instantly Ageless

      Instantly Ageless

      Multiple Locations(7.7 miles)

      Anti-aging skincare products, including moisturizers, face and lip scrubs, and a cosmeceutical serum dubbed “facelift in a bottle”

      $20 $11

      Up to 95% Off Spine, Knee, or Pain Care

      Advanced Spine and Joint

      Fort Worth(9.4 miles)

      Dr. John Nguyen and his team specialize in pain management and orthopedic ailments

      $540 $29

      Up to 91% Off Chiropractic Exam and Spinal Decompression

      Wellness Centers of Richland Hills

      Richland Hills(8.1 miles)

      After identifying the source of pain, the chiropractor gently extends the spine to relieve pressure

      $315 $29

      Up to 68% Off Cryotherapy

      Cryo Nation

      Grapevine(19.8 miles)

      Cryotherapy sessions rapidly cool the body, which reduces inflammation and can treat issues such as arthritis, pulled muscles, and acne

      $50 $17

      45% Off Medical Physical

      Bumps N' Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care

      Walnut Creek Valley(15.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $20 $11

      Up to 76% Off Counseling Services

      Precious J & J Counseling and Associates

      Arlington(11.0 miles)

      A clinical psychologist administers counseling to assess the traits, feelings, beliefs, and attributes that lead to problems

      $420 $99

      45% Off Matchmaking

      Dr Cheri Moore

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $1,000 $550

      55% Off Hair Restoration

      Dorroyz Salon & Hair Replacement

      Arlington(11.3 miles)

      From the merchant: Specialist will analyze, diagnose, and treat the scalp and hair, perform a 10-minute scalp massage, cut, and style

      $250 $112

      Up to 76% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Treatments

      Le Spa Fit

      Grapevine(19.4 miles)

      Techs use Aerolase's LightPod Neo laser to treat toenail fungus

      $175 $49

      Up to 51% Off a Blood Test or Lipid Panel

      Ulta Lab Tests

      Get an idea of your wellness status by receiving results from a general-health blood test and a cholesterol-measuring lipid panel

      $99 $49

      Up to 89% Off Spider-Vein or Tattoo Removal, or Photo Facial

      Derma Spa Laser Clinic

      West Arlington(10.1 miles)

      IPL lasers noninvasively break down unsightly veins or the pigments of unwanted tattoos, or rejuvenate facial skin

      $375 $49

      Up to 85% Off Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

      Deena Willis at Legacy Salons and Day Spa

      Deena Willis at Legacy Salons and Day Spa(12.7 miles)

      Beauty expert Deena Willis targets the signs of age with treatments including facials, microdermabrasion treatments, and collagen infusions

      $660 $99

      60% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

      Calista Skin & Laser Center

      Colleyville(15.6 miles)

      Noninvasive treatment targets nail fungus and the underlying infection without damaging the surrounding tissues

      $249 $99

      Up to 76% Off Nonsurgical Facial Treatments

      New Hope Health Care

      Fielder Park(11.2 miles)

      Microdermabrasion facial exfoliates the complexion; nonsurgical face-lift stimulates cell renewal with electric pulses and LED light

      $150 $40 Sale Ends 1/29

      Up to 69% Off Hearing Tests or Hearing Aid Cleaning

      American Hearing Laboratories

      Multiple Locations(12.6 miles)

      Hearing tests determine speech reception threshold and ability to discriminate words; hearing aid cleaning keep devices working well

      $90 $29

      Up to 90% Off Massages and Spinal Decompressions

      River Oaks Spine & Rehab Center

      Lewisville(29.0 miles)

      Treatments alleviate back and neck pain; one-hour massage further soothes and reduces stress

      $215 $25

      89% Off Aqua Massage and Spinal Decompression

      Grennan Chiropractic

      Las Colinas(24.5 miles)

      Aqua massages relax tension with warm water jets behind a waterproof barrier; spinal decompression relieves back pain and promotes healing

      $220 $25

      Up to 75% Off Spider-Vein Removal

      Le Spa Fit by Vuja De Aesthetics

      Grapevine(19.4 miles)

      Techs use Aerolase’s LightPod Neo laser to reduce the appearance of spider veins

      $398 $129

      Up to 84% Off Nonsurgical Face-Lift in Arlington

      Great Skin Spa & Skincare

      Southwest Arlington(10.0 miles)

      Anti-aging package rejuvenates with the Ageless Beauty facial, ultrasonic brow, eye and face lift, and soothing collagen eye treatment

      $250 $39

      Up to 72% Off Facial Services in Arlington

      New Hope Health Care

      Fielder Park(11.2 miles)

      Microderm facial exfoliates the complexion, and nonsurgical face-lift stimulates cell renewal with electrical pulses and LED light.

      $150 $45

      Up to 85% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

      Advanced Physical Medicine

      West Arlington(11.4 miles)

      Vitamin B12 has been shown to help boost the body’s metabolism, improve focus, and increase energy

      $255 $39

      Up to 54% Off Mole or Skin-Growth Removal

      Krystal Klear Skin Care Solutions

      Pantego(9.2 miles)

      Following a consultation, a specialist will use electrolysis to remove noncancerous moles or growths in 10–20 minutes with minimal scarring

      $50 $25

      Up to 76% Off Mole, Lesion, or Skin Tag Removals

      Serenity – Rx Skin Care & Spa

      Serenity RX Skincare(14.4 miles)

      Trained technician uses a laser to remove moles, lesions, or skin tags

      $150 $49

      89% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Parker Chiropractic Clinic

      Irving(21.2 miles)

      Pain evaluations and spinal decompression treatments help to ease patient discomfort

      $216 $26 Sale Ends 1/29

      Up to 78% Off Laser Spider-Vein Treatments

      Calista Skin & Laser Center

      Colleyville(15.6 miles)

      Noninvasive beams from a Candela GentleYAG laser help erase spider veins

      $398 $99

      86% Off Sclerotherapy at Total Vein Treatment Centers

      Total Vein Treatment Centers

      Multiple Locations(31.9 miles)

      Nonsurgical treatment targets spider veins and small varicose veins, causing them to seal and gradually disappear over time

      $350 $49

      Up to 57% Off Cryotherapy Sessions

      SubZero Cryotherapy - Mansfield

      Mansfield(14.6 miles)

      Sessions quickly drop body temperature to reduce pain and inflammation

      $195 $89

      67% Off at Vanish Laser Tattoo Removal & Skin Aesthetics

      Vanish Laser Tattoo Removal & Skin Aesthetics

      Fort Worth(3.9 miles)

      Laser specialists disassemble ink particles with the beams of an Astanza Trinity laser, causing unwanted tattoos to gradually fade

      $450 $149

      70% Off Nutritional Assessment at Texas Wellness

      Texas Wellness

      Southlake(17.9 miles)

      By placing your hand on a special cradle, a computer sends signals to your body and reads the responses to help assess health factors

      $150 $45

      50% Off Microcurrent Facial, Natural Facelift, Body Contouring

      Essentials Beauty

      Keller(15.1 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $50 $25

      Up to 61% Off Whole-Body Cryotherapy


      Located at 280 Sports(19.2 miles)

      Whole-body cryotherapy can assist in relieving pain, boosting energy, speeding up recovery time, and burning calories

      $150 $59

      Up to 73% Off Vitamin-B12 Injections

      Ideal Skin Laser & Wellness Center

      Cultural District(2.7 miles)

      A combination of vitamin B12 and three other amino acids boosts liver metabolism to aid diet and exercise efforts

      $400 $109

      Up to 81% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

      Juvia Med Spa

      Colleyville(14.1 miles)

      Lipotropic injections jump-start the liver’s fat-processing capabilities while accelerating metabolism and boosting energy

      $140 $39

      Lipo Laser Sessions

      Total Body Wellness

      Colleyville(14.7 miles)

      Red light penetrates the skin, coaxing cells into releasing fat reserves that can then be burned off by the body's metabolism

      $220 $89

      Up to 86% Off Accent Your Body Body Contouring

      All Care Medical Clinics

      North Richland Hills(9.4 miles)

      Medical aestheticians and onsite doctors help lift and smooth loose skin with radio-frequency thermotherapy to reduce inches and cellulite

      $1,395 $219

      Up to 63% Off Vitamin B12 and Liptropic Injections

      True MD

      Colleyville(16.7 miles)

      Vitamin B12 boosts the healthy functioning of the metabolism and encourages a healthy nervous system

      $200 $79

      75% Off Weight-Loss Treatments

      Blueprint to Healthcare

      Valley Ranch(25.9 miles)

      Red light infiltrates fat cells to melt and flush out fat to help create slimmer trouble areas with no downtime or surgery

      $500 $125

      77% Off Laser Vein Removal

      Med Spa at Seena One

      Garden Acres Area(10.0 miles)

      YAG laser gently zaps unsightly veins, causing them to heat up, coagulate, disintegrate, and eventually disappear from the skin’s surface

      $600 $139

      50% Off DNA Paternity Test

      Watchdog Solutions

      Old Orchard Village(27.5 miles)

      DNA paternity tests provide clients with 99.9% accurate results while keeping them 100% confidential

      $400 $199

      53% Off Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Divine Footcare Center

      Irving(19.7 miles)

      Treatment penetrates infected toenails and destroys fungus

      $275 $129

      Up to 68% Off Laser Tattoo Removal in Lewisville

      Tat Laser Removal Clinic, LLC

      Lewisville(27.8 miles)

      Nonablative lasers reduce unwanted tattoos with variable-wavelength infrared light

      $150 $49

      Up to 68% Off Cryotherapy and Consultation

      Icebox Cryo of Texas

      Burleson(12.7 miles)

      Sessions quickly drop body temperature to reduce pain and inflammation

      $150 $50