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      Up to 67% Off Nutrition Consultations

      Nutrition House heartland

      Nutrition House Heartland(15.7 miles)

      Practitioners customize each nutrition consultation to fit individual needs with dietary suggestions and advice

      C$100 C$35

      91% Off an Online Nutritional-Therapist Course

      The Health Sciences Academy

      Accredited course for a nutritional-therapist certification includes 60 hours of online material, plus interactive and printable features

      $1,069 $99

      50% Off at Popeye's Supplements

      Popeye's Supplements

      Multiple Locations(2.2 miles)

      Knowledgeable staff at national retailer decks shelves with over 800 vitamins, high-octane supplements, powders, protein bars, and shakes

      C$30 C$15

      93% Off Boot-Camp and Kickboxing Classes

      BOSS Fitness Bootcamps at Ryouko Martial Arts

      Scarborough(14.6 miles)

      Boot-camp classes build strength and cardiovascular endurance; kickboxing classes hone reflexes and self-defense moves

      C$290 C$19

      Up to 73% Off Lipo Laser Treatments

      Aloma Rejuvenate Wellness Spa

      Brampton(15.2 miles)

      Specific body areas are targeted with a laser designed to liquefy fat

      C$297 C$119

      53% Off Healthy Vegan Cooking Class at Vibrant Lifestyle

      Vibrant Lifestyle

      Liberty Village - Liberty Market Building(2.8 miles)

      Nutritionist shows folks how to prepare healthy vegan meals, such as smoothies and pies, while preserving flavor and nutrients

      C$85 C$40

      Up to 70% Off a Juice Cleanse at Cruda Cafe


      Downtown Toronto(1.6 miles)

      Six bottles of liquid nourishment packed with ingredients such as carrots, beets, berries & kale; plus option for raw eats such as lasagna

      C$160 C$69

      76% Off Mink Eyelash Extensions

      Beauty One 1 Spa & Weightloss Centre

      Scarborough(8.2 miles)

      Mink eyelashes add length and drama to lids, minimizing reliance on mascara and other cosmetics

      C$160 C$39

      Up to 92% Off Hypnosis Therapy at Alive & Free Hypnosis

      Alive & Free Hypnosis

      Multiple Locations(13.8 miles)

      Practitioners lead clients into a state of deep relaxation, helping to relieve anxiety, control addictive habits, and induce weight loss

      C$175 C$19

      91% Off Body Contouring

      Ocean Breeze Spa

      Maple(13.8 miles)

      20-minute cellulite-reduction treatments combine with 20-minute body-contouring sessions to leave skin looking smoother and younger

      C$339 C$29

      Up to 87% Off Boot-Camp Classes

      Trainer Jane

      Multiple Locations(18.4 miles)

      A certified personal trainer and nutrition coach leads groups through workouts designed for weight loss and fitness maintenance

      C$197 C$29

      Up to 83% Off Cellulite-Reduction Sessions

      Vital-Ki Natural Health Centre

      Vital Ki(4.0 miles)

      Staff employs clinical machine that tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite using light and infrared heat

      C$600 C$129

      Up to 81% Off a 90 minute Holistic Spa Package

      Royal Beauty of Carmen

      Downtown Toronto(1.4 miles)

      Licensed, experienced aestheticians use all-natural skincare products free of chemicals and preservatives during a 90 minute spa package

      C$285 C$55

      Up to 88% Off Versa Slim Fat Reduction

      La Jolie Femme Salon & Spa

      Downtown Toronto(1.7 miles)

      Laser energy breaks down stubborn fat cells around the body, targeting problem regions

      C$400 C$69

      Up to 85% Off Laser-Lipo Treatments

      Viva Clinic

      Mississauga(12.4 miles)

      Noninvasive laser treatments, which don't require any downtime, shrink fat cells in areas such as the hips, abdomen, and thighs

      C$300 C$59

      Unlimited Fitness Classes at Fit Body Boot Camp

      Fit Body Boot Camp

      Burlington(30.1 miles)

      Trainers lead groups through cardio and strength-training exercises designed to boost caloric burn during and after workouts

      C$185 C$39

      Up to 68% Off Acupuncture

      MAI Medical Health Centre

      Vaughan(13.0 miles)

      Specialists consult with patients and perform cosmetic treatments or tackle weight-loss goals with acupuncture therapy

      C$110 C$49

      Up to 82% Off i-Lipo Fat-Reduction Sessions

      Bellissima Spa and Laser Clinic

      Aurora(23.2 miles)

      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      C$690 C$129

      Up to 68% Off from Toronto Weight Loss Challenge

      Toronto Weight Loss Challenge

      Multiple Locations(2.4 miles)

      Get into shape with fitness classes that includes support from a wellness coach and a personalized meal plan

      C$90 C$29

      Up to 75% Off Ultra Cavitation Body Contouring

      Inspire Spa

      North York(6.6 miles)

      Noninvasive Ultra Cavitation/RF treatments liquefy fat cells in problem areas such as the abdomen, arms, hips, and thighs

      C$300 C$80 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 85% Off SlimLine Laser Fat Reduction

      ExSalonce Laser & Esthetics

      Oakville(20.9 miles)

      Noninvasive 20-minute treatment is comprised of laser diodes that emit low-level energy to prompt the release of cellular fat

      C$300 C$59

      Up to 66% Off Body-Type Identification Session

      Mind Your Life And Associates

      Multiple Locations(2.9 miles)

      Expert can identify your body type from 25 choices and help you make better nutritional decisions

      C$100 C$49

      Up to 86% Off at BodyTech Wellness

      BodyTech Wellness

      Meadowvale/Streetsville(17.8 miles)

      Wellness centre tones clients with unlimited access to calorie-torching fitness classes, which can be further boosted by contouring sessions

      C$925 C$129

      Up to 89% Off i-Lipo Body Contouring

      Vaughan Laser & Anti-Aging Clinic

      Vaughan(12.3 miles)

      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      C$398 C$79

      Up to 74% Off Formostar Body Wraps 

      Classic Tan

      Multiple Locations(4.0 miles)

      Far-infrared heat boosts metabolism and detoxification and burns up to 1,400 calories during 50-minute sessions

      C$79 C$24 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 80% Off at TruBody Fitness

      TruBody Fitness


      Students gain the tools to lose fat forever with a results-based training program that motivates the mind and moves the body

      C$150 C$40 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 67% Off Detox-Sauna Sessions

      Summer Illusions Tanning & Spa

      Erin Mills(18.4 miles)

      Sauna helps detoxify, boost weight-loss programs, relieve pain and stiffness, and ease maladies such as eczema and arthritis

      C$30 C$15

      Up to 80% Off Hypnosis Sessions at Empowered and Free

      Empowered and Free

      Audio sessions lead clients into a state of deep relaxation, helping to relieve anxiety, control addictive habits, and induce weight loss

      C$49.99 C$14.99

      Up to 86% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic

      Richmond Hill(13.2 miles)

      Chiropractic professionals examine spines and relieve pain with targeted adjustments; nutritional counseling helps with pain management

      C$170 C$25

      70% Off Body Contouring at Belle Image

      Belle Image

      Whitby(27.2 miles)

      Noninvasive body-contouring sessions target fat-cell deposits without any pain or downtime

      C$400 C$120

      94% Off Online Yoga Training

      Health Institute Online

      Year-long study of yoga starts beginners with basic poses and breathing exercises, graduating up to sun salutations and balance postures

      C$299 C$19

      55% Off Weight-Loss Program

      Wck Fitness

      Mississauga(12.5 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      C$100 C$45

      Up to 79% Off VersaSlim Body Contouring

      All About Me Spa

      Thornhill(9.7 miles)

      Aestheticians rely on VersaSlim technology to contour hard-to-one areas of the body

      C$360 C$79

      88% Off VelaShape Treatment Packages

      The Vitality Center

      The Annex(1.2 miles)

      Noninvasive, FDA-cleared device combines infrared heat, radio frequency, and massage to tone skin and contour curves

      C$750 C$89 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 51% Off 90-Day Health and Weight-Loss Program

      Transformation 90

      Detailed weight-loss program that is designed to target each individual's health and body

      C$99 C$49

      Up to 78% Off at U Weight Loss Clinic of Woodbridge

      U Weight Loss Clinic of Woodbridge

      Vaughan(12.5 miles)

      Clients flush toxins from their bodies with week-long cleanse, and tackle weight-loss plans with nutritional supplements and coaching

      C$79 C$35 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 68% Off at Reverse Aging Clinic

      Reverse Aging Clinic

      Dixie(9.7 miles)

      Sweatonic wraps stimulate the metabolism; a lymphatic-drainage massage works to reduce cellulite; ion detox uses special footbath to cleanse

      C$99 C$39

      Up to 74% Off One Month of Outdoor Cross-Training Classes

      Buloflex Fitness & Sport

      Multiple Locations(0.5 miles)

      Burn calories and gain strength during a month-long cross-training classes held outdoors three times per week; optional meal plan

      C$215 C$55

      Up to 89% Off iLipo at The Woodbine Clinic

      The Woodbine Clinic

      Markham(10.4 miles)

      Technicians treat skin with laser diodes, which emit low-level energy that triggers fat cells to release contents and shrink

      C$450 C$69

      Up to 84% Off LipoLaser Treatments

      Vaughan Physio

      Vaughan(12.5 miles)

      Lasers nudge cells to release fat from specific problem areas, shrinking them and helping clients lose inches in 20-minute sessions

      C$250 C$39

      Up to 77% Off Body Wraps

      Avalon Mist Wellness Center

      Gibson(36.4 miles)

      Seaweed body wrap removes toxins; choose from facial that includes massage and steam and ionic detox foot-bath treatment

      C$125 C$32

      Up to 84% Off Weight-Loss Program

      Longevity Wellness

      Burlington(31.6 miles)

      After initial consultation and assessment, client meets with coach weekly for weigh-ins and monthly for a body-index assessment

      C$140 C$25

      Up to 68% Off Weight-Loss Programs

      Clarington's Wellness Path

      Bowmanville(39.2 miles)

      Nutritionist and personal trainer tailor weight-loss program to each client's metabolism and goals

      C$255 C$119

      Up to 70% Off Body Wraps at Eternal Beauty

      Eternal Beauty

      Mississauga(10.4 miles)

      30-minute sessions use infrared heat to increase metabolism, reduce cellulite, and improve skin texture while burning up to 600 calories

      C$300 C$99

      73% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

      Ava Laser Clinic

      Richmond Hill(14.7 miles)

      Ultrasonic-cavitation treatments reduce stubborn fat deposits to slim physiques

      C$1,500 C$399

      Up to 84% Off Hypnosis Sessions

      Positive Changes Hypnosis - Hamilton

      Hamilton(37.9 miles)

      Hypnotist taps into clients' subconscious to help them quit smoking, lose weight, or reduce stress, among many other possibilities

      C$150 C$29

      Up to 94% Off Nonsurgical Liposuction

      Jenny Palma Beauty & Body Care

      Corso Italia(3.0 miles)

      Heat energy permeates the skin in an attempt to boost metabolism, resulting in slimmer body areas

      C$598 C$54

      68% Off i-Lipo and Fitness Package

      KM Laser Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Wellness Clinic

      Stevenson(28.9 miles)

      Laser paddles rest directly against the skin and work to shrink fat cells in targeted problem areas; 20-minute sessions with light exercise

      C$949 C$299