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      Up to 44% Off at Jamba Juice

      Jamba Juice

      Multiple Locations

      Whole Food Nutrition smoothies provide on-the-go meals with 10-14 grams of protein; nutrient-packed Fit 'n Fruitful manage weight-loss goals

      $16.17 $9

      $4.50 for Frozen Yogurt at Yogurt Crazy

      Yogurt Crazy

      Multiple Locations

      Patrons mix and match their own frozen-yogurt creations from 12 daily flavors and 36 fruit and candy toppings

      $8 $4.50

      Half Off Kosher Baked Goods at ZuckerBakers



      A kosher, pareve, and nut-free bakery prepares challah, rye bread, cakes, and cookies

      $10 $5

      Up to 52% Off Combo Meals at Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and...

      Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill

      Multiple Locations

      A chicken patty, jerk chicken, stew chicken, or curried chicken served alongside rice, beans, and cabbage salad or plantains

      $25 $12

      $5 for Ice Cream and Waffles at The New York Stuffed Cone Company

      The New York Stuffed Cone Company

      St. James

      Ice cream crafted from natural ingredients and scooped into cones or sundaes with layers of toppings; café drinks; free WiFi

      $10 $5

      Up to 52% Off Frozen Yogurt and Coffee at Go Greenly

      Go Greenly


      Earth-friendly shop pours out Toby's Estate roasted coffee and tops 80+ types of frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and chocolates

      $10 $5

      Up to 51% Off at San Remo Bakery

      San Remo Bakery

      North Massapequa

      Freshly baked breads, Italian cookies and pastries, plus cakes for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions

      $20 $9.99

      52% Off Frozen Yogurt or Smoothies at Red Mango Hewlett

      Red Mango


      Dozens of flavors of frozen yogurt, all of them natural, kosher, and gluten-free

      $25 $12

      52% Off Coffee and Fro-Yo at YOLO Roslyn's Yogurt Lounge & Desserteria

      YOLO Roslyn's Yogurt Lounge & Desserteria


      Indulge in 12 flavors of frozen yogurt mixed with 45 toppings or healthier options such as diet gelato, protein shakes, and juice

      $25 $12

      50% Off Café Food & Baked Goods at Sweet Lucille's

      Sweet Lucille's


      Diners start with rustic Tuscan-style french toast or a bacon grilled cheese before moving on to gourmet cake pops and carrot cake

      $60 $30

      Half Off Frozen Yogurt and Coffee at Wild Berry Yogurt Cafe

      Wild Berry Yogurt Cafe


      Frozen Yogurt in flavors such as watermelon sorbet and chocolate caramel turtle; yogurt pies and gourmet coffee

      $20 $10

      Up to 53% Off Frozen Yogurt & Salad Bar at Fresh & Frosty

      Fresh & Frosty


      Visitors customize their meal with the fresh fruits and veggies available at the salad bar, or skip to dessert with frozen-yogurt creations

      $20 $11

      Up to 52% Off at Dollops Frozen Yogurt

      Dollops Frozen Yogurt


      Enjoy a selection of 14 different fro-yo flavors with more than 50 toppings, as well as smoothies and meal-replacement shakes

      $25 $12

      2-Pack of Nutrigold Organic Coconut Oil

      Online Deal

      Certified organic coconut oil is cold-pressed, extra-virgin, and can be used to cook, fry, or bake

      $35.96 $17.99

      52% Off Frozen Treats at Moolala Frozen Yogurt


      Port Washington

      French crepes, Hale and Hearty soups, smoothies, and frozen yogurt available in 21 combinations and topped with fruit, candy, and sauces

      $25 $12

      $4 for Frozen Yogurt at The Frozen Kettle Yogurt & More

      The Frozen Kettle Yogurt & More


      Customize eighteen different flavors of frozen yogurt with 55 fresh fruit and candy toppings

      $8 $4

      Up to 52% Off Frozen Yogurt at Yo Luv It at Muscle Maker Grill

      Yo Luv It at Muscle Maker Grill


      Choose a frozen-yogurt flavor, then customize your dessert with a host of topping options such as raspberries, oreos, and marshmallow sauce

      $25 $12

      12-Pack of SkinnyPop Popcorn

      Online Deal

      Light popcorn kernels create a satisfying snack free of dairy, peanuts, gluten, cholesterol, and preservatives

      $39.48 $29.99

      4-Pack of Tortuga Golden Rum Cakes

      Online Deal

      4-pack of authentic 4 oz. Tortuga Golden Rum Cakes made with specially blended, oak barrel-aged Tortuga rum

      $23.30 $19.99

      Numi's Flowering Tea Gift Set in Dark Mahogany Bamboo Case

      Online Deal

      Handsewn tea leaves and flowers blossom when steeped in 16 oz. glass teapot; packaged in dark mahogany bamboo case

      $39.99 $24.99

      Gourmet Gift Baskets

      Online Deal

      Handmade baskets filled with roasted nuts, chocolate, microbrews, and more

      $30 $15

      48-Count Pack of Twinings Green Tea or Rooibos K-Cups

      Online Deal

      Quickly brew up cups of tea with K-Cups, which work with single-serve brewers

      $29.98 $22.99

      Gourmet Popcorn from

      Online Deal

      Gourmet popcorn in sweet and savory flavors including garlic parmesan, cherry, bacon cheddar, and peanut-butter cup

      $40 $20

      30-Pack of Sensa Chews

      Online Deal

      Chocolate-flavored chews help snackers feel sated between meals with help from fiber and antioxidants

      $29.95 $11.99

      120 Bags of Twinings Tea: Jasmine, Lemon Green Tea, and Pure...

      Online Deal

      The well-balanced flavors and aromas of these fine green teas were blended by tea experts with five years of training

      $17.94 $16.99

      Mr. Root Beer Kit

      Online Deal

      Make creamy, old-fashioned, naturally carbonated root beer in two-gallon matches that take as little as 3 days to create

      $24.99 $18.99

      120 Bags of Twinings Tea

      Online Deal

      Twinings’ tea experts train for five years to learn how to perfectly blend these balanced black teas, herbal blends, and pure green teas

      $17.94 $16.99

      40-Count of Java Factory Variety Single-Serve Coffee Pods

      Online Deal

      Single-serve coffee pods bursting with 100% Arabica beans brew steaming cups of joe in six creative flavors

      $22.24 $18.99

      36-Pack of San Francisco Bay Coffee Single-Serve Coffee

      Online Deal

      Housed in 97% biodegradable packaging, this blend of South and Central American Arabica beans fills mugs with flavorful coffee

      $18.99 $14.99

      3-Pack of Organic and Gluten-Free Bake Your Own Sweets Mixes

      Online Deal

      3-pack of organic, gluten-free Bake Your Own Sweets mixes that create brownies, cookies, or chocolate cakes

      $27.47 $24.99

      36-Count Numi Organic Tea Bags

      Online Deal

      Two 18-count boxes of organic Numi Tea products such as Honeybush tea from South Africa or Golden Chai tea

      $13.98 $9.99

      120 Bags of Twinings Tea

      Online Deal

      Expertly blended and balanced, citrusy earl grey and rich breakfast teas range from light to robust in strength as part of this six-pack

      $17.94 $16.99

      40-Count of Brooklyn Bean Flavored Variety Single-Serve Coffee

      Online Deal

      40 single-serve disposable cups in delightful flavors such as Vanilla Skyline and Coney Island Caramel

      $22 $18.99

      3-Lb. Container of Assorted Jelly Belly Jellybeans

      Online Deal

      49 flavors of assorted Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans in a 3 lb. clear can

      $25.99 $18.99

      36-Count Single-Serve Fog Chaser from San Francisco Bay Coffee

      Online Deal

      Designed to clear morning-time "fogs", this Central and South American blend fills morning mugs with a rich coffee from a single-cup brewer

      $17.09 $14.99

      120 Bags of Twinings Herbal Bagged Tea

      Online Deal

      100% natural herbal teas are flavored with high-quality ingredients including lemon and camomile

      $17.94 $16.99

      24-Count Pack of Twinings Chai Latte K-Cups

      Online Deal

      A sweet, creamy drink made with all-natural ingredients, including Twinings black tea and spices, for a relaxing cup or quick pick-me-up

      $17.98 $16.99

      120g of Got Matcha? Organic Matcha Tea Bundle

      Online Deal

      Because matcha tea drinkers consume ground leaves mixed with water, rather than brewing tea leaves, matcha drinks are high in antioxidants

      $65 $24.99

      48-Count Twinings English Breakfast Tea K-Cups

      Online Deal

      2 packs of Twinings English Breakfast tea provide rich flavors and heady aromas

      $29.98 $22.99

      Single-Serve OneCup Donut Shop Coffee from San Francisco Bay...

      Online Deal

      Lightly roasted, this Central American blend fills morning or afternoon mugs with a smooth, mild coffee from a single-cup brewer

      $18.99 $14.99

      6-Piece Sampler of Freeze-Dried Astronaut Ice Cream

      Online Deal

      Melt-in-your-mouth freeze-dried ice cream, just like astronauts eat, comes in three flavors and tasty ice-cream sandwiches

      $20.40 $17.99

      French Roast OneCup Single Serve Coffee by San Francisco Bay...

      Online Deal

      These OneCups fill mugs with a dark roasted Arabica blend from a single-cup brewer, boasting a rich buttery flavor with slight floral notes

      $18.99 $14.99

      9-Pack of Soynuts

      Online Deal

      9-pack of crunchy, protein-rich Soynuts snacks in sea salted or honey toasted flavors; gluten-free and non-GMO

      $24.21 $22.99

      36-Count Pack of Twinings Pure Black Iced Tea K-Cups

      Online Deal

      3 boxes Twinings pure black iced tea single-serving cartridges (12 per box); brew over ice

      $26.97 $18.99

      48-Count Twinings Chai Tea K-Cups

      Online Deal

      Hearty chai tea-flavored single-serve cartridges wash palates in flavorful waves of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger

      $32.50 $22.99

      48-Count Twinings Earl Grey Tea in Decaf or Regular K-Cups

      Online Deal

      Enjoy an instant cup of tea with these K-cups; 100% natural ingredients

      $29.98 $22.99

      SeaSnax Gluten-Free Seaweed Snack Bundle

      Online Deal

      Low-calorie strips of roasted seaweed come in a variety of gluten-, trans-fat-, and cholesterol-free flavors

      $44.75 $24.99

      1-Year Subscriptions to Hispanic-Community Magazines

      Online Deal

      Spanish- and English-language magazines help build the Latino community with features like celebrity profiles and employment opportunities

      $15 $6