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Up to 69% Off Slow-Motion Strength Training

Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness Mill Valley(10.4 miles)

Slow-motion strength training boosts strength, lean muscle mass, and metabolism in quick 30-minute sessions

$195 $60

Up to 84% Off Yoga Classes

Yoga at Change

Yoga at Change(15.5 miles)

Yoga instructors demonstrate gentle to vigorous posing styles during classes that draw from Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, and other disciplines

$144 $39

Up to 64% Off Boot-Camp Classes at WerkOut!


WERKout!(1.2 miles)

Personal trainer leads up to 16 students through suspension training, sprint, partner training, and cross training during outdoor boot camps

$150 $59

Up to 80% Off Weight-Loss Programs

Through the World Kindly

San Francisco(1.4 miles)

Holistic health and nutrition specialist Kate Dineo Bradbury helps dieters slim down with one-on-one guidance, menu plans, and email support

$500 $119

You and the Mat – 86% Off Yoga Classes

You and the Mat / Piedmont School of Yoga

You and the Mat(9.7 miles)

Instructors of all levels guide pupils through a variety of yoga styles, including classes which improve flexibility, fitness, and energy

$175 $25

Up to 69% Off Private Lessons at GolfSmarts


GolfSmarts(37.8 miles)

Instructor evaluates pupils’ swing with video-analysis software before coaching them on form during a recorded session

$125 $39

Up to 88% Off Laser-Lipo Treatments

Renew Body Sculpt

Renew Body Sculpt Cupertino(37.2 miles)

Noninvasive body-contouring treatments tighten areas such as the stomach, arms, and thighs with no downtime

$1,160 $149

Up to 73% Off at Marinwood Community Acupuncture

Marinwood Community Acupuncture

Marinwood Community Acupuncture(19.2 miles)

Experienced acupuncturist utilizes small, sterile needles on clothed patients during acupuncture sessions in communal rooms

$100 $29

Up to 66% Off at Brooklyn Academy Roots

Brooklyn Academy Roots

Brooklyn Academy Roots(8.2 miles)

Yoga classes teach Vinyasa and Hatha styles to help strength, stretch, and relax bodies; Pilates classes focus on strengthening core

$65 $22

Up to 53% Off Overnight Big Sur Backpacking Trip

Bay Area Expeditions

Bay Area Expeditions(0.7 miles)

Experienced outdoorsmen lead excursions through redwood-lined and oceanside trails as hikers learn basic skills

$340 $170

Up to 45% Off Golf at Blackberry Farm Golf Course

Blackberry Farm Golf Course

City of Cupertino - Blackberry Farm(37.0 miles)

Course measures 1,544 yards and challenges short iron and putting skills with narrow fairways and small greens

$38 $22

Up to 55% Off Juice Cleanse with Free Delivery from Chef V

Chef V

All-organic cleanses help clients detoxify their systems and lose weight without feeling starved

$229 $109

Up to 65% Off Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy

InnerFitness Solutions

InnerFitness Solutions(15.0 miles)

Certified hypnotherapist who has worked with celebrities helps clients accomplish their goals and create lasting changes in habits

$150 $59

Up to 51% Off 60-Minute Reiki Treatment

America's Massage & Wellness

America's Massage(24.2 miles)

Reiki healing treatment can help reduce stress and anxiety or manage pain, addiction, and depression

$100 $49

51% Off Acupuncture Session with Consultation

Beyond Chiropractic

Beyond Chiropractic(22.7 miles)

Skilled acupuncturist inserts thin sterilized needles along the body's energy meridians to stimulate the immune system and promote wellness

$140 $69

Up to 67% Off Group Personal Training

Alameda Personal Training

Alameda Personal Training(9.7 miles)

Whip your body into shape during group personal-training classes comprised of high-intensity interval workouts

$50 $19

Up to 59% Off FootGolf

Pruneridge Golf Club

Pruneridge Golf Club(39.6 miles)

A combination of soccer and golf involves kicking a regulation soccer ball into oversized holes on a shortened course

$48 $20

92% Off at Antioch Family Chiropractic

Antioch Family Chiropractic

Antioch Family Chiropractic(36.6 miles)

The doctor uses a holistic approach through spinal adjustments to stop pain as well as find the cause of it to prevent recurrences

$389 $32

Up to 79% Off Body-Wrap Packages

Natural Health and Weight Loss

Natural Health and Weight Loss Center(26.7 miles)

Clients can shed inches from their silhouettes and smooth away cellulite with warming body wraps

$210 $45

90% Off 28-Day Fat-Blast Program

Performance Science Training Institute

Multiple Locations(23.5 miles)

28-day program helps women jump-start their weight-loss goals with metabolic movement training sessions and nutritional guidance

$485 $49

Up to 72% Off Uniform and Hapkido Classes

Hapkido USA

Hapkido USA(3.7 miles)

Hapkido instructors teach adults and children effective self-defense skills while simultaneously encouraging self-development

$194 $59

Up to 66% Off a Boost Your Body Program

Shane Young - Ascend Body

Mission District(0.7 miles)

Comprehensive and holistic 21-day program includes an assessment, workouts, a nutritional seminar, recipes, and several forms of support

$279 $99

81% Off Classes at The Yoga Fusion

The Yoga Fusion

The Yoga Fusion(24.0 miles)

Experienced instructors impart strength-building poses and mind-calming breathing techniques during yoga classes

$150 $29

65% Off Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Cesar Gracie Academy

Cesar Gracie Academy(1.1 miles)

Brazilian jiu jitsu classes teach self-defense skills with a focus on grappling techniques

$150 $52

Up to 77% Off at CrossFit Power Grid

CrossFit Power Grid

CrossFit Power Grid(7.0 miles)

Gym offers 4,000 sq. ft. of training space, where exercisers of all fitness levels build their endurance, weightlifting prowess, and more

$169 $49

Up to 86% Off Classes and Uniform at Goju Karate

Goju Karate

Goju Karate(14.5 miles)

Students of all fitness levels participate in karate classes that teach basic techniques and test endurance

$100 $19

Up to 69% Off Chiropractic Package at Owens Chiropractic

Owens Chiropractic

Owens Chiropractic(20.7 miles)

Chiropractor with more than 18 years of experience pinpoints sources of pain and uses noninvasive techniques to correct them

$150 $49

78% Off Gym Membership and Personal Training

Marin Fitness

Marin Fitness(25.1 miles)

Spacious gym with sauna and tanning hosts spin and Zumba classes

$134 $29

Up to 93% Off Fitness Classes

30 Day-Bootcamp

Multiple Locations(25.4 miles)

Instructors lead both women’s only and co-ed boot-camps focused on overall fitness

$279 $25

70% Off Brain-Mapping Package

Ballerini & Peters Chiropractic

Walnut Creek(22.4 miles)

Non-invasive treatments monitor electrical impulses in the brain with an additional consultation to help improve physical and mental health

$494 $149