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Your tongue won't be the only sensory organ experiencing Morocco, though. The restaurant's walls are decorated with murals of the Moroccan landscape and dotted with pottery and artwork, and Moroccan music wafts through the air like hookah smoke. After sinking like a sultan into Taste of Morocco's lush maroon-and-gold pillows and chairs, warm up the palate with some mint tea before diving into Taste of Morocco's most popular treat: bastilla, a thin pastry of phyllo dough stuffed with a variety of ingredients. The chicken bastilla is marinated and stuffed with almonds, parsley, and onions, all topped with confectioner's sugar and cinnamon. The vegetarian bastilla, on the other hand, mixes stewed vegetables with parsley, cilantro, onions, almonds, and Moroccan spices. A small bastilla for two is $15.99, while a large bastilla for eight is $49.99.

8661 Colesville Rd
Silver Spring,

Under the gentle light of curvaceous sconces, Tangier Restaurant and Bar's guests can indulge their taste buds with an assortment of Moroccan-inspired tapas and entrees from the menu. In addition to plating fresh pita bread and traditional Moroccan–style lamb sausage, the cooks also stir chickpeas, onions, and raisins into steaming orders of couscous or glaze chicken with a homemade harissa sauce made from hot peppers. To accompany meals, belly dancers occasionally perform in the dining room, traveling between diners' tables with the controlled, fluid grace of an Olympian swimming in a lap pool of maple syrup.

2305 18th St NW