Stand Up to Sun and Fog with These Summer Hair Tips BY: POOR JESSIE ANN | 7.28.2014

Meghan Doyle has been styling hair in San Francisco for four years—or 16 consecutive seasons. She’s no stranger to the challenges of the warmer months, when the heat and the fog team up to stress out your tresses. So, with August fast approaching, we visited Salon V (1609 Vallejo St.) and asked her how to maintain happy, healthy summer hair.GROUPON:

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As any proprietor will tell you, there is a world of difference between a vintage shop and a thrift store. The former is curated and choosy, a representation of a tastemaker’s vision. The latter is frequently a junkatorium that accepts whatever people happen to drop off. Certainly many a brilliant find has its origins on the miscellaneous shelf, but San Francisco’s best vintage shops are a rare breed, each worthy of attention for its unique wares.
Best Places for Piercings
This being San Francisco, it’s increasingly appropriate to wear uncommon or exotic piercings in a professional context. More and more, nose studs and other bits of hardware are entering the mainstream, which means a rise in professional piercing studios to meet the demand. Far from some dusty old kiosk in the mall, this new generation of parlor often sports devoted followers and well-defined aesthetics, all in a clean and safe environment.
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Best of the Bay Area Resale and Consignment Shops
For a recently graduated fashionista paying off loans, staying on trend on a meager budget is no easy task. It took me years to finely tune my personal style around my paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and I owe a debt of gratitude to my favorite consignment shops. If you’re looking for some of the best resale and consignment shops in the bay area, here is a list of shops you cannot miss.
Juice Up with San Francisco's Best Juice Bars
In San Francisco and beyond, doing a juice cleanse has become practically de rigeur for anyone looking to shed some toxins, lose a few pounds and kickstart a new healthy living attitude. Thankfully, you don’t have to blend and purée your own fruits and vegetables anymore; more than a few high-end juice bars have sprouted up around town, and some even boast their own full-body cleansing kits. Move over, humble shot of wheatgrass.
Best Non-Strenuous Urban Hikes
Northern California might have arguably the world’s gentlest climate, but the terrain can be as rugged as anywhere. If you haven’t ascended Mt. Tamalpais north of Marin or Mt. Diablo out near Danville, you’re seriously missing out. As a nice alternative, hilly San Francisco’s many parks contain extraordinary vistas and secret spots that you don’t have to sprain an ankle to get to.
Best Places to Swim in the City Without Freezing
Yes, it’s true: the water that surrounds San Francisco is cold. Even in July, or come September when it feels like the Pacific should have had all the time it needs to come up to a reasonable temperature. To escape a cobalt-blue ocean that looks pretty but feels like Nova Scotia, San Francisco has a number of on-land options for doing laps. Just keep in mind that all of the city’s pools close at staggered intervals during the winter, sometimes for a month or more.
Hippest Hair Salons
As one of the least conservative cities in the world, San Francisco might seem like a place where anything goes in the style department. And while that’s true to a certain extent, a perfect haircut or day-of blowout will always be in style, and might help you score points with a significant other or at that big meeting. Here are a few of San Francisco’s hippest hair salons.
Shopping the Sunset
When it comes to shopping in the city, the Sunset is the district that seems to be often overlooked and underestimated. It’s quite a shame, really. This foggy district that I call home is one of my favorite places to shop. Here is a list of boutiques that give you every reason to make the trip to the other side of Golden Gate Park.