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      3-Pack of Easy-Installation Breeze Blockers

      Set of three breeze blockers help prevent heat-loss by blocking both sides of drafty doors and windows; adjustable to fit doors up to 36”

      $36 $16.99

      Bluetooth Object-Location Tracker

      Discreet trackers affix to possessions and keep owners informed of their locations via Bluetooth signals read by a free companion app

      $32 $17.99

      16 sq ft. Ultimate Comfort Foam Flooring Kit with 4 Tiles

      Great for a home workshop or garage, these foam tiles protect floors and cushion feet during projects

      $34.99 $19.99

      Rumford Gardener Expanding Hose

      Vibrant hoses expand with water pressure and collapse to a compact size when not in use; designed to ward off kinks and knots

      $49.95 $17.99

      Sold Out

      201-Piece Powerbuilt Mechanics' Tool Set

      Ratchets, sockets, hex keys, nut drivers, wrenches, and other tools are perfect for auto, home, and other uses

      $231.88 $99.99

      Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills

      A resource for DIYers of all levels, whether they want to learn to cut their own wood, grow their own food, or build their own shed

      $24.95 $13.99

      Solar Color-Changing Wind Chimes

      Solar-powered wind chimes light up when charged, tinkling musically and adding a whimsical accent to a porch or backyard

      $28.99 $19.99

      Wall Outlet Hidden Safe

      Easy-to-install hidden wall safe has a secret compartment that hides behind a standard-looking electrical outlet face

      $12 $8.99

      NHL Magnetic Dart Board

      Officially licensed NHL magnetic dartboards with team logos come with six blunt magnetic darts in team colors

      $39.99 $10

      24-Pack of Silicone Hangers

      Thin silicone-dipped hangers help to preserve the shape of clothing with curved designs while also saving closet space

      $43.96 $16.92

      Sold Out

      RID-X Septic System Treatments (3-Pack)

      RID-X helps ensure a free-flowing septic system by breaking down potential blockages to help systems last longer than without treatment


      Motion Activated Indoor or Outdoor Light

      Bright LED lights detect motion within a 10-foot range and automatically illuminate indoor or outdoor areas for 30 seconds


      Sold Out

      8-in-1 Multi-Screwdriver Tool with LED Torch

      Seven screwdriver heads collapse into a single, lightweight unit whose six-LED torch lights up dark workstations

      $24.99 $9.99

      2-Pack of Novelty LED Push Lights

      2-packs of durable novelty battery-operated LED lights that switch on when pushed

      $19.84 $3.98

      Humidifier Replacement Filters for Holmes, Honeywell, Vicks,...

      Ensure your humidifier is only pumping out pure water vapor with these honeycomb filters, which trap mineral pollutants from tap water

      $29.98 $9.99